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    The Fashion Bug Blog - Laura Wills #2 Being a mama is a slog, lucky there's 4 kids to flog

    Welcome to thread number two for Laura Wills (@thefashionbugblog on IG). She is a fashion Instagrammer who lives in West London with her husband (who is never featured on her IG) and her four children (who are featured) - three girls and a baby boy. Title thanks to @Duchesspink I am rather...
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    The Fashion Bug Blog - Laura Wills

    As requested and apologies if this isn’t in the right place but she’s a mix of parenting and fashion so I thought ‘Lifestyle’ best covered it. Absolutely bloody loaded and portraying a very curated, rose tinted view of parenting. She’s just had her fourth baby and my god the stuff she’s been sent 🤯