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  1. onlooker101

    Laura Adlington #4 Dream house, dream job AND still a miserable, moaning, ungrateful whinger

    Well done notSUBmissive on the Thread tittle! Recap: - She’s bought a brand new 1mil + house but is still moaning - they started doing a pond in the new garden which resulted in ‘one of the worst weeks of her life’ as she apparently didn’t know there was strict rules around new builds (who buys...
  2. R

    Laura Adlington #3 Can’t fasten your shoe, uncomfortable being you, in the style who?

    New thread. There weren’t title suggestions so just made this up. If anyone wants to do a recap feel free 🩷 Old thread here.
  3. I

    Laura Adlington #2 when you’re Laura, every silver lining has a cloud

    New thread for Laura Adlington. There were no thread title suggestions so I chose a phrase I always think of with her perpetual moaning about literally everything - even nice holidays 🥴 --- How puffy is her face? She looks so unhealthy.
  4. Em_

    Laura Adlington

    I thought set up a thread for Laura as there doesn't seem to be one. I'm not sure if it should be a rave thread, but she's a dull time insta gun so she'd only end up over here eventually. I like Laura, she seems genuine so far. I have to say a couple of things she says or does irritate me.