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  1. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #13 Kyle checks in, viewers check out.

    Calling all lowlife’s (sic) and jealous hatters (sic) of Disney’s very own first-class-flying monkey, Kyle Pallo! Come and join us as we roast him for his continuing adventures in insulting his viewers’ intelligence, delusions of grandeur, shady grifting for easy money, sleazy thirst-baiting...
  2. S

    Michael and Dave Kay #12 Uncomfortably creamy and not very dreamy

    Thanks to @bluebird33 for the title.
  3. dramalt

    Best Life and Beyond #65 Growing Larger is Katie's Fanny, and Spencer Wants to Motorboat Dani

    New thread. Thanks to @KingLlama for the thread title!
  4. Iwantallthetea

    TheTimTracker #96 Run, Nanny Lean, Run!

    new thread title courtesy of @2020planner
  5. Iwantallthetea

    TheTimTracker #95 We're Not Late, We're Behind Schedule

    New thread courtesy of @Imbris Anyone care to do a recap?
  6. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #12 Deep-Throating for DVC points!

    Calling all lowlife’s (sic) and jealous haters (sic) of diminutive Disney douchebag Kyle Pallo! Has Kyle recently ghosted you for daring to express an opposing opinion? Did you mortally offend him by not kissing his chubby, hairy little ass? Did you finally realize Covid isolation isn’t the only...
  7. The Real Deal

    Best Life and Beyond #64 Katie & Spencer have no friends. Will Halloween season ever end?

    New thread! Thank you @GInursemyass for the thread title!
  8. Iwantallthetea

    TheTimTracker #94 Help Control the Prop Population, Have Your Tracker Spayed or Neutered

    Thread title courtesy of @curious_penguin Continue discussing the Slackers here. Anyone care to give a recap?
  9. Grifters of the Caribbean

    ResortTV1 #4 It's Like Donny & Marie, but Without the Talent

    Congrats to @Love_the_kitz and @YesNow for having the winning thread title/idea!
  10. B

    Best Life and Beyond #63 BLAB hides at D23, Patreon members flee, KT’s new brows bought with stans money

    Shout out to @Disneypins for the title of this thread - I had to edit so it fit I hope I have done it justice. It's only been 24 hours but I am heartily sick of talking about eyebrows in any shape or form. Take it away, Tattlers!
  11. S

    Paging Mr Morrow #9 The Grifter with the most from coast to coast.

    We give our profound thanks to @MichaelKaysHairyBack for the title. Previously, on Paging Mr. Morrow: Nate rode some rides, ate some food, and turned as red as a beet at every opportunity. Anywhos, let’s have a new thread.
  12. honestrands

    TheTimTracker #93 And Now it's Time to Steal Some Content

    Post title suggestion comes from @xmasbdaygirl courtesy of Jenn herself As Ginn continues to blame how long editing takes, the videos still take forever to be posted. After not being given media privileges at Halloween horror nights TheBojos proceeded to steal the videos from Vloggers stating...
  13. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #62 Universal from these two, No join me from the Woo, alone at all events...Boo-hoo

    Congrats to @Second Classholes for this spot-on title! Short and sweet poll today. I always think I know how people will vote and then you guys surprise me. 😂 Ooooh whoever chose 5+ was right! They put out 5 videos last week! I love how KT “saved the cinnamon roll hack as a reel”. As if...
  14. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #11 He’s President of the Disney Grifter Gays for Trump Society!

    Welcome to the premier support group for people Disney douchebag Kyle Pallo has pissed off; not to be confused with that other forum where those of whom we do not speak seem to wish Kyle would piss on them. Ew, icky. They must enjoy smelling of cheese, shrimp and booze. In the previous episode...
  15. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #92 Their Ship Has Sailed

    Time for a new Slacker thread. The title is courtesy of @Iwantallthetea Ginn finally got around to uploading their first HNH Vlog, and it didn't even contain anything from HNH just them making the massive drive from Lake Nona to Universal Studios and looking at the Tribute Store. Meanwhile...
  16. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #61 Two months of Halloween, try to grift off Charlie in between, now at combined weight of 615

    Oh man @Second Classholes you knocked it out of the park w this title! (Edited for length) Everyone take a moment (including BLAB and Stan’s reading here) and realize there are 60k posts in this forum and a wiki, all dedicated to the wrongs BLAB has done for the vlogging community. Thank you...
  17. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Best Life & Beyond #60 The Cap'n returns, Daphne's sick burns, BLOB never learns...

    Congrats to @Jackprot! for having the winning thread title with 24 votes Attached is @UncleLester 's poll idea: "In 10 years, if you are in a personal position to do so, would you donate to a GoFundMe that would help adult Ca$hlee get proper legal representation to recoup the YouTube money...
  18. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #91 Jackson would have loved it!

    Thread title courtesy of @Lankylamb Continue discussing the trackholes here ....
  19. B

    Best Life & Beyond #59 KT Slockbower's Best 600 Lb Life & Beyond

    Thanks to @Mr Flibble for our new thread title - witty (and scarily accurate) as always. Winner of the last pool with a whopping 70% was no surprise: Katie getting a paying guest trespassed from Disneyland (Columbia incident) Calling @Tom Wambsgans for one of his his genius recounts. I'm no...
  20. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #58 Tony's Fraud On a Scooter, Spencer's Shirts Cruder, KTs Brows Furry Protruders

    Happy Belated Bday to the King of Diet Mtn Dew, @KingLlama, who got the most votes, BY FAR! (I had to edit for length) poll recommended by @OutofScope 😃😃
  21. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #10 Kyle got lei'd by Dick Breed!

    In the last episode our hero made a radical departure from filming his feet, himself in the shower, himself eating like a caveman, himself getting drunk, car parks and concrete at Disneyworld to travel to Aulani in Hawaii (at the expense of pornstar-named stan Dick Breed) to film his feet...
  22. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #90 I "WISH" Jenn Would Shut Up

    Time for a new Tracker thread, the title is courtesy of @VloggerCritic Jenn just uploaded the first day of their "Wish" cruise which was nearly as long as a regular Hollywood movie. Cue the stans falling over themselves are her editing prowess of cobbling together a 90 minute home movie vlog...
  23. Grifters of the Caribbean

    That Crazy Disney Lady #1

    This thread is for Tonya, Robin, and the rest of the characters who show up on the That Crazy Disney Lady YouTube channel.
  24. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life And Beyond #57 Happy birthday, miss. Your father seems a little drunk. Can we call you a taxi?

    It was a close race this time. Winning by ONE point was @hoffdog! Short and sweet poll this time you guys. BLAB has 4 spots in the top ten Disney vlogger thread. Sorryboutit
  25. TheNextStacey

    Michael & Dave Kay #11 Have a MAGAical Day

    Here’s the new thread and most liked name! Thanks to @ChildSizeShirt for the thread title! Who’s got time for a TLDR?
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