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  1. emerald

    Bethany Francesca #5 They have definitely had a serious chat! Talking about selling her precious jelly cats!

    Title by @Polkadot123 Honourable mention to @Tabitha for "Bethany Francesca #5 it may not be a gunt but she’s still a cunt" which had the most votes but swearing is not allowed in titles 😉 Recap: Baby Waffle was born safely. Beth and Nick have had a serious chat about their finances... Disney...
  2. emerald

    Bethany Francesca #4 Eating for two, like that’s new

    Thread title from @Tabitha 😁 Recap: Beth is 20+ weeks pregnant with Baby Boy Waffle. She just did a glucose test with results pending. She's been slagging off her followers because they keep sending her unsolicited advice as if that doesn't happen to every single pregnant woman/mother. She is...
  3. emerald

    Bethany Francesca #3 wedding was full of tack, got the sack, how will she afford her next jellycat?

    Winning title by @Disneylifeonly Previous thread: Recap: Beth was sacked. LOL She's about to start freelance work and has rebooted her YouTube channel.
  4. emerald

    Bethany Francesca #2

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  5. Elsass


    She gets mentioned a lot in the Brogan Tat threads so I thought she deserved her own. Really interested as to how she built up loads of credit card debt but was going on holiday and shopping so much but it now being so sanctimonious about it!