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  1. Xoxogos

    Norris Nuts #6 Uncared for pet, viewers who are upset, a family you'll never forget

    Thread title “Uncared for pet, viewers who are upset, a family you'll never forget” suggested by ameliemarie28.
  2. OliviaPope

    Norris Nuts #5 Guinea pigs for views, puppy dying from abuse, what else will they do?

    Top voted title. @welovegossip23 It won’t be a puppy you can replace next time Justin!
  3. OliviaPope

    Norris Nuts #4 Over worked, under nourished and running out of ideas

    Top voted title @Ottilie
  4. OliviaPope

    Norris Nuts #3 Struggling to stay relevant

    Top voted thread @alright alright
  5. Somebody

    Norris Nuts #2 still chasing the views

    so this is going to be the second thread for the Norris Nuts conversation.
  6. I

    Norris Nuts

    I’m actually really offended by what people say about the Norris Nuts. They are an amazing family and just because you don’t like the names they choose or what they do with their life doesn’t mean you have to post it everywhere. They are a unique family and if you can’t say anything nice, don’t...
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