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  1. emme1122

    Hattie and Mallory Bourn #3

    Thanks to @runningbutnotinfluencing for suggesting a new thread. It was making me squirm a little too being over the limit. So sorry it's untitled. The last thread went on for so long, it was difficult to look for a thread title - I've only ever done this once or twice. Sorry in advanced.
  2. P

    Hattie and Mallory Bourn #2 Bourn with a Silver Spoon in their Mouths

    New thread!! Yay!! I can't remember who suggested the thread title on the other thread, sorry!
  3. P

    Hattie and Mallory Bourn - The Bourn Sisters

    Does anyone else follow these? They have individual Instagram accounts and a shared blog called The Bourn Sisters. Mallory seems nice enough but Hattie seems very aloof. And both are married to wealthy sportsmen so they both have an air of smugness about them. Also, I love holidays as much as...