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  1. ToadyHarsh

    Jodie Marsh #24 A literal show for Jodie Exotic, stuck on the bog from diseases zoonotic.

    Congratulations @bluecups on the winning thread title. Your prize is going to Buckingham Palace with Jodie as someone to blame when Jodie sits on a corgi and vomits in a pond after too much champagne. A brief recap as I'm working: Jodie got sick after kissing sick lambs, which a vet had told...
  2. alittlebitofthebubbly

    Jodie Marsh #23 If Jodie says 'rescue' it means she's buying, If Jodie's lips move you know she's lying

    Time for a new thread musher's. Congratulations @ToadyHarsh you win best thread title suggestion EVAH! Had to shorten it a little to get it to fit 💞 Had to add a sneak preview of Jodie's calendar thanks to @Marmalade Atkins Carry on as you were and add best EVAH recaps!!!!
  3. ToadyHarsh

    Jodie Marsh #22 Police are aware #JusticeforClaire

    Congrats to @Lucyxxxx for the new thread title. Currently gymming so will give a recap shortly. --- Recap: On her own property, Jodie has flashed her neighbours - on her own property - to prove their camera is pointed at her property. The police may or may not have called to her property to...
  4. alittlebitofthebubbly

    Jodie Marsh #21 Hear that honking? It's not a goose. It's lecherous Jodie on the loose.

    New thread!!!!! Congratulations @ToadyHarsh you win best EVAH! thread title!!!!! As you were mushers. Feel free to add recaps
  5. ToadyHarsh

    Jodie Marsh #20 Jodie Marsh has no fear; Owl man “Hold my beer”

    Congratulations to Marge's Ghost on winning the thread title. I can't tag you for some reason, but you win the missing part of the owl's wing. Feel free to add your own recaps as I unfortunately need to run to Tesco, which is less fun than Tattling.
  6. alittlebitofthebubbly

    Jodie Marsh #19 Gordon Bennett! She's been bitten by a genet!

    New thread - same old Jodie. Congratulations @ToadyHarsh you win best thread title EVAH!!! Pamper yourself with a mud spa and grooming session courtesy of Fripps Farm. As you were Mushers - feel free to add recaps. Old thread here ⬇️⬇️⬇️...
  7. alittlebitofthebubbly

    Jodie Marsh #18 She's not a farmer, she's Jodie Dahmer

    Congratulations @ToadyHarsh you win best thread title. Treat yourself to a Christmas glamping trip at Fripps Farm. You get to spend two night in Gerald's shed. But you'll have to bring your own mud mats though because Jodie has used them all for herself. Feel free to add your own recaps.
  8. Diddikins

    Jodie Marsh #17 Billy's alive and doing just great Somebody save the animals before it's too late

    New Thread - title courtesy of @Lucyxxxx Billy is alive and well Animals are still going to Fripps at an alarming rate, and injuries are still occurring Shes still grifting her fans Everything is an absolute shit show
  9. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #16 Free Pam, Free Gez No more Claire to pretend she's a lez...

    Congratulations to our Thread Title extraordinaire @Lucyxxxx for the winning thread title. Recap Finally after three TV pilots being promised. Filthy has finally appeared on that TV giant… YouTube. Builder turned boyfriend Mark looks more and more like a hostage victim & we’re patiently waiting...
  10. Lalalalaaaaaa85

    Jodie Marsh #15 Can't spell Fripps without RIP..

    Winning title by @ToadyHarsh Jodie continues her war on nature
  11. alittlebitofthebubbly

    Jodie Marsh #14 Jodie Dolittle; walks with the animals, talks with the animals, hoards & snogs the animals

    New thread: congratulations @Sriracha_on_everything for winning thread title (apologies had to edit title a little to get it to fit.). You win one of Jodie's belt bra's Recap: Jodie managed to find the settings on Instagram and made her page available to the UK again. No one has seen Manic...
  12. alittlebitofthebubbly

    Jodie Marsh #13 Hoarding animals what's the harm Trolls are just jeluz of the best evah farm!

    Congratulations @Lucyxxxx for winning best thread title EVAH! Until it's time for #14 Thread 13 unlucky for some. Hopefully Jodie will have better luck and can get Fripps farm Instagram back up and running. So we can have more laugh's sympathy at her expense. If anyone would like to add a...
  13. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #12 Auschfripps

    Congratulations to @Lucyxxxx for the winning thread title. New thread carrying on from Recap: -Still hoarding animals she can’t afford whilst adding to her...
  14. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #11 Jodie’s looking for followers to fleece Call her out and she'll involve the police.

    Congratulations to @Lucyxxxx for the winning thread title. New thread carrying on from Recap: - Still rinsing the dopey followers for cash despite managing to...
  15. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #10 Jodie Marsh thinks she's Kylie Jenner. Yeah right love your more like Jim Fenner.

    New thread carrying on from Congratulations to @Lucyxxxx for the winning thread title. To Recap Hairdresser/BFF has joined the Only Grans on Only Fans this had led to comments such as “what a lucky...
  16. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #9 Jodie Marsh and the OnlyGrans gang

    Congratulations to @observerisshe for the winning thread title. Jodie is currently recruiting more ‘friends’ to join her on her OnlyFans scam journey to fund the animals. Speaking of animals, new ones seem to be appearing on a daily basis and Jodie switches between not having enough money to...
  17. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #8 Unusual positions to cover up her belly Getting frisky on OF with Machine Gun Kelly.

    Congratulations to @Lucyxxxx for the winning thread title. Carrying on from
  18. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #7 Smelly farm, smelly minge, off to the pub to buy chips to binge!

    Congratulations to @Blowup80 for this winning thread title. Carrying on from
  19. Bonbon76

    Jodie Marsh #6 Back on the telly with Mabel & Parge, Jodie's getting cancelled cos she loves Farage

    Congratulations @bluecups for the winning thread title.
  20. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #5 Clapped out Cougar, sh.. shaved hair and animal abuser

    Congratulations to @spaceraider69 for the winning thread title (Clapped out cougar, shit shaved hair and animal abuser had to be edited slightly) Jodie is currently pinballing between going to the pub with her best friends who she loves and the meerkat and going to see the Elvis film. Billy...
  21. Josephine Shaker

    Jodie Marsh # 4 Jodie’s pretending life is good and it’s all fab, meanwhile Billy’s balls deep in his new kebab

    Okay well thanks to me a new thread title 😂. Catch up for anyone that missed out on the latest farm antics. Jodie has replaced Billy for an emu, a meerkat and a skank (the latter not being herself for once). She’s started a war on vaginas claiming that hers is the prettiest and the new woman in...
  22. Warriorqueen

    Jodie Marsh #3 Billie f’kin Baskin has left Jodie Exotic, she’s been violently sick & the farm is chaotic

    Well done @WritersBlock recap : Jodie Exotic is an absolute narcissist.
  23. Shesaidwhat?

    Jodie Marsh #2 This week's top billing at the Heartbreak Hotel....... Billy and The Vaginas!

    New Thread!! Congratulations to @bluecups for the winning thread title. To recap Jodie & the love of her life Billy have split. He has now gone from being the love of her life to being accused of sexing other women and having videos of the dead on his phone.
  24. M

    Jodie Marsh

    Her latest tattoo of Freddie Mercury is horrendous!! I am addicted to following....