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  1. beebee789

    JustCherBear #34 Diet Injections but She's Still Some Shape. Looks Like Her Eyebrows are Trying to Escape

    Congrats @PhannyPhart for the winning thread title. Cher is up to her usual shite; scamming, looking disgusting and being a general warthog bastard. As you were, Tayto Hoors x
  2. DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX

    JustCherBear #33 T-shirts are snide, she’s 6 feet wide, and breaks all the beds when small John wants a ride

    Congratulations to @PhannyPhart for the title. As you were tayto hooers x
  3. Lrkn27

    JustCherbear #32 thinks shes hard screaming like a banshee, but a wee water barroon makes her flee!

    Well done @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX for the thread title. Still a fat, smelly, begging tramp! Nothing ever changes with her! She doesn’t think Tayto are funny anymore 🎻🎻🎻 As you were…
  4. Bella2920

    JustCherBear #31 thinks she’s a winner in the digger, oh how we’ll snigger as she’s forced to pick up litter

    Well Done to our very own mystic Javi @Javier Arturo for the thread suggestion, had to cut it down a bit to fit. Not even sure of a recap other than she’s still a fat smelly beggin boot 😊
  5. DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX

    JustCherBear #30 Cher's in Hiding - She's Got the Fear - Cos Small John Chugged his Way Through Their Gear.

    Our favourite Glasgow scumbag seems to be on a lie low with her little man. The fear after getting full of ❄️ on a live then going to bed and her man chugging on a live must have been the straw that breaks the camels back they’ll be back tomorrow after court unless the Trollope gets remanded...
  6. beebee789

    JustCherBear #29 Too Busy Harassing and Grassing to Bother with Washing

    Congrats @Javier Arturo on the thread title! Cher is back to her manky ways, sending false reports to Social Work and threatening to do the Risings again. She's also trying to murder Small John via Oxo Poisoning, so stay tuned to see how that one turns out.
  7. Alansbigplate

    JustCherBear #28 Fresh from her day out in court, cat comes in the box ABORT ABORT ABORT!

    Cher got a job it’s as small john’s tiktok manager she got the tongue lashing of the century off LT and Kat we’re still waiting for Kat to kick her in the fanny she live streamed herself decorating for days on end but apparently qualifies for PIP NOT FOR HER BACK MIND can’t remember what else...
  8. beebee789

    JustCherbear #27 Wartahontas and Jobless John, Begging On Lives Pulling a Benefits Con!

    Thanks to @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX for the thread title! Small John's lost his job, so the only rolls he'll be handling now are the ones on Cher's back. LRKN is too busy with the newborn Tayto Messiah to make a thread, so i thought i'd do the honours and pop this one out. And Happy Easter! Hope...
  9. Lrkn27

    JustCherbear #26 No work for the grotesque fat bloater, her flock of sheep of gifters will buy her a motor.

    Well done again to @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX yet again on another thread title! CHERS A GRASS & small JOHN LIKES 5 GUYS! Cher carrying on like nothing ever happened with the purple freaks! Will be on the beg again next week to fleece the bears for money for a new car 🤡 As you were….
  10. Lrkn27

    JustCherbear #25 cousins outside live on their phone, but Cher is kidding on nobody’s home

    well done @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX for the thread title! Cousins have turned up for a protest to let Chers street know what they are living next to… Big Baws has been giving it threats all week about what she would do if people turned up but she is hiding in her bedroom behind small Johns WWE belt...
  11. DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX

    JustCherBear #24 Chello and Goodbye! Cher's On The Rocks, Small John's On The...

    Congrats to @beebee789 for the thread! well where do we start? She’s off the app. For one day. Then back on and getting doxxed for being in with the PLM lot Oh and she loves giving gobbles in motors.
  12. Lrkn27

    JustCherBear #23 Ding dong queen bears dead Doing drive bys giving head!

    Well done @singlelife on the thread title The self appointed Queen of Morning Tea has departed the Tiktok building 😭 all the bears are grieving at the loss of their icon 💔 A national period of mourning has begun…get your best black frocks & outfits out guys and girls 😩 What a sad day it...
  13. beebee789

    JustCherBear #22 Big Boggin Noggin & Squeak, the Boys on Grindr Make John's Knees Weak

    Well done @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX for the thread title. Cher's trying to do the weeklies, but her bears have already spent their UC on spice so she's not doing very well. Cher's no happy because she even washed her hair for it and people just don't care. As you were, ladies.
  14. Lrkn27

    JustCherBear #21 We diddy ride at dawn!

    Well done @beebee789 for the thread title 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 If anyone wants to recap then feel free. i am adding this photo as it is hilarious, our very own WWE champion 🏆😂
  15. Lrkn27

    JustCherbear #20 lavender wife, won't go to Fife, lives went quiet but she's still a riot.

    Well done @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX on anoother thread title. We ready for another week on the beg when she takes on the weekly's again 🤑 Cher has been keeping a low profile since raking in over £7k (only £1k though if the social Is reading this 😇) so not much to recap on! As you were….
  16. Lrkn27

    JustCherBear #19 Fake and fleecing her followers Small John dont care he's on Grindr for borrowers

    Well done @singlelife for the thread title! Well there has been no sign of Gear Cher Bear since last nights antics. Came 10th in the weekly's after taking all these mugs money & made around £8.5k off the back of them! Small John will be raging she isn’t glued to lives this week, he had peace...
  17. Lrkn27

    Justcherbear #18 Cars been smashed, ex harassed, begging all day on her fat ass.

    Well done @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX on the thread title. Currently on the beg to climb the weekly rankings. Got the manipulation techniques right down to a T “come on team, WE are 7th” and the sob stories have started. There has also been mince & tottie gate where the laws around GDPR were broken...
  18. Bella2920

    Justcherbear #17 friendships Mis-spent, morning tea a non-event. Fast becoming irrelevant.

    Made a new thread for us bunch of lazy cows seeing as @Lrkn27 isnt around to do it for us 😂 well done on the thread title @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX Not sure there’s much of a recap it’s just been scheme rats acting like scheme rats 👀
  19. DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX

    JustCherbear #16 Hogwart and her School of craft and Misery

    New thread for the chief bampot of Scottish TikTok! Well done to the illustrious @beebee789 for the thread title. Drama chaser, pedalo chaser, and always chasing that mole on the end of her beak. Anyone gonna do a recap, or is it a pointless endeavour at this point?
  20. Lrkn27

    JustCherbear #15 conspicuous absence of slabbering buddies, but let's join the saga of who sent the scuddies!

    Well done @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX for the thread title! These threads are moving fast! Caroline Selecta has been absent from morning tea….trouble in slabber paradise? Its all kicking off & as usual Cher is in the thick of it 😌 Noodle is still a beast! As you were….
  21. Lrkn27

    JustCherBear #14 Caroline selecta declares war on Tattle; goes into hiding before the first battle

    Well done @beebee789 for the thread title 😁 Thread 13 was a quick one. All credit to Caroline Selecta & Flea ridden Susan 👏🏻 if someone could also post the screen recordings of Noddle the Beast at the start of this thread to remind everyone what a danger he is that would be great! As you were...
  22. Lrkn27

    Justcherbear #13 fleas all over Susan's poor cat while Caroline admits to murdering her exs pet rat

    Well done @Huge Chebs for the thread suggestion 😁 What a way to start the new year 😳 As you were Tayto Hoors 😁….
  23. beebee789

    Justcherbear #12 Knock, Knock, Knocking on the Wrong Person's Door

    Thanks @OriginalAntiInfluencer for the brilliant thread title 😂 Cher's still in the honeymoon period, which of course means hunting beasts in the snow, showing up to random addresses and playing "Where's Cazza?" very unsuccessfully. If you are looking for something festive to do with your own...
  24. Lrkn27

    Justcherbear #11 beast hunter, moley unter, oot here looking like billy bunter.

    New thread title courtesy of @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX fast approaching the wedding of the year funded by a bunch of wallopers 🥴 meanwhile Cher has spent what she should be an exciting build up to it being a selective beast hunter 🤷🏻‍♀️ as you were….
  25. Bella2920

    JustCherBear 3.0 #10 Small John's Heed's like a Rosary Bead. Now Cher's Windees Are Holy Anaw.

    Well done @beebee789 on the thread title, with an honourable mention to mystic @Javier Arturo as I’m sure the rosary bead comment was his 🔮 We’re in the middle of a big scandal here where Chers windows have been put in with a brick. List of suspects so far includes: - Gaz n Lez (Fae lez n gaz) -...