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  1. J

    Beckhams #8 David's always cheating on his missis So proud of the kids.. kisses x

    Thanks to @Lucyxxxx for title with most likes.
  2. 265

    Beckhams #6 Brooklyn Beckham MBE mediocre, boring and embarrassing

    Welcome to #6 and thanks to @GrilledCheese for the winning title. Previous Thread - A couple of the latest stories...
  3. G

    Beckhams #5 what's greyer Victoria's meal or David's hair?

    New thread! Winning title goes to @coconochanel Recap anyone?
  4. 265

    Beckhams #4 Styles are old, the top lip is new, his hairline is borrowed, and the bride looked blue

    Welcome to #4 and well done @Sparkly23 for the winning title. Previous Thread - Recap - Billy no mates got married to a girl who couldn't be arsed to sort her...
  5. coconochanel

    Beckhams #3 What do David's hair and Victoria have in common? They're both ridiculously thin!

    new thread thanks to @MadameOvary for thread suggestion. So update for newbies... Well Jack of all trades master of none Brooklyn is now a chef working on getting his own tv series. All because he made some tomato pasta on his IG channel. Vic posted a pic of David and well lets say hes not...
  6. 265

    Beckhams #2 Nepotism is our family game; anything to sell the family name.

    Thanks to Mikesqueen for the suggestion. Continuing from the first thread, we were talking about this photo.
  7. M

    The Beckhams

    What are people's thoughts on them? I think their marriage is mostly for convenience/the brand at this point...and maybe staying together for the kids as well. There's been so many big scandals of him cheating - like Rebecca Loos and allegedly the schoolteacher a few months ago (that was...