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  1. whybrows

    Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle #3 Big Up and Jacked Off

    New thread! To recap: Large Patreon steps away from TLNA! Iain Lee on Jack FM... continues! Iain Lee is now a qualified Counsellor! #TweetDelete
  2. whybrows

    Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle #2

    New thread created! It's my first time so hope this is ok. Recap thread #1: Iain and Kath are equal partners of peace and love for the fans. Iain has a new gig, Jack FM breakfast show from 4th July. A Rude Awakening? (Best suggestion for thread title in my opinion was indeed from...
  3. whybrows

    Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle - Twitch, etc.

    Just starting a thread here due to deleted posts on another site (DS). Freedom of speech, guys! About me, discovered Iain and Katherine a couple of years ago, attended (and loved!) a live Rabbit Hole show, since tried to follow on Twitch (as was) though the chat was such an 'in crowd' I...
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