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  • ThisSingleMama aka Aimee Crowder-Barton aka Aimee Crowder-Pimlott(?) who knows, she seems to have more surnames than we’ve had hot dinners and has been known to choose which one she uses potentially as a means to maybe throw shade at her ex’s new fiancee! She is 37 and mother (😂 only biologically) to her daughter who is 8 - we will refer to her as H. She has an army of huns (hunions) who, bless them, appear to be rather challenged when it comes to spelling, reading and seeing what’s right in front of their flipping eyes, they argue with anyone who challenges Aimee and are, well… a bit bloody weird!

    Other aliases for Aimee: Aimless, Brainless, Catpiss, Cindersmelly, Rapulzef.

    H - her daughter
    Shirley, Twat Hat - her Mum, not actually called Shirley she just looks a bit like Shirley from Eastenders and always wears a hat
    Daddy dearest - her poor old Dad has to come and rescue Aimless often from the dreaded school run
    Her sister
    Mr D - the boyfriend she knew all of 2 minutes and met on a dating app before she introduced him to her daughter and family and the relationship seemed to last about 8 weeks, although her incessant prattling and bragging about him felt like a life sentence
    Aimee’s angels - she coined this term for her hunions
    “The Trolls” - anyone who doesn’t agree with Aimless and the people on Tattle are the worst of all, even though we don’t comment directly on her page
    Stephanie Vavron/Vag/Fanny - her online “bestie” who she met through TikTok and someone else Tattle doesn’t like (and rightly so). Total mean girl, makes underhanded comments and digs about Aimless on lives and in her videos but Aimless won’t have any of it that her bestie is actually Regina George reincarnated. Steph recently said she wasn’t going to associate herself with Aimless online because of the trolling she gets when she does. Was it really that though Steph or was you called out for being mean about your bestie 👀

    Where do we start with old catpiss Aimless? We’ll start from the beginning (grab yourself a coffee and banana - bananas help with anxiety you know) because you’re about to learn all about Aimee’s world, it is her world, do you know warra meeaan? We just merely exist here.

    HAUL you need to know
    She made her debut on TikTok in the pandemic where she mainly mimed to songs, danced and showcased her clown-like make-up. She has a a very excessive love for Disney and character clothing, dressing gowns, those stupid fluffy headbands, shopping, M&S spysee rice and anything to do with herself. She went with the persona of being a hard-working, single Mum (hence the name, duh), who doesn’t need a man and buys everything for herself. She also made a lot of references to how much she enjoys a wine 👀. She has ridiculously long hair and most of the time ridiculously long nails. As time went on she started to talk (🥱) about men and misogyny and whatever other little buzzwords she came across which helped firm her as this “independent grown arse woman” (she likes to call herself this from time to time). She spoke a lot about mental health, anxiety and panic attacks, without her advocating for this, nobody could possibly look after their own mental health or seek professional help. She also spoke a lot about her ex-husband and claimed she suffered from domestic violence. One of the most noticeable videos from the start of her account growth was one in which she told a tale about how her daughter had come home with a grazed knee but the school never called her to let her know she’d hurt herself, she was foaming about it and it seemingly was one of the first videos which didn’t get the response she usually gets in her echo chamber, a lot of people said she was being dramatic (not our Aimless 😂). Off the back of the responses came more response videos addressing the naughty people who didn’t share her point of view in her usual cocky manner. These videos seem to have now been deleted as have many of her earlier rants.
    She also worked 3 jobs (😂). Nobody is entirely sure what these 3 jobs were but she did confirm she worked for a travel company and was doing so whilst always making TikToks, she peddled JuicePlus 🙄, worked in a kids clothing store and potentially did something for her Dad who allegedly has some properties and this is the family business. She will never admit the house she lives in was gifted to her from her Dad or is her Dad’s, but she has said that she owns her house and it’s paid off and also said she used to live there with her Dad when she was a kid, so… you do the math. She is privately educated and went to grammar school, although you can’t tell, her Dad should’ve invested that money in stocks and shares. Most people with a brain in their head can see she prioritises TikTok over her child and seems to leave her to her own devices. Her house is also a tip, she’s shown dead mice her cats have brought in and had no idea how long they’ve been there, often you will see piles of shite piled up around the house and catch a glimpse of the dirt.

    The first Tattle thread & the day Tattlers quivered in their boots
    The first ever Tattle thread for Aimless was started by the ever so lovely @chubclubthug on 13th March 2022 ( it’s not linked so often gets missed. Initially the responses weren’t too bad, only the few “annoying”, “moans too much”, “not relatable” and “buys so much crap” thrown about. Well, before the thread had even made it past the first page, gobshite Aimless activated and made a video saying how disgusting it was… The biggest mistake anyone can ever make because it drew more people who had things to say about her. She had covid allegedly and was very poorly and had no appetite, she often states she struggles to eat, doesn’t eat breakfast, has no appetite and will then film herself eating large takeaways, sometimes twice in one day.

    This is where we start to see her transition from being a “voice for women”, to being the voice of people who are “bullied” #dobetter #realtalk #standuptobullies. It is very likely that these rants and her attitude is what has driven people to dislike her.

    On 7th April 2022, Aimless did a video, veryyyy smugly, to announce that someone from Women’s Aid had got in contact with her and asked her to write a piece on trolling and Tattle at their annual conference. She said many people were going to be there, including the police *emphasis on this because she was well gonna get them to come and lock us all up. At this point the thread was 7 pages deep and nobody believed a word of it, well not those with an ounce of sense. It was okay for her to sit and tell the whole internet stories of the “abuse” she suffered from her ex-husband and talk about his new partner but anyone dares write their opinion on her on a teeny part of the internet? CHOKEY FOR YOU and Womens Aid will pick up the story 🙄. Within the WA drama she goes on live and says Stevie Gerrard once made a pass at her years when she was out, allegedly they had “an encounter where things could’ve happened but they didn’t”.

    Lots of people are commenting on how much her child is left to it whilst she’s on lives and she sends her back to school on the first day with glue in her hair which she doesn’t know where it came from 😣. She also left the room and the child on a live by herself where people were talking to her. Safeguarding on point….


    She’s getting a solicitor involved over Tattle, makes reference to Caroline Flack and says she’s been to the police who said they’re coming to bang us all up for malicious communication 🙄. She also says she’s doing an interview for the radio.


    Oops, now it’s not a radio interview, it’s a documentary she’s in! Oh, wait, scrap that, it was actually for a media student. She starts going on incessantly about her Dad’s wedding, she’s an unofficial bridesmaid and it’s ALL about her!
    Nothing ever materialised from Womens Aid nor have any Tattlers been carted off by the Police to date

    Rinse, repeat, cat piss!
    There are continuous tales of crap - a feud with a neighbour which is never mentioned again, a police officer lurking around, more hauls, more spicy rice, more shovelling food down her neck, it’s very boring but our Aimless is managing to move through more threads than those who have five-fold and beyond her number of followers so that says a lot.


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