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  1. lodgequeen

    House by the Whitethorns #4 Content so boring even Barry is snoring

    Thanks to @wildatlanticgal for thread title.
  2. dddddddddddd

    HouseByWhitehorns #3 Sarah Battle has landscaped, tablescaped & bedscaped, will she have Barry manscaped?

    New thread! Please continue! Credit to @PPHat for the suggestion!
  3. M

    Housebywhitehorns #2 Sarah Battle begs while Barry sells the kegs

    Thanks to @PPHat & @SweatyBettyT for for collab title suggestion. Recap ..Still begging for everything ..Started showing her face again on stories after her dodgy lip filler appointment ..shoots off on a 1.5-2 hour trip each way for hair ... acted like a twat taking pics after hair...
  4. T

    Housebywhitehorns - Sarah Battle

    Sarah Battle- house by the whitehorns on Instagram . Constantly getting freebies but she actually seems quite nice Lives in a picture perfect house with five young children
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