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  1. S

    Women’s Football

    A place to discuss all things ladies football. WSL, Lionesses, Euros etc
  2. neapsntatties

    Scottish Football

    I’m a regular reader of the Footballer and Wag & the Club Football threads which are 90% filled with English football content which is fine as I watch a lot of English football. However I feel out of place when I post something about my team (Celtic). Had nowhere to celebrate our league success...
  3. Peaches_xox

    Club football #2

    Previous thread : So far Liverpool have won the league cup and the FA cup so are half way to winning it all 😂
  4. MrsGrealish

    England Football Team #1 Hot guys, thicc thighs, trying not to sexualise!

    So, we all know that the current England team is full of absolute beauties. But there's no thread about all of them as a whole so I'm making one. Let's start off with my Top 5 guys. John Stones - Hotter than hell with a great 🍑 Mason Mount - What a beaut and so adorable. He looks snuggly...
  5. rivermonster

    Football Focus.

    Dan Walker was Fotball Focus and since he left it is awful. Alex Scott can't pronounces words, they are having women footballers commentating about teams they nothing about. Todays FF was so boring.
  6. F

    Club football

    Thought I’d make a thread about club football as I don’t think there is one? And on the euros thread there was a bit of club football chat 😄 I can’t wait for it to be back so much better than international football. C’mon city!
  7. Oohthedrama

    UEFA EURO 2021 #2

    Thread two for goal 2? 🙂
  8. Tublet83

    Who’s not watching the football, if not what are you doing?

    I’m reading the Mariah Carey autobiography 😂
  9. Welshgal

    UEFA EURO 2021

    It‘s football time!! Let‘s discuss this years European Championship ☺️ Who are your favorites? Any underdogs? Anyone you wish won‘t make it past the first round? Any player you like / dislike?
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