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  1. T

    Erin McGregor #4 Erin and Taylor, two peas in a pod, dodgy fillers and bad boob jobs!

    Here we go! 40+ bride acting as though she’s the only one ever to get married 😜 Thanks to @Eureka for the Title
  2. Notintheknow

    Erin McGregor #3 Now that she's stopped using her son for clout, the wedding is all that's she's talking about

    @Cleptomedia with the honours. In short, erzo continues to be a dose and we're all waiting in anticipation to see which shein/Ali express/wish outfit she will don for the wedding and which of her crystals she will grace herself with on the day...because surely she will wear her quality product...
  3. S

    Erin McGregor #2 size XS in Zara OH NO SHES NOT, can't stop at one shot

    As you were lads. Mist liked post in last thread. Anyone care to do a recap?
  4. al255

    Erin McGregor

    Thought I’d make an Erin thread by popular demand on the G Mack thread…. As you were tattlers 😉