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  1. JulesC

    Drag Race UK S5

    I’ve just watched the Meet the Queens for S5, looks like a decent bunch. I couldn’t find a start date for the series online but it says September so can’t be long! Who’s excited? The UK version is still my favourite, think the variety of queens is better than on any of the others.
  2. whatstheteab

    Drag Race UK S4

    The first episode of Season 4 is now available! Who’s everyone’s favourites so far?
  3. Platformcrocs

    Drag Race UK S3

    Can't quite believe S3 is already here! It's due to start in September but no official date yet - I'm thinking it'll be the second week of September after AS6 wraps up. Guest judges haven't been confirmed but Alan Carr and Graham Norton will be back on the panel. Who do you like the look of so...
  4. Jumpindesia

    RuPaul's Drag Race!

    Anyone else love this show? All stars 5 starts tonight!