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  • Siobhan "Vonny" Leclerc, also known as Vonny Laing, Vonny Laing-Leclerc and Vonny Moyes, is a persistent attention-seeker who was previously known as a writer/columnist. She gained a platform through campaigning about Scottish independence, and frequently tried to make herself the focus of public attention - whether through her job, her heavy social media presence, selling stories to the papers, or anything else she could think of.

    She disappeared from social media in 2021 and accordingly her Tattle threads closed. But she couldn’t keep away forever, and has returned to Insta with an account for Cwfen, a metal band she performs in. What brought her back and how long will it last? Watch this space. Most evidence of her past online activity is gone as she spent almost three years away from social media, however, Tattle has plenty of receipts.

    She has been described as Scotland’s answer to Jack Monroe, and they have many similarities. They appear to have briefly been friends around 2019.


    Vonny's family is from Fife (although she's claimed other places of origin) and is Catholic. She has told many lies about her background over the years, including saying that she is of Jewish descent, that she grew up in extreme poverty, and had rich/famous ancestors. She has two sisters (known as Danielle and Devorah), who have both posted here with more tea about her. She has been estranged from most members of her family at different points in time. Vonny's sisters allege that she has been telling elaborate lies since childhood, including pretending to have various medical conditions, and may have Munchausen's Syndrome (Factitious Disorder.)

    After school, she began an undergraduate degree course in graphic design, but got pregnant and had to leave. She never returned to education and doesn't have a degree, despite a phase of trying to present herself as a qualified academic. She has four children: a teenage daughter, teenage twin sons, and a younger tween son. She has been married twice and had numerous other relationships, including multiple engagements. In 2020 she married her current husband (Dougie), who is now in Cwfen with her.

    Vonny first came to public attention in the wake of the Scottish independence referendum. Up to this point she had been doing some camming/fetish modelling, but attempted to bury the online evidence and repackage herself as a serious commentator. She gained a regular column in the National - this isn't saying much as they will hire just about anyone who can string a sentence together and is happy to express support for Scottish independence. Through this, she was able to get other writing/media work including a couple of contracts for the BBC.

    She had a heavy social media presence for years and would vocally champion a number of causes/issues (often conflicting) for attention. This led to her getting into plenty of amusing internet dramas. She also liked to sell stories about herself and her family to the press. In 2021 she quit social media, coinciding with a new job as Head of UX for a reputable company - leading Tattlers to speculate that her employer had had words about her online behaviour. She returned in 2023 as the frontwoman for Cwfen, whose official Insta account she uses for self-promotion.

    Vonny's modus operandi is to periodically adopt new identities based around some kind of personal trait or interest: a political cause, religion, health condition, hobby, aesthetic, etc. She goes all in on this for a while, complete with elaborate cosplay, and will usually try to get featured in the press talking about it and plaster it all over her social media. When that gets stale she moves on to something else, rinse and repeat. See below for a list of her various incarnations.

    The Many Faces of Vonny

    (running list! Add new ones as they appear)


    • Vonny Moyes Vonny
    • Vonny Leclerc Vonny
    • Vonny Laing-Leclerc Vonny
    • Siobhan Vonny

    • Academia Vonny
      • BFF of Dr Fern Riddel Vonny
      • Visiting Lecturer at Stirling Vonny
      • Researching media inequalities Vonny
      • Voracious reader Vonny
      • Law school Vonny
      • Academy Vonny
      • Military Expert Vonny
      • Scientist Vonny
      • Masters Vonny
      • Marginilia Vonny
      • Voracious Reader (85 books in a year) Vonny
      • Research into the history of witch trials Vonny
    • Sex Vonny
      • Torture Garden snob Vonny
      • Sex worker Vonny
      • Stalking victim Vonny
      • Revenge porn Vonny
      • Mistress Vonny (Anime-proportioned)
    • Generic Feminist Vonny
      • Body positive Vonny (hairy Vonny)
      • Nordic Model Now! Vonny
      • TERF Vonny
      • Advocate for Trans People Vonny
      • Non-binary Vonny
    • Goth Vonny
      • Tarot reader Vonny
      • Goth wedding Vonny
      • Cat Vonny
      • Graveyard Vonny
      • Moon ring Vonny
    • Religious Vonny
      • Catholic Vonny
      • Humanist Vonny
      • ‘Jewish/agnostic-with-Christian roots household’ Vonny
    • Pagan Vonny
      • Tarot reader Vonny
      • Witch trial Vonny
    • Jewish Vonny
      • Shul Vonny
      • Esther Vonny
      • Menorah Vonny
      • Challah Vonny
      • Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg Vonny
      • Hebrew blessings Vonny
    • Music Vonny
      • Acoustic Vonny
      • Riot-Girl Vonny
      • Record Contract Vonny
      • Eurovision Vonny
      • Black Metal Vonny (current incarnation)
    • Sporting Vonny
      • Cycling Vonny
      • Cycling Europe Annually Vonny
      • Lifting Vonny
      • Ballet Vonny
      • Football Vonny
      • Rollerderby Vonny a la the Hidden Lives documentary she did for BBC Scotland, which was kind of ironic for someone who posts constantly on social media.
      • Runner Vonny
    • 1950s Vonny
      • Dachshund Vonny
      • Twin set and pearls Vonny
      • Brompton Vonny
      • French speaker Vonny
      • Sobranies Vonny
    • Knowledge Worker Vonny
      • Product Design Vonny
      • Levelling Up Vonny
      • Dr Vonny
      • Award winning writer Vonny
      • BBC Vonny
      • Chef Vonny
      • Journo Vonny
      • Recovering Journo Vonny
      • Lawyer Vonny
      • Digital Vonny
      • UX Vonny
      • Kitten orthodontist/Vet Vonny
      • Forestry commission Vonny
    • Health Vonny
      • Allergy Vonny
        • Ambulance Vonny
        • Live From Hospital Vonny
      • Eating Disorder Vonny
      • ME Vonny
      • PPD Vonny
      • Autistic Vonny
      • ADHD Vonny
      • Knee Pain Vonny
      • COVID Vonny
        • COVID PTSD Vonny
        • Marie Colvin Vonny
        • Long COVID Vonny
    • Independence Vonny
      • Columnist Vonny
      • Trolled Vonny
    • Misc. Vonnys:
      • Vegan Vonny
      • Estranged Vonny
      • Poverty Vonny
      • GoFundMe scam Vonny
      • Off Grid Vonny
      • Small handwriting Vonny
      • Performative handwriting Vonny
      • Mancunian Vonny
      • Fifer Vonny
      • London Vonny
      • Whisky connoisseur Vonny
      • Anti-Racist Vonny
      • My family owned the West End Vonny
      • Communist Vonny
      • One-handed meat grinder Vonny
      • Cat Breeder/Animal Cruelty Vonny
      • Cape Wearing Vonny
      • Topless Bike Gang Vonny
      • Priced Out of Edinburgh/Air BnB Vonny
      • Glasgow Vonny
      • Schrodinger's Vonny (simultaneously going nowhere due to long COVID but honeymooning in Berlin & Prague) Vonny

    Names used

    • Siobhan Mitchell (birth name)
    • Siobhan Stewart (stepfather’s surname)
    • Siobhan Easdon (mother’s maiden name)
    • Vonny Moyes (married name #1)
    • Vonny Leclerc - she chose this name herself
    • Vonny Laing (married name #2). Not to be confused with the Asian model/actress Vonny Lang.
    • Vonny Laing-Leclerc
    • Siobhan Leclerc - name she currently uses in Cwfen and professionally as a UX designer.
    • Skltnwmn - stage name as a metal musician

    Marginalised identities Vonny has claimed

    • Jewish - see “Cosplaying as Jewish” below
    • Non-binary/trans
    • Invisible disability (auto-immune disease/long COVID)
    • Autism and ADHD
    • Wiccan/Pagan
    • Survivor of domestic abuse
    • Poor/working class

    Alleged medical conditions

    • Severe food allergies, including to chillies
    • Long COVID
    • Postpartum psychosis
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Autism
    • ADHD
    • Unspecified auto-immune disease
    • Asthma that was aggravated by long COVID
    • Raynaud's Syndrome that was aggravated by long COVID

    Tall tales

    Vonny will lie about absolutely anything, from the seemingly trivial to huge elaborate whoppers. Here are some of our favourites:
    • Reading 72 books during the first COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020.

    • Having "several degrees" including an MSc in Forestry. She doesn't have any degrees because she quit university when she got pregnant, and hasn't returned to education.

    • Losing a hand in an accident with a meat grinder. She gave this as her reason for quitting a job. Her sister worked for the same company for a while and found out what happened when people started asking after Vonny!

    • As a teenager Vonny convinced a new boyfriend that she was a decade older than her real age and was a doctor. She went so far as to buy scrubs and ask him to drive her to the local hospital for “work.”

    • Shitting the bed and projectile vomiting on a first date. She wrote a long Twitter thread about this, seemingly to one-up a guy whose story about having diarrhoea on a date had gone viral.

    • Accidentally setting her hat on fire with the menorah during Hanukkah celebrations (see “Cosplaying as Jewish” below.)

    • Vonny had just started dating a man and told him she had short-term memory loss, based on the movie 50 First Dates which she’d recently watched. She would periodically pretend to forget who he was, and unconvincingly act confused. She once started screaming at him in the middle of the night and asking why he was in her house. He quickly got fed up with this and dumped her, causing Vonny’s memory to magically return.

    • Feeding herself and four children on £20 a week. (A one-up on Jack Monroe, who famously claimed to feed herself and one child on £20 a week?)

    • Having a vocal range greater than 70% of people and so extensive it goes into the range of a tenor

    • Somehow connected to the historic Fife witch trials

    • She grew up in desperate poverty but also is from a family of wealthy landowners who profited from slave trading

    • Being a lifelong communist who wrote "Marxist analysis" of various subjects and was teaching her children communist values, leading to her son refusing to buy his girlfriend a Valentine's Day card as that was too "capitalist" for him

    • Drawing the same tarot card every day for two years


    Vonny worked with the BBC for a while as a multimedia journalist. She landed a gig on Hidden Lives, a documentary about lesser-known hobbies and cultural practices in Scotland. Normally a multimedia journalist will work on online/print content and may be given some presenting opportunities, but Vonny being asked to present something like this indicates her bosses at the BBC had confidence in her. Did her social media following and column in the National mean that they didn't take the time to check her out?

    She hosted episodes about cheerleading, female punk rockers, and roller derby - all of which involved Vonny talking about herself a lot. All three episodes used the angle that she was a proud feminist and interested in empowering other women. But some of the women who appeared on the show were not happy about her blatant self-promotion at their expense, especially the punk rock episode where a whole segment involving an all-female rock group was cut but there was still plenty of screen time for Vonny. In the roller derby episode she gave the false impression that she had been involved with the sport for a long time, which wasn't true.

    Vonny also made herself look unprofessional by tweeting photos of work meetings at the studio during her first couple of days in the job. This was during her frequent food allergies phase (see "Allergic reactions" below) and she seemed to have her allergies set off many times by the canteen food and/or takeaways she had ordered to the office. Notice this tweet and how she didn't break out in hives or a rash, just swollen lips and a line around her nose that looks like she'd been sucking on the rim of a glass?


    Cosplaying as Jewish

    Vonny professes to be Jewish and has said at different times that her mother is Jewish, that she converted, or she discovered previously unknown Ashkenazi ancestry (Tattlers suspect a dodgy DNA test told her she was 0.2% Ashkenazi or something.) Her sisters say they do not have any Jewish ancestry and that Vonny has never converted to Judaism. She is also not known as a convert or a born Jew in the Scottish Jewish community, which is small and everyone knows everyone.

    Vonny first spoke about being Jewish in tweets after a hate crime against a synagogue in the USA. She then published an article about how she was affected by antisemitism as a British Jew. In the past year, Vonny had written that she wanted a Humanist wedding and was an “atheist” raising “godless” children. One can't go from atheist to Jewish in such a short time; converting to Judaism typically takes a minimum of 18 months and can be 3-4 years or longer. She's also claimed to be pagan and a lapsed Catholic at different times.

    She has since hailed her “Judaism” at every opportunity, often treating it like cosplay - such as sharing staged photos of her wearing a kippah around Edinburgh and posing in a holiday jumper with a giant menorah on it. Also saying her husband and kids converted with her, and having them pose for photos to support her story. Of course, this is a handy deflection whenever Vonny is criticised for something - she can just say it’s antisemitic trolling. It’s fine if she wants to be part of the Jewish community (she has taken part in events with them,) or personally practises Judaism as her religion. But, since she wasn’t born Jewish and hasn’t converted, she is not a Jew and shouldn’t presume to speak for Jews.

    False hate crime report

    Vonny acquired a “moon ring” and built an entire persona around it, posting about witchcraft and advertising tarot readings. Her sister Devorah texted her, expressing concern that Vonny’s children were upset by her social media content. Devorah mentioned that the ring wasn’t even Vonny’s and belonged to their other sister Danielle - this has since become an in-joke on the threads. Vonny threw a tantrum and shared the messages on Twitter in a bid for sympathy. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to her that others would likely agree her behaviour was selfish and erratic.

    Vonny then told one of her followers that Devorah was bullying her, suggesting this was because of Borderline Personality Disorder. (Devorah does have a diagnosis of BPD, however, it doesn't cause you to bully someone.) Devorah replied, “(Vonny’s) not a Jew or a witch.” Vonny reported this tweet to the police as hate speech - giving the false impression that Devorah was a stranger harassing her online, rather than the sister referred to in the conversation. The police were prepared to take it to court, and only dropped the matter when Devorah could prove she was Vonny's sister and Vonny is indeed not Jewish.


    As with everything else in her life, Vonny misses no opportunity to use her children for attention. She has repeatedly overshared about them online and in the media, examples:
    • Using them to back up her blatant lies/latest identity, such as posing on social media lighting a menorah, or having them dress up as goths (photo cropped to hide the kids' identities.)

    • Showing her three older children's faces uncensored, despite them all being too young to consent. (See below - it appears the reason she doesn't show her youngest is at the request of his dad.) She Facetuned photos of her teenage daughter, which is not wise at an age where girls are highly prone to body image issues.

    • Repeatedly having them featured in the press for attention. One particularly nasty example was when her son, then aged 7, had an accident at home and required hospital treatment. Vonny sold the story to the Mirror and it was published, complete with a photo of the child in hospital. The article also featured photos of her other children, who had been traumatised by seeing their brother get hurt. The following week she repeated the story in a mawkish column about child death, complete with her children's names and more details about them.

    • Naming two of her children as "queer" on social media. This could make them targets for harassment/trolling and if they are indeed LGBT, they may not want to be outed publicly.

    • Sending unsolicited videos of her kids to strangers on Twitter because they didn't believe her story about her 11-year-old making a witty criticism of the Sun.

    Tattle posters who know her IRL (including her sisters, and former partners of Vonny’s exes) have alleged that:
    • Vonny’s ex let their daughter see her aunt and grandmother (from whom Vonny was estranged) on her birthday, so Vonny took him to court and tried to get his custody revoked.

    • She got into a custody dispute with the father of her youngest son after he contacted the National to ask that they not publish the child's photo or real name. The father won.

    • She has used short-term boyfriends/flings as free childcare, having them pick her children up from school and look after them for hours. These were men that Vonny didn’t know well and the kids didn’t know at all.

    • Although Vonny claims to be full time custodial parent of all four children, she isn't, and they all live with their dads. She allegedly does not see them very often, and refused to have them on weekends.

    • Two of her children appeared in a movie (confirmed by IMDB) and earned several thousand pounds. Rather than save this money for their futures, she spent it on her breast implants.

    BLM facebook group

    Vonny and her husband Dougie started an anti-racism group on Facebook in support of Black Lives Matter. When they were challenged over the fact that all the moderators were middle class white people, they quickly added some women of colour. However, the group quickly fell into in-fighting and the new moderators were driven out - all while Vonny was still the "face" of the group. She got bored and moved on to her next fad just as she does with everything else, showing how important fighting racism really is to her.

    Trolling vulnerable people

    Vonny lives in a part of Glasgow where an eccentric local “character” advertises his services as a window cleaner, and will often post fliers through the letterbox. When Vonny started receiving fliers she trolled him with various messages and bragged about it on Twitter, complete with screenshots. This was mean-spirited and not even funny, as he’s an easy target and everyone that lives in the area knows who he is.

    On another occasion she was contacted online by a clearly unwell woman who thought that Vonny might be her missing daughter. Rather than politely explain that this was a mistake, Vonny led her along and trolled her, sharing the messages on Twitter.

    #MeToo exposé

    Around the time the #MeToo movement was taking off, Vonny spent a couple of years working at universities. She said she was an academic but this clearly wasn't true, as she doesn't even have an undergraduate degree - other evidence suggested she was working in contract UX/UI roles (this is her "day job" that she still currently does.) Vonny began asking on social media for people's stories of being sexually harassed in academia - saying she was going to publish a major exposé about it. She got a big response but nothing happened and she never wrote or published it. So effectively, she collected traumatic personal stories and compromising information from a number of people on false pretences, just for attention and to build her following.

    Long COVID scrutiny

    In mid to late 2020, Vonny announced she had long COVID. Her alleged struggles with this illness were documented in detail on her social media. She said she was unable to leave her house or even get out of bed, but her social media showed she was doing many things that she should not have been able to if she were as ill as she said she was - including a long honeymoon where she travelled extensively. Danielle and Devorah both confirmed Vonny didn't have long COVID, also suggesting that she had been travelling around Scotland in breach of COVID regulations.

    Vonny was interviewed in the Atlantic about long COVID, which was then a newly discovered condition. Vonny admitted in the article that she had never been diagnosed with COVID, saying she could not get a test - this was at a time when tests were free and widely available. The article also states that Vonny first noticed COVID symptoms on March 16th, 2020 and at the time of interview she had been experiencing symptoms for 66 days, leaving her breathless and constantly exhausted. But in this video from March 31st, she evidently wasn't too tired to take part in a long livestream for Trans Day of Visibility. Or to self-promote and talk over the transgender women she was supposed to be interviewing. The stream was live on the 31st as confirmed here.

    All of this led to some backlash on her social media as commenters noticed that Vonny's story wasn't adding up. Subsequently, Laura Waddell published an article in the Scotsman about influencers who try to discredit legitimate criticism/scrutiny as trolling or bullying. Most of the article was about Jack Monroe, but Vonny was also mentioned (without naming her) in reference to the Atlantic article, suggesting that she was falsely using long COVID for sympathy.

    Vonny locked her social media accounts and went quiet for a while, seemingly because she was getting so much negative attention. When she returned, the long COVID was apparently forgotten.


    Wings Over Scotland

    Vonny was friendly with Stuart Campbell, who runs Wings Over Scotland, a well known website about Scottish politics. He and Vonny appear to have had a flirtation/fling for a while; this was long before she got with Dougie, but we don’t know if she had a partner at the time. When Vonny said her bike had been stolen, Stuart bought her an expensive, top-of-the-range replacement. But all good things must end, and at some point the two fell out. Rumour had it this was because Stuart was sexting another woman.

    In 2019, there were calls to ban Stuart from Twitter for homophobic and transphobic content, and Vonny joined in the criticism. Stuart felt she was ungrateful, and made his displeasure clear in tweets that disappeared when his account was suspended. He later called her one of “the worst people in Scotland” because she was a signatory to an open letter in support of self-ID laws.

    Revenge porn

    Vonny says she has been a victim of revenge porn, and has spoken about it in the media (of course.) This has seemingly happened twice. First, someone found out that she was a former camgirl/porn model, and outed her on Twitter with links to the sites. On the second occasion, photos from Vonny's account on a fetish website were uploaded onto a well known porn site. She posted screenshots that showed she had contacted the owners of the porn site, who offered to buy the photos from her rather than take them down. Vonny gave coy responses indicating she was open to this offer; while still telling her followers how outraged she was. The photos remained on the site so perhaps she accepted the money after all!

    On both occasions Vonny said this was revenge porn and suggested the photos were private and exes had leaked them. As the photos had all originally appeared online with her consent (either by agreeing to work for cam sites, or posting them herself) it wasn't revenge porn.

    Allergic reactions

    Vonny went through a stage where she seemed to be frequently going to hospital because of her food allergies; tweeting selfies from her hospital bed. The doctors seemingly didn’t try to stress the importance of avoiding her allergens as much as possible, nor did the regular hospital visits encourage her to be more careful. Funnily enough, this often seemed to take place when she was at work at the BBC studios - either after she had eaten in the canteen or ordered a takeaway. After the second or third such incident wouldn't you start bringing your own lunch?

    Mum's crowdfunder

    Due to a mix-up with benefits, Vonny's mother allegedly received a Universal Credit payment of only £6. According to Vonny, the DWP wouldn't help and instead just told her mother to budget. Vonny launched a crowdfunder for her mother and promoted it on her social media; it raised a total of £7,740.

    Vonny's sisters indicated on Tattle that she did not discuss the idea for a crowdfunder with them and they knew nothing about it until she had posted it and was promoting it. She did give the money to her mother, although only after others in the family asked her about it. As always, Vonny sold the story to the newspapers (it appeared in both local and national press) for attention and to make some extra money for herself. Vonny described her mother as too proud to ask for help - did she really want her daughter publicising her situation? There were also a number of comments on the fundraiser from people who were themselves on Universal Credit or could not work and were donating the last of their money, even though Vonny was in a position to help her mother herself. It's this kind of behaviour that gets her compared to Jack!


    The Academy - During her faux-academic phase, Vonny frequently referred to "the Academy", which seemingly just meant "university" or "academia."

    “Damn, that’s a CV” - Vonny claimed to have said this aloud, about her own CV (resume) when she was looking for a job.

    Did ye aye? - Stock Scottish phrase used to shut down someone who’s talking shite. Probably the best response to anything Vonny says.

    Eyepatch!Vonny - When Vonny shared photos of herself wearing an eyepatch, implying she needed it because of long COVID. (This was back in 2020, long before the “Arcturus” variant which can cause conjunctivitis.)

    Her hand grew back - Vonny reportedly once left a job and told her employer that it was because she’d lost a hand in an accident with a meat grinder (!) She visibly has both hands, so we joke that her hand grew back.

    Irn-Bru - Vonny’s X-rated pics from a fetish site were leaked elsewhere (see “Revenge porn” above), including some where she made rather … creative use of Irn-Bru.

    Scottish Jack - Vonny has many similarities to Jack Monroe and is considered Scotland’s answer to Jack.

    That moon ring is Danielle’s! - From this infamous text exchange with Devorah, which Vonny shared on her Twitter, apparently thinking she was the one in the right here.

    Topless Bicycle Gang - Led by Vonny when she was nine.

    Vintage Man - Vonny was in a relationship with a man who liked to wear rather nice vintage suits, and was prominently featured on her social media at the time. Tattlers approved of the look.

    VVitch - Vonny’s “witch/pagan” phases, so-called after the horror film The VVitch.