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  1. lifeispeachy

    Amy & Co #4 Alcoholic Amy, Beige Brooke, Kriminal Kristen, Joyless Jade, Loser Leigh

    The Sydney wannabes back for round 4…. Including but not limited to; “Alcoholic Antiquated” Amy Gerard “Boring Beige” Brooke Spain (An Organized Apartment) “Klingy Kriminal” Kristin Fisher (Eyebrows) “Joyless Jaded” Jade Cottee “Lazy Loser” Leigh Campbell Link to her own thread >...
  2. lifeispeachy

    Amy Gerard #3 Drunk wannabe hoe, shire chode toes, podcast rating lows and racism that grows

    The racist bogan from the shire and other tryhard social scene climbing Sydney moms
  3. screenfreelookatme

    Amy Gerard and Co #2

    Thread #2 for Amy Gerard, Kristin Fisher, Jade Cottee, An Organised Apartment etc. Occasionally Leigh Campbell, but she has her own thread too! See previous thread for screenshots of their racist comments 🥴
  4. justjumpingonhere

    Amy “premix” Gerard and Co

    Amy, Leigh, Kristin, and all the rest.