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  1. S

    Cleanandgleamit #9 Georgia May AKA Groundhog Day

    Congratulations to @Little Miss Planner on the new thread title! Has Princess Georgia down to a tee… Her stories haven’t loaded again this morning, shame 🙁 I’m sure she had some really creative new stuff we’ve never seen before. Carry on friends. Re the last post on the previous thread - it...
  2. br0wser

    Georgia May #2 Boring, privileged, rich girl who reeks of narcissism

    New thread! I went through the most liked posts and this seemed fitting title wise. Thank you @Sunshine99. The last thread went on forever, let’s see how long this one lasts! Still boring, still moans, still entitled, still privileged, still does no work, still has a strange boyfriend...
  3. M

    Georgia May

    Thoughts on her? We discussed on emily philpott thread she needs own thread. First I thought shes pretty harmless but lately she comes Off super privilaged and stuck up. *keeps flaunting designer stuff and repeating shes worked so Hard For it and said its escapism for the people who had lost...
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