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  1. Fifah1907

    _GeorgieFit #5 Second place, haggard face!!!

    As requested!
  2. M

    _GeorgieFit #4 Fred four #sponsored by bagel fins

    Here you go :) Feel free to recap. Link to thread 3
  3. D

    _GeorgieFit #3 It’s only thread #3 if you think it’s thread #3

    Title by @LondoncailĆ­n! Quick recap: G thinks she is above the lockdown and has been breaking rules left right and centre! She was going to move to London, have we heard anything about that since? She bought a stair machine for her flat which I'm sure her neighbours LOVE She's still hanging...
  4. chaitealatte

    _georgiefit #2 Baby spoon user, steroid abuser. Banned from the gym for being a loser

    Thank you @Hill1994 for coming up with the new thread name which won with 20 votes šŸ˜„ Sorry everyone, I forgot to do a recap of the last thread. The past week has been a tough one for our G. She was booted out of her usual gym due to multiple complaints from other members about her filming...
  5. P


    Does anyone else find this girl insufferable? She is incredibly rude, her attitude sucks, and she seems to think she is above parking rules and regulations. There are so many things that wind me up about her I donā€™t know where to begin! Anyone remember when she moved to Australia for all of a...