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    Faryal Makhdoom & Amir Khan #6 He Khant keep it in his pants and she Khant grow a spine

    Current drama: Amir’s predatory sexting and cheating got exposed, so he did the only thing a weak minded F-boi would do, slander the victim! Faryal profited from her humiliation by securing more Birkins and a G-wagon, but no one would want to trade places with the world’s biggest blow up doll...
  2. L

    Faryal Makhdoom & Amir Khan #5 Corpse bride & dead inside

    recap: the hubby’s ego is just as fragile as the wife’s manufactured body parts: however, a needle isn’t needed to see these 2 implode from their own toxic and trashy behavior. They follow, and unfollow each other like the changing weather…Faryal’s attempt at a Kardashian-esque reality show was...
  3. L

    Faryal Makhdoom & Amir Khan #4 Greedy, Greasy, and oh so Sleazy

    Recap for newbies: https://tattle.life/threads/faryal-makhdoom-khan-amir-khan-3-so-much-filler-she-looks-a-fright-and-hubby-amir-lost-his-fight.29756/ Thread #4 for this fame-whore addicted couple. He is grasping at straws (literally the free drink straws at kebab shop openings :ROFLMAO:) for...
  4. coconochanel

    Faryal Makhdoom Khan & Amir Khan #3 So much filler she looks a fright and hubby Amir lost his fight!

    New thread recap for newbies.. She has had more filler and looks an absolute state After all the bragging Amir got stopped by Kell Brook in round six of their fight :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Amir got robbed and had a gun pointed at him for his £74k watch Faryal ran across the road and left...
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    Faryal Makhdoom Khan #2 fake, selfish & lazy

    Continue here from https://tattle.life/threads/faryal-makhdoom-khan.10601/page-51
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    Faryal Makhdoom Khan

    Due to Guru Gossip always being down and very slow to navigate through I thought we move the gossip to Tattle😁 This thread is for @faryalmakhdoom wife of boxer Amir Khan and mother of three kids she constantly dumps on her old mother😫 Bring the :coffee::coffee: