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  1. Grizzlybear

    Beyond Skincare #4 Cosmetic Devices and Procedures

    Kicking off #4 with an excellent summary from @mindlessness - no nonsense thread title from @Aude Previous thread here: LED Masks - Current Body, Omnilux, Dr Denis Gross etc. For more info on how these works I...
  2. SqualorVictoria

    Beyond Skincare #3 Cosmetic Devices and Procedures

    Hi all! This is the thread for all your cosmetic/ beauty devices and procedures queries Last thread: Many of us are now on the fence about Reduit Uni Also, thanks again to @Aude for the title!
  3. SqualorVictoria

    Beyond skincare #2 Beauty devices and procedures

    Thanks to @Aude for the title! All talk of devices and anything else beyond skincare. Continuing on from this brilliant thread: @prinnygrace hope your Lumea arrived!
  4. R

    Beyond skincare - cosmetic gadgets and procedures

    Title suggested by @Aude. I know it’s not for everybody, but some of us on the Sali Hughes thread wanted a thread to talk about cosmetic gadgets (e.g. what’s that freaky Dr Dennis Gross mask like, or do I want a NuFace (probably). Also please put your questions about botox, fillers etc. here.