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  1. Miss Ophelia

    Helen Skelton #4 Team Helen

    Helen Skelton just keeps on going from strength to strength, looking good at her day at the races. Thanks to @BanditHealer for the suggestion Carry On Folks
  2. ohdoris

    Helen Skelton #3 Wiped the floor on the strictly tour, her life seems much better than before

    New thread for Helen. Great thread title from @Borntorun 🙂 Previous thread - https://tattle.life/threads/helen-skelton-2-looking-glam-and-gorgeous-every-single-saturday-night-richie-and-his-dog-s-bringing-the-bins-in.34365/page-51#post-14072531
  3. We were on a break

    Helen Skelton #2 looking glam and gorgeous every single Saturday night. Richie and his dog(s) bringing the bins in.

    Recap, Helen is killing it on strictly and Zippy isn’t happy how the public feel about her and Daddy is now throwing money at the press to fix it.
  4. A

    Helen Skelton

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/18418815/helen-skelton-husband-relationship-richie-myler/ Well she's put a brave face on her split when seen out and about this week considering her husband has left the marriage and left her behind with three young kids while he goes off with a younger...