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  1. hcslacs

    The Tim Tracker #164 If the Christmas tree was a slice of pizza, it'd be gone by now!

    Congrats to @The REAL Karen McCoy for the latest title! We are in the middle of yet another mukbang lunch date.
  2. Iwantallthetea

    Adam the Woo #16 Grooms young women but not himself

    Thread title courtesy of @Galaxyprincess ... congrats!! 👏 Previous thread here - https://tattle.life/threads/adam-the-woo-15-new-house-old-content.43543/ Recap anyone?
  3. Cocobean9

    Best Life & Beyond #100 Still featuring Spencer and some other guy's wife

    Congratulations to @OutofScope for BLAB's 100th thread title 🎉 I'll let someone else recap but the title says it all. Spencer & some other guy's wife have an awful home movies Youtube channel where they showcase what liars they are while Katie posts passive aggressive crap on her IG as if she's...
  4. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #163 If you are looking for wrong advice, this is the channel for you!!

    Congrats to @Galaxyprincess for our new thread title 👏 Old thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/the-tim-tracker-162-the-cheapest-way-to-eat-on-vacation-is-to-not-bring-jenn.43926/ I'll let someone else do the recap.
  5. V

    The Tim Tracker #163 If you are looking for wrong advice, this is the channel for you!!

    Congrats to @Galaxyprincess for another hilarious Tracker thread title. As usual if someone else can do the recap I appreciate it. For fun I've attached a poll asking where everybody is fun. I know the UK is part of Europe and apologies to sticking Canada at the bottom. And somehow I got...
  6. V

    The Tim Tracker #162 The cheapest way to eat on vacation is to not bring Jenn

    Congrats to @court2022 and @littlemuv for another fun Tracker thread title. Someone else can recap please!
  7. No Grifters Needed

    Kyle Pallo #65 He thinks he's the hit. He isn't even the fart!

    Thanks to @Iwantallthetea for our newest thread title. We're at the beginning of a series (already feels like it will never end) of Kyle vlogging his mundane life from the inaugural sailing of the Icon of the Seas. While he and Casey may be on a brand spanking new cruise ship, this truly feels...
  8. Hereforthesh

    PCDev #4 A used Tesla, workouts, creepy flexing, and a failing channel.

    Finally, a new thread for the Douche Lord of YouTube that is PCDev. The previous thread was started May 9, 2022! I guess many of us have stopped watching him and rely on the occasional postings in here to keep up, as I do sometimes. Even those that still post in here didn't care enough to come...
  9. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #161 Jenn Tracker - Built like a heavyweight powergrifter

    Our new title won by a landslide (54 votes) - congrats to @pkd81!! Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/the-tim-tracker-160-alright-girl.43693/ Someone else can do the recap
  10. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Kyle Pallo #64 Vlogger with the smallest..vocabulary

    Thank you @Hardly Here for the new thread title. There was a tie, but this one showed up first. Mod edit swear words aren't to be used in titles.
  11. Iwantallthetea

    The DIS Unplugged #11 We're still exactly the same. Maybe worse, actually

    Welcome to our new thread. Thread title courtesy of @TheNextStacey ... Congrats!! (It was actually a tie between this one and one suggested by @invisobelt, but this thread title came up first in the "most liked posts" search.) Old thread here...
  12. Hereforthesh

    Paging Mr Morrow #17 that mouth can manage!

    Thanks to @EmilyisDone for the new thread title. His mouth can definitely manage, food that is. Can he manage WL girl? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  13. V

    The Tim Tracker #160 Alright Girl

    Congrats to @Maleficent50 for another funny thread title. Isn't that Amanda chick already gone though? Somebody else can handle recap please!
  14. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Kyle Pallo #63 Kyle gets cock blocked by Minnie Mouse

    Thanks to @onechanz for suggesting the winning thread title and @AKW24 for nominating it.
  15. starri

    JoJo’s World #5 Over 1 million subscribers and only 938 views in 1 hour, not what I expected!

    @GreenIsNotACreativeColor takes it for us. Previously...well, the thread title says it all, doesn't it?
  16. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #159 Cry Me a Rivian

    Congrats to @Quasimodo for our new thread title!! 👏 👏 👏 Recap anyone?
  17. No Grifters Needed

    Best Life & Beyond #99 Adam bought a house, Katie’s mic is a mouse and Spencer’s girlfriend has a spouse

    Congratulations to @TheHooptie for our first new thread in 2024! Remember the good old days when a new BLAB thread was starting every couple of days? This last thread took 34 days to close out! That is how utterly boring and irrelevant these grifters have become -- we actually had to name...
  18. Iwantallthetea

    Adam the Woo #15 New house, old content

    Congrats to @PoorKid for our new thread title! Recap - New house, old content says it all
  19. Iwantallthetea

    Kyle Pallo #62 Seething as his peers are succeeding

    Congrats to @Vyle Pallo (with an assist from @Wusubby) for our first thread title of 2024!
  20. Quasimodo

    The Tim Tracker #158 Will our budget get as tight as our pants?

    Congrats to @bakerbetty for the winning thread title! New year, same 💩. That tracks!
  21. duckdinner

    Ade and Lisa #3 New trashed house, still burning the dinner, Ade still ain’t getting any thinner

    Thread title by @Maleficent50 ❤️ Lisa & Ade finally moved into their cozy new build house/building site and, as predicted, have turned it into a hoarder's paradise almost instantly 😅 As you were 🤣
  22. TheNextStacey

    T&J Travels

    New Thread for T&J Travels - Tommy and Jessica Old
  23. V

    The Tim Tracker #157 Where. Is. The. Baby??

    Congrats to @Galaxyprincess for another Tracker thread title! Someone else can handle recap duties please.
  24. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Park Pass TV

    Yet another Disney vlogger YouTube channel.
  25. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo # 61 Ask me about my pink armpit nipples.

    Congrats @Hardly Here on an amazing title. as 2023 comes to a close, will we see kylie in his new house in 2024? A potential wedding? Big, big things happening in 2024, and that's not the 6 cruises booked and *cough* paid for. But his booty butt getting bigger.