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  1. Cdinvoice

    Natasha Sandhu #4

    New thread
  2. Its_Me

    Natasha Sandhu #3 Semi emergency birth to a lad, so desperate for money she named him Ad

    Thread title by @Jailer66 Recap from previous thread; New clothing line was launched and as we expected was indeed dire. After 9 months of complaining about how sick and tired she was during her pregnancy which definitely had nothing to do with her shocking diet Natasha finally went into...
  3. Cdinvoice

    Natasha Sandhu #2 Baby on board badge for all to admire, her new clothing range is bound to be dire.

    Thanks to Rosie_And_Jim for winning title suggestion. Can anybody do a recap?
  4. A

    Natasha sandhu

    very surprised she hasn’t already got her own thread