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  1. getgreens

    Five Fires #4 Too Lazy to Inspire a New Thread

    Thank you for the new thread title @dmeets !!
  2. getgreens

    Five Fires #3 Stains All Day with CaliBae

    Alright here’s the new thread everyone!!
  3. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Five Fires #2 Even with baby on the way, it's still all about the Calibae.

    Congrats to @OCHBViewer for having the winning thread title.
  4. sorry_bout_it

    All things Mondo and the FiveFires

    A place to discuss your grievances about Mondo/Calibae and his FiveFires YT channel. Admittedly, I've never watched his vlogs, but I remember him from way back when the Duoo would hang out with him and post him in their stories. He was always SO loud & obnoxious, like with his "we only do first...