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  1. JulesC

    Laura Anderson #7 Will attend the opening of a dishwasher

    New thread with title courtesy of @Heyholetsgo and very apt 😂 Link to previous thread: Anyone want to do a recap? This is not a rave thread.
  2. JulesC

    Laura Anderson #6 Laura hates being a mum, interferes with her sole aim to just be an insta hun

    New thread to discuss this idiot just as she starts her weaning journey with Bonnie at 4 months when the kid can’t even hold her head up properly 🙄 Well done to @littlegossiplover for winning thread title but I have to give an honourable mention to @Gillybean42 who was only 1 like away! old...
  3. JulesC

    Laura Anderson #5 Gary’s still sweating, Buddy’s MIA, Laura’s getting more passive aggressive by the day!

    New thread to discuss this, quite frankly cold-hearted bitch. Trying to drop night feeds at 7 weeks, prancing about in fashion abominations, harping on about how skinny she is, bragging about not having any stretch marks, posting childish memes about Gary, calling her own baby Uncle Fester...
  4. Lizzy 93

    Laura Anderson #4 Buddie ignored, Gary got bored & the way she holds Bonnie needs to be explored

    Well done to @trishirishinuk on the winning thread title 🏆🏆🏆🏆 Thread Recap; Baby Bonnie has finally arrived ( September ) Which makes you wonder what THAT Christmas post was all about ! Laura is still very much obsessed with herself Laura aka Don’t question our relationship but also look at...
  5. Lizzy 93

    Laura Anderson #3 In front of her mirror changing clothes all day, dating has-beens from y2k

    Well done to @JulesC on the winning thread title 🏆 I can confirm she is very much still pregnant Still in front of the mirror Still using a filter I am unable to do a recap but didn’t want to lose the thread Anyone please feel free ?
  6. Rach88

    Laura Anderson #2 Pregnant with a bloke she hardly knew, much more drama before baby is due?

    Created a second thread for Laura as the other one was full thread title with most likes was @Telly Fanatic :) Continue x
  7. K

    Laura Anderson from Love Island 🌴

    Could she love herself anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️ and all the free stuff she has been receiving, showing and trying to get you to swipe up the last few months has been vulgar 🤮 Why has society lets these people earn a fortune for having sex on a tv programme 😡