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  1. w8g

    Jessica Olie #4 £150 to learn to split but you know the app is going to be a load of sh..

    Ding ding! That's the most upvoted thread title from the last thread. Main highlights from the last thread: Grieving over her dying father by writhing and sensually stretching in a thong bodysuit, complete with a full ass shot for the camera A collection of revolting comments from Stevia...
  2. w8g

    Jessica Olie #3 Can’t move product, or her face

    Please feel free to add on to this recap! Jess went back to the same Maldives resort she took Will to. Other than her thrush medication, she also took Stevie and his parents. Shot the usual content – handstand, king pigeon, arse cheek spreading photos. As per her usual, she came back not...
  3. w8g

    Jessica Olie #2 One girl, three poses, ten finsta accounts, zero engagement

    Will do my best with this recap! Took Stevie and his parents on a "press stay" to the same Maldives resort she went with Will in 2018. JO completed our bingo by giving us ass spread photos, splits on water (left side only), half assed arm balances and crazy contorted her body to lean against...
  4. I

    Jessica Olie

    Couldn’t find a thread on her but shocked there isn’t one with nearly 900k followers on Instagram! I don’t really know her back story other than sounds like she had a bad marriage, but just can’t get over her workout videos & yoga flows she posts. They’re borderline pornographic I don’t...