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  1. They See Me Trolling...

    Jessontheplussize #4 Dressing room’s plastered, but hygiene isn’t something Jess’ mastered

    New thread as suggested by @Puddypants , had to edit to fit! So yeah, usual comments... Excessive food, excessive swearing and extremely lazy and unhygienic!
  2. H

    Jessica Millichamp #3 Stretching shorts and sweaty hauls, Darcy's face says it all

    Thank you to TrulyScrumptious for the winning thread suggestion, with 29 votes😘
  3. L

    Jessica Millichamp @jessontheplussize

    What does everyone think of Jess? I’ve always been a big fan, she’s very pretty and naturally funny but lately she’s really trying to be funny and it’s so cringeworthy! I love watching hauls but I just swipe through her hauls now because I can’t cope with all the role playing, dancing and...
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