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  1. Lrkn27

    Justcherbear #11 beast hunter, moley unter, oot here looking like billy bunter.

    New thread title courtesy of @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX fast approaching the wedding of the year funded by a bunch of wallopers 🥴 meanwhile Cher has spent what she should be an exciting build up to it being a selective beast hunter 🤷🏻‍♀️ as you were….
  2. Bella2920

    JustCherBear 3.0 #10 Small John's Heed's like a Rosary Bead. Now Cher's Windees Are Holy Anaw.

    Well done @beebee789 on the thread title, with an honourable mention to mystic @Javier Arturo as I’m sure the rosary bead comment was his 🔮 We’re in the middle of a big scandal here where Chers windows have been put in with a brick. List of suspects so far includes: - Gaz n Lez (Fae lez n gaz) -...
  3. Lrkn27

    JustCherBear 3.0 #9 Nobody Cares

    As it says in the title…..thanks @beebee789 😆
  4. Wee Toots

    JustCherBear 3.0 #8 Wedding of the year still going to plan, but who cares when we've got Parthiban

    Thanks to oor @beebee789 for taking a break from the lego and coming up with this thread name 🥰 As you were folks Brace yourselves for the sash bash *cough* I mean wedding of the year
  5. Lrkn27

    JustCherBear 3.0 #7 Marrying Small John, wallies hanging out when she yawns.

    Thread title courtesy of @PhannyPhart Just the usual carry on with Cher….sitting on lives daily and the usual schemetok drama that arises from them! If your face currently fits then you can say what you like and get a wee soft slap on the wrists but heaven help you if you have fallen out of...
  6. Lrkn27

    JustCherbear3.0 #6 saving for the wedding of the year, wee John better punt more gear!

    Well done @Bella2920 on the thread title 👏🏻 As you were folks….
  7. Lrkn27

    Just Cher 3.0 #5 The Pity Party Comedown - Now with Merch!

    Thread title courtesy of @beebee789 it has been all quiet with this one but a new thread is here waiting for when Cheremy Kyle returns to a phone/ipad screen near you 😂
  8. Wee Toots

    Just Cher 3.0 #4 The Pity Party Continues ...

    As you were folks ...
  9. Bella2920

    JustCherBear3.0 #3 The Pity Party Tour 2022

    Well done @beebee789 on the thread title👏🏻 justcherbear3.0 & justcherbearofficial are her accounts. The queen of the scheme goblins who likes to host lives to have all the waifs and strays in to out peoples trauma and talk about peoples weans, including her own. Currently on a tour of tiktok...
  10. Lrkn27

    JustCherBear3.0 #2 The Cheremy Kyle Files

    Does daily lives that are full of drama, it is like an online Scottish version of Jeremy Kyle (hence the title name). Her man is very small, we call him Small John. Who likes a bit of racism & Cher thinks he is entitled to that 🤷🏻‍♀️ they are also lovers of the columbian marching powder...
  11. Slowpoker


    A Scottish tiktok side character. Frequently mentioned on the Rosie Bush threads & Jade Frati. Flips burgers for a couple of hours a day, sits on live drinking tea the rest. Often organises fights that don't happen. Constantly full of cocaine with her small boyfriend. She's finally got 10K so we...
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