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  1. Damocles

    Harry Pickard #9 Was he following SW plan? Appears to have morphed into Cesar Millan

    Congrats go me for the winning thread title with christ knows how many votes... previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/harry-pickard-8-lies-about-where-he-buys-his-chips-there-was-never-8-stone-on-his-hips.15311/ quick recap... He finally gave up the SW ghost, removed any mention of the...
  2. I

    Harry Pickard #9 : Was He Ever Following The SW Plan? He’s Morphed Into Cesar Millan

    Our good friend (he who cannot be named) is still about and has given this amazing thread title! We shall see him soon! let us continue…
  3. I

    Harry Pickard #8 Lies about Where He Buys His Chips, There Was Never 8 Stone On His Hips

    Winning Title from letsmeltthatlard let us continue...
  4. letsmeltthatlard

    Harry Pickard #7 Unbearable TikToks and slutty eggs, I wrap my fajitas with a peg.

    New Thread Thanks to @elloelloello for the winning thread title. previous thread here https://tattle.life/threads/harry-pickard-6-no-awards-shown-when-the-duck-did-you-lose-8-stone.4284/page-50#post-1158720
  5. letsmeltthatlard

    Harry Pickard #6 No awards shown, when the duck did you lose 8 stone?

    New Thread Thanks to @elloelloello for the thread title...edited slightly to make it fit 😀 please allow me to go all Gordon Ramsay for a moment.. The fucking chips are bastard rawwwwww.
  6. String Man

    Harry Pickard #5 JD begs and runny eggs, imaginary weight loss and sticks for legs

    Thank you to @Justbrowzin for the thread title Had to shorten it as it was too many characters.
  7. letsmeltthatlard

    Harry Pickard #4 Unfollowed by the GC, where are your slimming world awards for all to see?

    New thread. thanks to me for the thread title suggestion winning with 29 votes and got the number right this time. sing it with me everyone.... Stick a gucci in me pocket I'll fetch the seasonings from the van Cause if you want the weight loss proof And you don't ask questions Then brother...
  8. letsmeltthatlard

    Harry Pickard #3 Taties or tatties, we're not convinced he was ever a fatty

    @Imjustcurious Thanks for the Thread title suggestion... He's been quiet for a couple of days, obviously binged a bit too much, hope you've hinched your toilet harold xx
  9. EyeSpy88

    harrypickard96_sw #2 Harold Prickard burns his yorkies and tells loads of porkies

    @Sunshinestate12 for the title think that’s the one with the most likes!
  10. Sunshinestate12


    Well, here is SW ‘star’ HP-‘nothing tastes better than being skinny’. What a marvellous role model this young man is-#maybenot. Such an insensitive comment! https://www.instagram.com/harrypickard96_sw