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Confidentially Connie is a 1953 film directed by Edward Buzzell. It stars Van Johnson and Janet Leigh.Maine housewife Connie Bedloe is pregnant, but the family's limited income from her husband Joe's teaching job means that they can't buy meat. When the father-in-law Opie, a Texas cattle rancher, comes to visit and finds out that the family is not eating meat, he convinces the butcher to sell him a giant steak, halving the price. At a party, the guests find out that the butcher sold it to Opie at half price, and so they all head to the butcher shop, causing a price war. In the end, it comes time for the family to decide whether to stay in Maine or return to Texas.

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  1. S

    Connie Simmonds #5 mid size lies, monetising Macie and period blaming when content dies

    Right fellow Tattlers, a quick catch up for you all…. Connie and Ricky, now engaged, have bought their first family house yet Connie has buzzed off on holibobs with Macie & Mum and left Ricky to it. Connie officially has no management now but was very scant on why that is- of course we all...
  2. B

    Connie Simmonds #4 freebies galore, such a bore, get off your arse and do some chores

    Time for a new thread! Quick recap - Connie only washes her clothes once a fortnight then they spend the next 13 days laying on the floor getting covered in dust - Claims she’s a full time Mum and works two jobs but has time to laze around watching Netflix and has two child free days a week -...
  3. Lechat

    Connie Simmonds #3 Virus spreader, packet mix cook, her content is as bad as her book

    Thread title thanks to @Thatswhattatsaid previous thread here: Right folks, new thread so add to your watchlists. Connie has moved to a new flat and first priority was to beg for a...
  4. Lechat

    Connie Simmonds #2 lazy mum guilt complainer but no time for a personal trainer

    new thread for Connie. Previous one here: title thanks for @Saywhat but had to amend it to fit the character limit. recap... Connie is trying to flog her flat but no one is buying, she’s getting stroppy as is not used to the real world where...
  5. S

    Connie Simmonds

    I find Connie simmonds very irritating. She just had a baby and acts like she’s the only person in the world to have ever done so. The non stop ads and begging for freebies is so cringe, didn’t have to buy a thing for her baby. She’s only an “influencer” because her brother is a hot PT, I’ve...