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  1. Kalesmoothie

    Emma Claiir #4 Emma is “thriving”, Jet plane was super “breach”. Being a cat lover is a bit of a reach!

    Thanks @everybodypoops for the thread title! Shortened to fit, original “Emma is thriving, Jet plane was super “breach” Convincing us she’s a cat lover is a bit of a reach”. Accented the thriving cos we know she’s full of shit. Carry on tattlers, let’s not forget she admitted to killing...
  2. how.now.brown.cow

    Emma Claiir #3 Emma Claiir with ratchet hair, she’s feeling sick and life ain’t fair

    Thanks to @KurtTheVillageIdiot for the New thread title! Emma is now 87 weeks pregnant and she is in pain every single minute of every single day. Much like her HG, this doesn't stop her from dancing like an f'wit or staging photoshoots at every given opportunity where we know she will be...
  3. PiesAndLattes

    Emma Claiir #2

    Continue 👏
  4. Michy02

    Emma Claiire & Dedikated_lifestyle (Kate Jones)

    Emma Claiire & Dedikated_lifestyle (Kate Jones) Thread #1 Go for it lol 😂