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  1. Puffin_island

    HomewithShan#6 Still ignores her kids & asks ‘why does George scream at me?’, would take a poke in eye for free

    Thank you @VirgoGossip for the thread title! Had to modify it a little as it was apparently too long! Last threads summary "civvy street" isn't going as Shan expected it. Still complains her kids are always "screaming at her" Constantly complaining Halle isn't reaching any milestones when...
  2. Puffin_island

    Homewithshan #5 Her man's left the army, but is nowhere in sight. Still solo-parenting, god her life's sh..

    Well done to @Here4daLOLZ for the title. In summary: Geroge is still getting minimal attention Ash has left the army but there seems to be no change in her life Shan thinks she's mother nature because she's looking after Halle and still breastfeeding. She's also obviously getting content ideas...
  3. Puffin_island

    Homewithshan #4 Baby girrrrl is here, I need that content for the ‘gram”

    I've slightly changed the wording, however thank you to @myst3ry for the new thread title! 😊 After what feels like over a year since finding out Shan was pregnant. We've gone from belly pics to boobing pics as baby girrrrl is finally here. Anyone else is welcome got further updates jf they...
  4. Puffin_island

    Homewithshan #3 Beggy, preggy and beige

    Thank you to @blueberrypie for the title of the thread. In summary, if you weren't aware, Shan is pregnant. 🤣 That is basically there is all to report
  5. Puffin_island

    homewithshan #2 Best day of my life, ignoring my child is my favourite mum hack

    Could someone please make a new thread for homewithshan under he home Instagrammers section please. I would do it but don't have the orange button yet. Thank you 😊 This thread should have been called: Homewithshan #2 Best day of my life, bikini up my crack, ignoring my child is my favourite...
  6. R


    I used to follow her , but she has become so self abscessed and oh look at me , I’ve had to unfollow she has become so big headed all because she has started doing Utube videos wow love 🥱