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  1. missiemoomoo

    Dr Laura GP #4 A pity party just for one, stays in bed with no work done

    Anyone else looking forward to the moaning from Thailand! congrats @caramelsq for the title!
  2. caramelsq

    Dr Laura GP #3 About the kids she moans and moans, she’s not too happy that she has gall stones!

    New thread for Dr Laura! Hope I have done this correctly
  3. B

    Dr Laura GP #2 will sell ya SPF for the right fee but on the beg to reno the gaff for free

    Thread #2 for Dr Laura GP Thanks to @lodgequeen for the title with the most votes (15 total). Any one want to do a recap?
  4. Mona86

    Dr Laura GP

    Dr Laura GP. Joined insta a year ago wanting to talk about women’s health and break down taboos. Now has done a 360 turn into an insta hun with an AD almost every second day. She shared her inbox twice this week and she had emails begging for collabs with dummies, baby wipes, skin care (again)...