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  1. Bonbon76

    Jodie Marsh #6 Back on the telly with Mabel & Parge, Jodie's getting cancelled cos she loves Farage

    Congratulations @bluecups for the winning thread title.
  2. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #5 Clapped out Cougar, sh.. shaved hair and animal abuser

    Congratulations to @spaceraider69 for the winning thread title (Clapped out cougar, shit shaved hair and animal abuser had to be edited slightly) Jodie is currently pinballing between going to the pub with her best friends who she loves and the meerkat and going to see the Elvis film. Billy...
  3. Josephine Shaker

    Jodie Marsh # 4 Jodie’s pretending life is good and it’s all fab, meanwhile Billy’s balls deep in his new kebab

    Okay well thanks to me a new thread title 😂. Catch up for anyone that missed out on the latest farm antics. Jodie has replaced Billy for an emu, a meerkat and a skank (the latter not being herself for once). She’s started a war on vaginas claiming that hers is the prettiest and the new woman in...
  4. Warriorqueen

    Jodie Marsh #3 Billie f’kin Baskin has left Jodie Exotic, she’s been violently sick & the farm is chaotic

    Well done @WritersBlock recap : Jodie Exotic is an absolute narcissist.
  5. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #2 This week's top billing at the Heartbreak Hotel....... Billy and The Vaginas!

    New Thread!! Congratulations to @bluecups for the winning thread title. To recap Jodie & the love of her life Billy have split. He has now gone from being the love of her life to being accused of sexing other women and having videos of the dead on his phone.
  6. M

    Jodie Marsh

    Her latest tattoo of Freddie Mercury is horrendous!! I am addicted to following....
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