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  1. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Best Life & Beyond #29 Lifestyles of the Ghetto Fabulous with Katie Slockbower and Spencer Emmons

    Thanks for the winning title @Mr Flibble ! It has been decreed that Matt Slockbower's mother's post about Katie should be posted on every thread for new members to see:
  2. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Best Life & Beyond #28 KT Says "Ich bin ein Grifter."

    Thanks to @PurpleMonkeyDishwasher for the title.
  3. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #76 Tim and Jenn's Emotional Rollercoaster

    Thread title courtesy of @NotCrazy We just watched Day 2 of the latest Cunt-cierge covid cruise
  4. Tom Wambsgans

    Best Life & Beyond #27 Don't give these grifters any money

    Let's keep it clean in here, folks. Confusing fear-mongering is not what we're here for. KT's unhinged, we know this. Do not give her insane tactics an inch. She barely knows how to run a Patreon - she certainly isn't capable of tracking down every Tattler's true identity. I mean, I know she has...
  5. teripeterson

    Best Life & Beyond #26 KT’s Block Party is Spinning While Griftbusters IG is Winning

    New thread time! Shout out to Beautiful Tomorrow TV for blowing up the last thread so quickly!
  6. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Beautiful Tomorrow TV #1 White Knighting and Fighting for Katie

    This thread is about Beautiful Tomorrow TV, who has been threatening anyone who dares to criticize BLAB's Katie Slockbower. Here are his thoughts on Captain John Dee and Griftbuster:
  7. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #75 The Holy Moly goes viral (and not in a good way)!

    Time for a new thread, back to back thread titles goes to @Monkeypoopants How butchered will the Slackers cruise footage be? Will they give us the "We wanted to keep it private excuse" because we found out too much about the ordeals they went through? How will they try to deflect any...
  8. T

    Best Life & Beyond #25 The Jolly Plaid Roger Is Flying Again, ARRR!

    Welcome old and new to thread #25 New thread, same grift! Main points from #24 - Plaid hero (Grift Buster) came back to the high seas. He broke the internet with a photo of himself and the woo & Daphne - @Cap'n John Dee is back and so are the YT videos - more eating and lame videos from...
  9. Grifters of the Caribbean

    ResortTV1 #2 Magically Grifting One Cancer Patient at a Time

    The grifting adventures continue... Thanks for giving my thread title the most votes. 👍
  10. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #24 Laguna Strolls, Patreon Goals, Daphne is the Queen Of Trolls

    I feel like #23 was the fastest to 1000 posts in the history of the BLAB threads. Lets keep the posts coming. So much to discuss in #24 with Katie "slowly" rolling out their Patreon effort. Thank you @hoffdog for the thread title. Don't give these grifters any money!
  11. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #74 We booked the wrong Chris Pratt!

    Time for a new Slacker thread. The title is courtesy of @Monkeypoopants The Slackers are out at sea on another concierge cruise that may or may not include Dim's parents, but it does include the wrong Chris Pratt as the one they are tagging along with isn't a movie star, just a star at being...
  12. TheNextStacey

    Michael & Dave Kay #9 Cruising into Obscurity with a Manic Dickcam POV

    Thanks to @missmothman and @T-Rexx for the new thread title. I took the liberty of mashing up their suggestions! Hope that's okay with everyone! Can someone do a quick recap? I love this so much, I had to post it again. Also, Michael is working hard on his Moon Knight costume for Halloween...
  13. A

    PC Dev #3 Anything you can do, I can do worse

    Well here we are at thread #3 for PCDev... Has he fallen from the graces of Disney, will he ever come up with original content, and did he ever get his fridge fixed? Find out the answers to all those questions here. Props to @Garyinpompey for the winning title. Sorry @HereForTheT3a22 I still...
  14. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #23 Katie Slockbower & Spencer Emmons, 100k Subscriber Dreams, Patreon Schemes

    Welcome old and new to thread #23 Thank you @Cruising Into Obscurity for this weeks thread title. I did modify is slightly, hope you don't mind. With their Surf and Sand Resort staycation vlog about ready to drop I feel like #23 is going to fill up fast.
  15. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Living in DIZ #1 Living in DIZ? More Like Living in PRIVILEGE!

    Thanks for the thread title @ThunderPuss This thread is about Victor Nawrocki's replacement for ResortTV1, Living in DIZ! Remember, fish and chips cost $12.99.
  16. teripeterson

    Best Life & Beyond #22 Schedule conflicts they tell ya, exciting plans coming for Dence & Big Fella

    Thanks to @Disneypins for the most voted suggestion! I had to shorten it to fit as Tattle only allows 105 characters, the original was: Best Life and Beyond #22: “Scheduling conflicts,” that’s what they’ll tell ya, “exciting plans” are coming for Denser and Big Fella! 2nd place goes to...
  17. geordiegirl

    Disney Vloggers #7 "Happy to be Home" didn't last long and now it's back to moan moan moan!

    New thread peeps! Thanks to @She_Who_Cant_Be_Named for shiny new thread! Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/disney-vloggers-6-now-theyre-back-and-on-vacation-who-will-end-up-in-isolation.26238/ @Moderator Please can you add the hashtag before the number as I forgot 🤦🏻‍♀️ As you were!
  18. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #72 Tattle has them rattled

    Time for a new TimSlacker thread, this title is courtesy of @TawdryT In the most recent live vlog The Trackers put forth they admitted they are hoarders, and that there are apparently way more than just the "Unwell 3" who makes Jenn's fingers work extra hard blocking and deleting comments from...
  19. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #21 What Shall We Do to Avoid the Woo?

    Welcome y'all to thread #21. Kick the tires and light the fires!! Hard to believe we now have over 20 thousand posts about these grifters...actually, now that I think about it, it isn't that hard to believe🤣 Cheers...
  20. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #20 Paid our way to 90k, Fake VIP at the electric parade & Flipping Disneyana on eBay

    Welcome to Best Life & Beyond #20👏 Looks like they are now allowing longer thread titles. With that being said, thank you @Tom Wambsgans for the title 🥇 Pictured: burn boot camp fitness model, Katie Slockbower Does this look like the apartment of someone who keeps Disneyland merch? Boring...
  21. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #19 Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Grifter's Life for Me

    Time to start a new week and a new Best Life & Beyond thread, number #19! Welcome to all the newcomers and familiar faces. Thank you @Grifters of the Caribbean for the tread title. It would appear that Best Life & Beyond is back to being an eating channel. When she professed her new heathy...
  22. UncleLester

    Theme Park Obsession

    Dylan is one of the many talented Theme Park Vloggers in Southern California who works "full time" on updating his audience on the latest Knott's Berry Farm Seasonal Dessert, Pro's & Con's of Lightning Lane, and Key Planning Tips on when Spring Break, Halloween, Christmas, etc. fall on the...
  23. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #18 Leaving the scene of a false accusation, the gluttonous pigs take a Vegas vacation

    Welcome to thread #18. These threads have been filling up fast! lets keep it up. Thank you @hoffdog for this weeks thread title. Don't give these grifters any money ( Katie Slockbower & Spencer Emmons )
  24. DonnyBergerStan

    Adam The Woo #6 Use promo code LittleAdam to get a discount on Daphne's OnlyFans

    Winning thread title by one vote, thank you @VloggerCritic for the title and kudos to @Iwantallthetea for the strong competition! Adam's going through a lot right now. Disney withdrawals, Daphne withdrawals, hot dog withdrawals. He's aware that his channel needs a change, so what do you think...
  25. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #17 Don’t Give These Grifters Any Money

    Welcome to Best Life & Beyond thread #17 staring Katie Slockbower and Spencer Emmons. Things have really heated up in the past week…let’s all keep stoking the BLAB fire and get justice for our the man who simply voiced his opinion. Thank You @OutofScope for the thread title. Absolute perfection...
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