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  1. honestrands

    The Tim Tracker #114 Well at Olive Garden.. when you are there you forget you have family!

    Thread title comes courtesy of @HereForTheT3a22 via @Etj via @mjm9 homeslogs are in, the parks are out After the OG destroyed their stomachs they will continue to eat there because it’s “so affordable”. The Slackers actually followed through and shipped some packages from their snot so merry...
  2. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life and Beyond #81 KT Slockbower prays, Spencer Emmons preys, and BLAB pays (for subs)

    Congrats to @Disneypins for the title…I think this is your first one???? I edited your title because I realized their full names could fit in, hope you don’t mind!
  3. T

    MollyMcAwesome #2 MammothClub: Just Don't Dare Say Hello

    Time for a new thread. I'll leave it to others for recapping. Thanks to @NateHate for the winning title.
  4. S

    Paging Mr. Morrow #11 We're Gonna Eat Some Food and Eat Some Food and Eat Some Food. Let's go do this!

    Congratulations to @Nate's Top Button for bringing us here. I'm not even going to recap, because the title really says it all.
  5. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #113 1 Chainz, 2 Nanniez, 3 Napz, 4 Chinz

    Thread title courtesy of @pkd81 👏👏👏 Recap anyone?
  6. honestrands

    The Tim Tracker #112 Our snot so random giveaway

    Thanks to @bluebird33 for this weeks thread title. A quick recap if anyone else wants to fill in the holes. It took tattle an entire week to fill a thread with such low video counts as the Slackers try to recover from their 3.5hr giveaway. The not so lucky winners should be checking their...
  7. Tabitha

    Disney Vloggers #10 Desperate for fame, they have no shame

    New thread. Title thanks to @CrinkleCut88 🤣 Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/disney-vloggers-9-going-to-disney-for-halloween-posting-on-onlyfans-in-between.34266/ A few shockers: - Orlando_wylies caught cheating at work and have since disappeared from IG - Travellingmagical had a...
  8. Tom Wambsgans

    Best Life & Beyond #80 Super Spence brings his dusty cartridge to Nintendoland but no one will blow on it

    Thanks to @UncleLester for the wonderfully nostalgic thread title. As KT would say, “Good job, buddy”.
  9. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #20 The only thing he knows how to pack is packing on the pounds.

    Thread title courtesy of @airbusA330 Anyone up for a recap?
  10. Quasimodo

    The Tim Tracker #111 Driving Miss Lazy, with Buddy von Napp

    Congrats to @TawdryT for submitting the winning title and combining @Southpaw33's hilarious title + Buddy's new nickname, @Orangebird + their child for the Driving Miss Lazy graphic, @andreaob and @scopeyscope for reviving the suggestion (did I miss anyone else?) We're currently in the...
  11. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #19 Disney's Most Overrated and Biggest Click Baiter wannabe Vlogger.

    Your one stop shop for all of the Tea about diminutive Disney douchebag Kyle Pallo that he doesn't want you to know. We're not former fans he pissed off, we're just jealous of his success, obviously. Title by @AKW24 - congratulations! No recap because I don't pay him that much attention...
  12. Tom Wambsgans

    Best Life & Beyond #79 Katie Slockbower & Spencer Emmons - Spence doesn't have the balls to marry KT

    Thanks @Lalo Salamanca for the thread title. We've got their full names back in there for some SEO goodness. Thought we'd start this thread off with KT playing some grammar police on Facebook last night.
  13. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #110 I just took a glucose test, turns out I'm 100% that b

    Thread title courtesy of @Quasimodo Recap anyone?
  14. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #109 Naps in the afternoon and bankruptcy soon - a very Tracker babymoon

    new thread title courtesy of @pkd81
  15. TheNextStacey

    Michael and Dave Kay #13 You can call a dead channel something else but it's still dead

    I made an executive decision since our previous thread was over the limit, and went with this title. Hope it's okay with everyone! Anyone have time for a recap/TLDR?
  16. V

    The Tim Tracker #108 Tiny Tim - A Griftmas Carol

    Congrats to @Commobore for a festive Tracker thread title! Recap is same as last thread: they went to Aulani. Lots of pics of JennBo pushing the boundaries of modern fabrics and stitching. Feel free to add to the recap
  17. S

    Kyle Pallo #18 Mighty Casey has struck out

    Hat tip to @ScoJo15 for the excellent title. I'd recap the last one, but it would make me too angry.
  18. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #78 Spencer and Katie are Crooks, and Binky They Definitely Cooked

    Oh MAN, it was CLOSE this time but @KingLlama got the most votes so let’s all crack a cold DMD and have a sip to honor the Llama.
  19. V

    The Tim Tracker #107: No class in First Class

    Congrats to @ImRonBurgundy? for another hilarious thread title! Recap: They went to Aulani again for another "babymoon" with a new nanny in tow. Some other stuff. Others please feel free to add to the recap. Lol
  20. honestrands

    The Tim Tracker #106: Ginn is “NOT THE MAMA!”

    This weeks thread title goes to @ImRonBurgundy? The Slackers are off on a family vacation baby moon to Aulani. Somehow Ginn got approved to fly for nine hours and no one fails to question the legitimacy. Views continue to fall as they are resorting to publishing bottom of the barrel content to...
  21. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #77 Katie is taking more rest days for work/life balance, the problem is she has neither

    Three cheers for @OutofScope who had this brilliant title suggestion! It’s scary how true this one sentence is, all jokes aside.
  22. V

    The Tim Tracker #105 It's My Party and I'll s word if I Want to 🎶

    Congrats to @Quasimodo for another high quality Tracker thread title. Can someone else do the recap? You guys all rock! *Note not sure s word is allowed in a title I will change to crap if it isn't or mods will I assume.
  23. Scooby Don't

    Kyle Pallo #17 The only thing ‘super dry’ about Kyle is Kyle’s date’s vagina.

    Title by @airbusA330 with 25+19 votes or so. From what I have gathered from here Kyle's still an obnoxious grifting asshole, but I can't do the recap because I've been too busy to watch Kyle's Daily Dumps and take notes, so please add your own.
  24. BusyMum68

    Best Life & Beyond #76 A YSL bag that cost 45 dollars is still more real than this pair of fake ballers.

    Thanks to the esteemed @Waddles McMooseknuckle for this great title for this thread. Well, its the first day of Summer here Down Under, but across the seas a chill has descended over our beloved BLAB. Are they still together? Where are they living? Why has Spence gone quiet on IG? Will any more...
  25. V

    The Tim Tracker #104 Enjoying “family time” that Jackson would have loved.

    Congrats to @ImRonBurgundy? for another great thread title. I will let someone else hand recap duties please!
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