Hattie and Mallory Bourn - The Bourn Sisters

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Does anyone else follow these? They have individual Instagram accounts and a shared blog called The Bourn Sisters.

Mallory seems nice enough but Hattie seems very aloof. And both are married to wealthy sportsmen so they both have an air of smugness about them.

Also, I love holidays as much as the next person but fuck me, how many holidays to Dubai do they both go on each year?!!


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I follow both of them

Mallory seems nice, seems like she’s having a tuff time at the moment

Hattie though she literally ignores so many people when they ask where something is from which grates on me because without us followers you wouldn’t be getting free things etc and then you see her replying on the same photo but to her friends 🙄


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They did an Instagram live once. Mallory was lovely, smiley and chatty whilst Hattie acted like she didn’t want to be there and was abrupt and snappy answering followers’ questions.


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Hatties friend blocked me, Naomi Genes another one who seems quite stuck up, someone commented on one of her photos saying basically the same as what I’ve mentioned. Her ignoring people when they ask where something is from. This was before stories and the swipe ups and she hardly ever used to tag. I liked the comment and she instantly blocked me 🤔


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Mallory comes across lovely. Although her daughter seems a bit of a madam in a way that all 4 year olds are! Also very impressed when she shows her reading/writing on stories before she’s even started school. Love Mallory’s dresses also.

Like Hattie too but she seems much less friendly but her children are beautiful. And she seems so camera aware on stories etc.

Naomi seems hard work- think they all very much rate themselves in that group.


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It gets me that Hattie always acts SO hard done by on her stories and always tries to get everyone to feel sorry for her. Look at her story now. Yes what a Good Samaritan you are for supporting small businesses. I’m sorry that pre made off the hanger kids clothing is not good enough for you and you had to waste £140 on custom made outfits you didn’t receive. Im sure your ads provide you with enough money to get new ones 🤦‍♀️ No need for a pity party!
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