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  1. Bidscavan

    Doireann O'Leary #5

    There were no thread suggestions so left it as is. Quick recap of last thread which started way back in November đŸ¤ª - She's a mum now - Boring as ever - Thin as ever - Still doing tv work - Still flogging Vitamins - Think there was a podcast
  2. Bidscavan

    Doireann O'Leary #4 A supplement a day keeps Doireann in pay, Try root veg and sugar to ward her away

    Congrats to @ClaireyBearyBumkins on the winning thread title. Still as boring as ever. Still flogging her vitamins and supplements and appearing on TV. Got a new kitchen but then moved house. Just hoping she brought the footstool with her coz we've grown quite attached to itđŸ˜‚
  3. D

    Doireann O’Leary #3 But I heard the hubby is a surgeon!

    New thread for our fave doctor! No suggestions so took this from @brandambassador as one of the highest rated comments hope that’s ok! As ye were!
  4. Oohthedrama

    Doireann O' Leary #2

    New thread
  5. H

    Doireann O' Leary.

    Doctor and wellness advocate.