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  1. AngelBabes

    Alex Simpson #3 She’s incapable of doing anything without Auds (61) 🫠

    Congratulations @willawallawooh on winning the new thread title! 🏆 Spaghetti Bolognese prepared by Kie-Cooks and a bottle of Prosecco chosen by Alex will be delivered to you by Auds (61). 🍝🍾 Enjoy! 😘 Link to the previous thread beauts! 😘...
  2. W

    Alex Simpson #2 She’s sold her house, but keeping quiet as a mouse

    Well done @armyofone on the thread title. As you were… -- mod edit remember to report when starting a new thread. thanks
  3. Nellyellie

    Alex Simpson

    Literally declares NOTHING as an ad! Generally I like her but clearly thinks the rules do not apply to her 🤨