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  1. Influncer Snarker

    Kikifit & Craig #4 Kiki's attention seeking, looking for Craig 2.0, Craig moved home cause the cash don't flow

    Congrats @Jackieedee! I had to change it a little due to the character count :rolleyes:
  2. D

    Kikifit and Craig #3 A break-up that was vague but still scamming like the plague.

    New thread for Kiki and Craig, title by @Larrish-Daly. Previous thread:
  3. jalview19

    Kikifit and Craig #2 Learn how to troll your ex fiance - Craig O Sullivan

    thanks to @Here4agawk for the thread title šŸ„° No longer together but no solid reason yet or even a mention of the break up! Craig is trying to worm his way back in one way or another by creating fake account to troll her šŸ’€ and he is now flirty flirty with a new girl šŸ¤„ They both have more bought...
  4. M

    Kikifit and Craig

    Fitness blogger, lives in Dubai with her boyfriend, seems very likeable.