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A list of notable characters from the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless that significantly impacted storylines and debuted between January 1990 and December 1999.

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  1. heretoreaditall2019

    Callie Thorpe #6

    Here’s to another 50 pages of such truly boring content we can’t come up with a thread title for it x
  2. heretoreaditall2019

    Callie Thorpe #5

    Was just dying at the old thread being on page 55 😳🤯
  3. Chip1984

    Callie Thorpe #4 The Con Corner, enabling Callie to make money standing on her head

    Thought I'd start a new thread. I ordered posts by most liked and @Hereforthehottea had the most liked thread suggestion that I could see (please don't shoot me if I'm wrong...again!) If anyone cares to do a recap, please fire away ❤
  4. M

    Callie Thorpe #3 Dear Lord, what a sad little life Callie, your whole life is an AD

    Only thread title I could see was mine and had a fair few likes so created the new thread with it- if I’ve missed anyone’s title that had more likes let me know! 😄 Recap of last thread: callie shared posts about poverty and hungry children while also gorging herself with snacks and cooking...
  5. hiya_hun

    Callie Thorpe #2 Farmers markets and scrubbing veg. Send me an #actifry, PLEASE, I BEG

    New thread for Callie and Dan&I Thanks to @TheBakeGirl for the apt thread title. Last thread recap - Callie and Dan&I deliberated over a mortgage holiday whilst buying a hot tub, pizza oven, rice cooker, fancy bikes, outdoor furniture and mountains of veg from their local farmers market...
  6. A

    Callie Thorpe - plus sized cringe-fest

    Anybody else follow her? Doesn't work yet gets holiday after holiday? Trying to be a holiday blogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger? I find her very smug and cringy.