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  1. The original derry girl

    AMPX Andy Malone #5 on the Ist October he will rise from the dead, just in time for another new tread

    New thread for the return of newrys finest, Andy Malone Suggested by me with 23 votes
  2. D

    AMPX Andy Malone #4 The drama will rise again.

    New thread with bad title cause he's been pretty quiet and drama free recently but last thread was full and with a new throll busters on it ways, we need a brand new thread for all the juicy gossip

    AMPX Andy Malone #3 Throllbusters is deleted from the grid, they called her fat tits so they did

    Well done on the winning thread title @Nora Fenn 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 Recap: So after a full week of mad Andy the throll buster threatening to out all the doirty wee throlls and reveal the big baddie who was behind The Thatttle… he failed miserably and outed the wrong person! He took a week out from...
  4. N

    AMPX Andy Malone #2 Rewire, top right, the AMPX rise is a pile of sh...

    New thread for Andy Malone aka AMPX aka TAMPAX. Does anyone want to give a recap?
  5. P

    AMPX Andy Malone - LA bound on his wee private jet, snapping the cash so we don't forget

    Here ya go, rant away! Does someone want to do a wee opening comment on our Andy?!