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  1. PiesAndLattes

    Debt Free Instagram #3 I’m debt free, follow me! but don’t question my tax-free money or I will block thee

    @negative_feedback kudos to you for the thread title! (Sorry had to shorten due to thread title limit of 110 characters!). Can people pls start posting more screenshots, that’s the most fun the thread has seen in ages 🤪
  2. PiesAndLattes

    Debt Free Instagram Community #2 TML and DI still hiding away, leaving pre-cooked pasta to organise the day

    Thanks @Hellojanuary (sorry thread title was too long!) I love how certain crusaders from the DFC tried to hide away but we still have enough content for a part 2 (even without the “queen bees”)!
  3. PiesAndLattes

    Debt Free Instagram Community

    the minimalist life et al.
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