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    Nick: Prick, Alky, Rick, Prickolas, Prick Stein (when in Chef mode), Captain Prick, Cocktimus Prime, Sir Shitsalot
    Leigh: Pouty, Baldy, Baldemort, Mr Bean, Bean, Lee, Leehee, Baldilocks and the 3 Hairs, Leighvil, man child, Nana, Liabilit-Leigh
    Leigh's Parents: Mr & Mrs Walrus
    Auntie Brenda: Batty B, Batshit Brenda, Brenda Brown Teeth, and she sounds like Hilda Ogden
    Uncle Brian: Looks like one of the 7 dwarfs
    Niece 1: Monkey
    Niece 2: Masha
    Janine: Jannie, The Beast of Batley

    Nick has a hatred of cats.
    “A cat pissed on me when I was a kid and I’ve hated them ever since”
    Clearly, this cat was an excellent judge of character. If I was a cat I’d piss on Nick too.

    Nick also 'allegedly' has a reaction to dogs, as viewed in the 23/02/24 and 25/02/24 vlogs with Long forgotten 'Friend' Bob and the Disney Wives. in both instances Nick ended up with 'pink eye' due to an allergic reaction, and had nothing to do with the large quantity of hooch drunk at Bob's, nor the alcohol drunk at the Disney Wives as they waited until midnight so they could be let back into the Caravan Park again.


    Nick's Birthday is in April. The April 17th 2024 vlog treated us to a very special day giving us a glimpse into how well Nick is treated by his adoptive family.
    Tattler 'JoshAnderson' put it best in his comment below:-

    'When he was opening presents I thought. Imagine Pricks brother on his birthday. In a big mansion, plenty of friends surrounding him, handing him aftershave, and designer clothes and then going out to a Michelin-star restaurant in LA'

    'Then there is Prick being woken up by a big man-baby in a caravan getting a bag of wham bars and going for a nandos In Hull'

    Even his inlaws went 'fuck it' and gave him a Nandos and Pizza Express gift card, showing

    A. They couldn't even be arsed to find a present that wasn't next to the till at Morrisons.
    B. They truly know fuck all about Nick, what he likes / hates after 20 odd years of him stalking them.

    "Us Friends" - who's in, who's out

    Stacey Carrots, Pete Carrots - Florida residents
    Neil and Tracey - They have a DAS pass
    The Bazzas - Florida residents, a.k.a Barry Glitter and the House Band
    Lisa and Stig - DVC Members
    Vera - Lives in Florida which means top tier status, loves a drink (so gets on with Prick like a house on fire). Possibly on the naughty list for fraternizing with sheep and "us friends" without P&P
    Michael - Lives in Florida, I think he used to work for Disney. They tolerate him as he sends them gifts Inc a cookie jar and some excellent expensive books on Disney.
    Katie - as of June 2024, a new friend. Recently moved to Florida from Qatar. Husband is a pilot so, kerching. Not far from being promoted to top tier "us friend" like Stacey as she's rich.
    Sue - another new friend, used to live in NY State but now lives in Florida. Has commented a lot over the years but has only just met them. TLG reached out to her to invite her for coffee.

    Maybe on the way out:
    Hannah and Maaaaaark - Not mentioned or seen for a while after being flavor of the month
    Stacy Carrots - Not seen in their recent US vlogs, and not mentioned since Christmas 2023.
    The Disney Wives - Still hanging around, as long as their subs increase, but it's clear they don't need them anymore.

    Chris and Jen - Sussed out Nick and Leigh and dropped them
    Nicky - Lost weight, could no longer be ridiculed so got the boot.
    Charlotte - Turned up at WDW unannounced so had to go.
    Tattoo Tom - Caused jealousy issues.
    Sazzle - Manager of their sales business before it went bust.
    Jade (Girl Up North) - Shagged the husband of a z-list hun so Leigh thought she was bad for their brand.

    Sources of Income
    • YouTube.
    • Fleecing the vulnerable or plain stupid on Patreon.
    • A mystery “business” they won’t talk about.
    • Multiple rental properties
    • Selling access to shit posts via Instagram and YouTube memberships.
    • Piss poor personal greetings on the off brand Cameo app

      Patreon Earnings

    During March 2024 Leigh messed up by releasing the figures of their current Discord members, immediately revealing that their income is approx £1691.50 - £2587 + YouTube earnings

    As Youtube on average pays around £100 per 40,000 views (based on ads at start, 1x middle, 1x end) this would mean the figure per month should be hitting between £2700 - £3600, but as the boys have a habit of including around 6x adbreaks per vlog. This would more than likely be double. pushing them upwards to earnings around £3,600 - £4,500. Not bad work for sitting around. before you add £15 Cameos, paid Instagram income, and rental incomes (Which apparently earns a similar figure to patreon..)

    Favourite Foods
    Nick: Cinnamon, Apple, Ambrosia Custard, Toasted Currant Teacakes, Alcohol, Pesto, Quorn, Anything that's free, Philadelphia Cheese, sausage bagels.
    Leigh: Low-fat anything, Vegetarian, Vegan, Meat, Toasted Currant Teacakes, Space Raiders, Skinny Whips, Crayola, Flat white coffee. A cup of tea and one square of chocolate .

    Timeline of bullshit
    Before TLG Channel:

    Nick worked in IT despite having no known qualifications. This involved a range of responsibilities including him being flown out to the south of France to mend the internet on his bosses yacht (he claims). Former Top Gun instructor after completing 15 years as a pilot for BA, Virgin and Emirates. loves to give us his expert knowledge on all things aviation.
    Leigh claims to have been a Team Leader at some company which seems equally preposterous because it would require him to have a clue. He left after having a strop in a meeting with his boss and their wife where he called them c***ts and flounced out.
    They started a business together dropshipping household goods and electronic tat from China. They worked 72 hours a day for 20 years without a day off or a holiday. Despite being so busy Leigh found time to create a creepy kids channel on YouTube where he unboxed toys and coloured in drawings with his felt tip pens.

    This business was eventually looked after on a day-by-day basis by 'Sazzle' with directors Nick and Leigh turning up occasionally between holidays to see how things were operating, although later vlogs heavily imply this was more to mock her weight and dress sense rather than enhance or optimise the companies profit margins.

    Subsequently when the business was would down just under two years later, a mysterious LinkedIn review of the company was posted by an anonymous employee:

    Tired with the rat race Nick decided they needed a holiday after all so booked a caravan on a holiday park near Bridlington and they saw how the other half lived. This resulted in them buying a caravan on the park which they grandly refer to as The Westwood. This is later used as accommodation for friends and family who come to visit but aren’t allowed to sleep in the three bedroom lodge. It is later sold.

    TLG Channel:
    Leigh experienced what he calls a “life changing health scare” which actually turned out to be a minor ailment which was quickly dealt with. However this caused the boys to re-evaluate life and buy a Lodge on the same caravan park near Brid. They handed the running of their business over to Sazzle (who they would later betray and shit all over for her loyalty) so they could spend their lives going on holiday and eating toasted currants in cafes. They were so pleased with themselves that they decided to document their life of leisure on YouTube and ‘lo, The Lodge Guys channel was born. Let’s get grifting!
    The fun starts in May 2017 with their first TLG vlog “Welcome to our new lodge”. Even then at little over 5 minutes it was a slog to get through. The channel’s first year features U.K. travel, cooking, taking the piss out of Sazzle, seaside trips and family. In 2018 holidays to Paphos and Tenerife reveal troubling behaviour from Nick under the influence of alcohol. In one terrifying episode a 2cm long lizard in the hotel room sparks a display of aggression so bizarre that it has to be seen to be believed. January 2019 is the first Disney trip and after that it’s rinse and repeat with Florida trips getting more frequent and longer in a never ending chase for subscribers, patrons and cash.

    TLG Channel - Now with ADs
    Once monitisation hit the channel a severe change occurred in content post the first Disney trip to Florida. Firstly the channel adapts to content that drives subs rather than for enjoyment, with responded comments seeming to prioritise Patreon subscribers first and foremost, Instragram and Twitter acccounts being to focus more heavily on directing new viewers to their playlist, while Reddit appears to have a number of cold calling adverts pushed out into multiple gay chat channels (including teens) enticing readers to check out their content.

    The Lodge Guys Experience - The Lodge aka "Don't throw stones is Glass Houses"
    Despite what has been implied, The Lodge Guys didn't furnish the lodge. Similar to all endeavors post-purchase, they borrowed the look and adapted their lives to appear like the lifestyle they bought into.

    For those that wonder what the lodge and layout looks like fully, the manufacturer model is listed below:
    Glass House -

    Likewise, Prestige & Homeseeker Holiday Lodges Has a wonderful video if you want to a little tour to look through, should you wish to purchase you own

    A Tattler found Prick's Tripadvisor account "Lapolis80" which made for interesting reading until he deleted it.

    Character Traits

    Has a head like a nodding dog, this is becoming noticeably worse which is both troubling and aggravating in equal measure.
    If anything goes wrong with a project it’s always due to him being sent faulty goods, it’s never his fault.
    Only shares food when TLG are paying, if friends pay then it’s a meal each, usually multiple courses.
    Always claims “Oh my god I have had an absolute bargain. Should have been £500 but had it for £100” but never shows receipt. This is to throw Patrons off how much they spend.
    self-proclaimed chef, travel agent, insurance broker, seamstress, carpenter… the list is endless “jack of all trades, master of none”
    Moody, controlling, vindictive, everything he says or does is always right, never admits to any errors.
    Favourite colours are navy blue and red. Has such bad fashion sense thinks he is 17 years old and only has half his eye brows and has jowls like a basset hound. Red eyes in the cold, warmth and the heat - unsure if this as a result of heavy alcohol consumption or overuse of his Beverly Hills instant eye bag remover cream he purchases from Amazon.

    While getting on a cruise, Prick mimicked the way a disabled man was walking and when it was flagged up to them Pouty claimed it was Pricks 'happy dance' that he does when he's very excited.......funny that we've never seen it before or since that day, despite Prick getting 'giddy' about something on a daily basis!

    To add to the long list of self-proclaimed job titles, Nick claims he was once a pilot “orbiting” into airspace above Leeds/Bradford airport alongside Jet2 passenger jets (calm down Neil Armstrong) we all know that even though he claims to have held a PPL (private pilots license) in the UK the likelihood is that he was gifted a Groupon flying experience deal from Lee one Christmas to fly a one man glider over the Yorkshire dales - “to my fav buzz lightyear, I love you to infinity and beyond, from your loving Lee” read the gift card.

    A quick Google search on how to obtain a UK private pilot license will clarify that Nick would be totally incapable of achieving this given his sheer lack of intelligence and arrogant attitude, the guy doesn’t even know what burrata is and can’t pronounce chorizo without sounding a complete idiot.

    Discussion amongst tattlers regarding the alleged PPL clearly hit a nerve with Nick who was very defensive in the comments section defending his claims to have once been a pilot. Predictions remain that Nick will mysteriously produce his expired license from 1989 in a future vlog or is currently on WordArt faking a template to proudly have framed on the caravan walls.

    Thinks he’s a vegan, bracelet wearing hipster dude but is actually a middle aged bald man who dyes his little remaining hair, latest shade was an alarming auburn.
    Has ears like a Toby Jug and a chin like Baron von Greenback.
    Obsessed with “cosy”, and anything in shades of grey.
    Unhealthy interest in Loungfly bags and other Disney merch, but is never allowed to buy. However, recently in DLP he WAS given permission to buy a fug ugly one because it was £19.50.
    Tendency to pull OOT faces when contradicted by Nick during conversations, pouts and gurns endlessly at the camera for no apparent reason, cannot bear to be out of shot. Arguments result in a rolling of eyes similar to Henry from Thomas and Friends.
    Leigh also enjoys using children's colouring in books.
    He is also LAZY. If there is something to do he will find a way not to do it.
    He is also good for nothing. He doesn’t know how to do anything around the house. That includes cooking:
    He is spiteful. Most have noticed he controls the edit of the vlogs and will always TRY and make himself look better than his partner.
    Leigh is a copycat. He will jump on a trend because he saw an “influencer” doing it. Examples- scrap booking, journaling, being a minimalist, being a vegetarian, bought crocs because the big Disney wife had some.
    Leigh is incredibly vain always ensuring he has a flattering angle in the vlogs, except when he appears in other vloggers videos and doesn't have control he looks like a gormless, fat necked dope who has no awareness of the world around him.
    His vanity was best captured when he paid thousands of pounds of their Patreons money for a hair transplant which overall was a massive failure. It was later revealed he went for the cheapest option (a Lodge Guys standard) so it's no surprise he still looks bald and looks much worse than if he just shaved it all off.
    Vanity around hair is also something shared with Nick, who despite being 50 years old, has a head of dyed jet black hair, he also styles his hair like a teenager from 2003 with wet look gel. Pouty also dyes his hair very badly which makes it look like he has a brown, dirty scalp.

    They both hate any sort of criticism and actively block anybody who dares to question their bullshit across all their social media.

    Pouty thinks he is a sex symbol of some sort. Always putting his big bald face in the camera on most thumbnails and vlogs. Making weird faces.

    When they go to the store they touch EVERYTHING and buy NOTHING. And they take no care of the items, they literally throw them back down.

    They buy shirts and hoodies a size too small.

    Leigh’s Fads
    Has many short term fads that he likes to mention on most vlogs and to give a superior stance on Prick, but it’s mainly a pointless attempt at justifying his purpose in life. These tend to be trends from numerous influencers/YouTubers and are never his own ideas, which is why they last a maximum of a month at a time and then never mentioned again.

    The latest of the fads is a Fitness Watch that he loves to gloat on about but has no clue on half of the features, other than recording himself snoring (much like their viewers). Previous attempts include:

    Being a vegan, alcohol free, vegetarian, gluten free, only eating high in protein foods for his failed transplant, journaling, reading (only read half a book from Mrs Hinch, if that), Nintendo Switch/gaming, minimalist living, Pin Trading, face masks, colouring in, GeoCaching, Country music, bought a treadmill for his step count (now disappeared and returned to Amazon within the free return window).

    Loungefly bags:
    Leigh's recent hobby, also seeing to now overtake the missing treadmill, appears to be starting a collection of loungefly bags. These include:
    Ahsoka - Leigh didn't know what the character was before buying, but liked the price.
    Kylo Ren - Leighs 2nd bag which was bought to be more understated than the original to enable him to walk around day to day.

    Hello Fresh

    From time to time (since 2020) Leigh and Nick will occasionally commence promoting a week-long course of 'Hello Fresh', originally done to get sign-ups to discount their own boxes, they have eventually moved onwards to requesting an affiliate link so that they can earn a commission off every subscription sold via their promotion. Original vlogs containing Hello Fresh promotions used to be called out for missing protein (chicken, beef, etc.) and on one occasion even missing 3 whole recipes, due to a mix-up on dispatch at the vendor, putting 3x vegetarian meals in their place. Since the affiliation has occurred, any issues over the deliveries (missing items, gifts, etc) are now omitted from these promotional ads, which as a result now do not clearly show the service accurately (nb: problems can be resolved via refund - however issues are no longer shared to avoid non-subscription). Expected yield for payment around £350-400 due to current audience and view size.

    Recently The Lodge Giys have started promoting Surfshark heavily in their vlogs, alongside marketing visuals in an effort to engage their userbase to subscribe. To show transparency (as the guys will not) The lodge guys average a viewship of around 15k per video, which would yield a payment of around £350-£400 per vlog sponsorship (ref: (4) Surfshark partnership : PartneredYoutube ( )


    Occcasionally The Lodge Guys will advise they have been 'gifted' a product for review followed by some roughly made footage showcasing the item badly. These tend to fall into the following categories:-

    Gifted items where asked for a sample for the channel
    Prime example of these were the Disney wax melts from Christmas, The tattle forum made contact with the supplier in Jan to query why these products were being promoted in Jan for a xmas product, and were responded to that they had sent them over by request of Nick in November as a free sample to try for their new range. As no money was changing hands here, nor any discount or kick back was in place, these were subsequently left on the back burner until such time that the guys were desperate for a little extra footage to fill in an post Christmas vlog.

    Gifted items which haven't actually been gifted (bought and implied as such)
    These items tend to form the bulk of the Lodge guys recent acquisitions from 'sponsors' recently we've seen a subscription to hello fresh, pretended to be on the pretence of sent to promote (then linked to a self applied affiliate link to generate income). With tech items being the following:
    • Non-branded vacuum cleaner - this was heavily promoted in the last 3 months as the best thing to have ever been used by The Lodge Guys and we all should have one this instant. Link was firmly placed into the Amazon affiliate webshop at a slightly higher than normal price, compared to other listings. However vacuum has NEVER been seen again since promotion - suspected return for refund from Amazon. since Leigh went back to using the dust buster to clean the car.
    • Security camera for lodge - The next best thing since Air tags according to Nick, sent a different color than he 'requested', a clear indication he bought online from a photo, rapidly installed and promoted for 1/2 of the vlog that day. Ironically also in the Amazon affiliate store front if you also want one.
    • Shitty Shitty sat nav, this was originally implied for the van as a gifted item, before being referenced as a cheap Chinese buy on initial failure in recent vlogs.
    • The All purpose, all range, singing and dancing Outdoors mobile phone - heavily promoted 2 vlogs after tattlers noticed Leigh had been watching a LOT of Galaxy S23 videos and was starting to beg for a new mobile from nick. Suddenly low and behold a new mobile turns up at the lodge gifted by an unknown supplier for a odd offbrand outdoor camping mobile that only really had 2 differences to the cheaper unbranded android alternatives. 1. A rugged case, 2. a bigger battery. Nick subsequently went down describing every possible function of the mobile to highlight how brilliant it was, while leigh sat down near him, pulling faces and generally not paying attention, only to add the occasions 'yeah', 'oh', and the odd repeating of a sentence with the caveat of 'well it would do that' on (his usual couldn't give a shit mode, when his disinterested). supplier never really referenced, but oddly also available via the lodge guys Amazon affiliate store if you wanted one. Also never seen again afterwards. - suspected refund from Amazon
    • Nick's new CCTV / Dash cam for the Van. - Same shit different day here. Nick spends 1/2 of the vlog touting the amazing dash cam you can view from your phone remotely, that also has front, rear and internal cameras, or as we call them Van front,Van rear, and Van side people watchers. Another one of Nicks need to control habits in effect here, as he cant bear not knowing whats around him or what's going on when he's not there. You can tell he wanted this in place before the wrap occurred so he could watch the guys in the garage, but as of now he's keenly installing asap so he has another way of keeping an eye on the vehicle and people around him when he's away from the van at all times.vlog described using the code 'lodgeguys' for discount, but links to purchase were again for their Amazon affiliate Storefront so the code is invalid. Oddly enough the ones picked are also priced higher than the same camera packages and accessories than if you buy directly from the companies shop. - Suspect camera system will be kept due to the stalker levels it provides for Nick. Yet worryingly also enables the recording of young children at holiday parks and parking locations and allows for footage to be stored remotely for home viewing.. something I'm sure the campsite owners would be none too thrilled about it they clocked it.


    General Disney Overview


    All Disney snacks they pay for themselves are meticulously portioned out and shared. “It’s American sized portions” says Nick but this never seems to count if one of “us friends” is picking up the bill. Nick always does the portioning and will always be the first to taste. Eating food off the top of a garbage bin is a speciality of theirs and they look very much at home doing it. Food is rated by how big it is and how sweet it is. They are both attracted to the biggest, showiest sweet treats such as oddly coloured cakes with excessive mounds of sweet frosting. The usually tight as a gnats arse Nick will forget the budget when it comes to buying exorbitantly priced alcohol in Disney Parks.
    Outside of the parks it’s the same approach to cost cutting with meals being shared unless it’s a buffet. Here any objection to American sized portions goes out of the window and they will stuff themselves until groaning and uncomfortable. While eating they will fat shame each other, Nick can be particularly nasty when gatekeeping what Leigh and other people in their company are eating.

    Many believe that Nick uses his fictional gastric problems to obtain a DAS pass at Walt Disney World Florida. DAS is Disney’s disability access scheme, allowing them to skip the queues. This has not been proven. It is however true that they used their friend’s disabled daughter’s pass at Disneyland Paris to queue jump.
    Fast/thrill rides are filmed with the camera pointing at Nick and Leigh. Nick is guaranteed to scream** and the following phrases are used repeatedly and Leigh has to bleep out the swearing in the edit.








    ** only when he's checked himself in the viewfinder.

    Leigh loves his Disney merch but is forbidden from purchasing by Nick for cost reasons. This doesn’t stop them roaming the merch stores, picking up goods, mauling them then throwing them back after seeing the prices. Leigh would love a collection of Loungefly bags, a range usually favoured by women, and will lovingly fondle dolls, plush toys and other overpriced tat. All budgetary constraints are forgotten if Nick sees a T Shirt he likes, or anything related to home fragrance.
    Outside of the parks they will trawl International Drive for discount clothes and shoe stores. Walmart and Target feature heavily especially when in self catering accommodations.

    “Love Disney, hate paying for it” could be their motto. They rarely stay on Disney property despite coveting it. Budget hotels are the norm, Nick will exaggerate the fantastic deal he claims to have got by using his fake travel agent status. This is to appease the patrons who are paying for the holiday. All hotels chosen by Nick will be fantastic with superlatives being thrown around about the size of the room, location, price etc.
    Villas are the preferred off-site option which is why TLG cultivate friendships with Orlando residents who have holiday lets. Deals are done whereby free stays are provided in return for TLG promoting the property in their vlogs.
    They occasionally stay as “us friends” The Bazzas, a dreadful pair of British ex pats who have their own YouTube channel.
    Plans to stay with “us friends” Chris and Jen after their relocation to Wintergarden were scuppered when Chris and Jen worked out that they were being used and dropped TLG. They are no longer mentioned in vlogs.

    Below is a list of all Disney related trips that the guys have taken courtesy of Patreon funds.

    WDW Florida January 2019
    the first upload of Disney

    WDW Florida March 2019

    WDW Florida October 2019

    WDW Florida January 2020

    Includes the infamous “Disney World Monorail Crawl” video in which they meet up with florida friends and sneak in some Bombay Sapphire gin into water bottles. Nick is highly intoxicated and shouting profanities whilst out on the patio bar at the Grand Floridian hotel much to the dismay of paying guests with children sat nearby witnessing this. To add more embarrassment he tells a friend James Corden is sat inside at the bar with his wife, in turn Nick and a friend run and stumble into the bar acting like a complete drunken idiot with the camera still rolling to get a close up of this James Corden lookalike, all the while, the innocent man who is enjoying his vacation appears somewhat bewildered as to why this loud, obnoxious drunk is running up to him and shouting “it’s James Corden”. Lee who clearly monitored his alcohol consumption on this excursion and appeared slightly embarrassed by his partner’s drunken and loud behaviour, still decided to leave in this scene of his partner being an embarrassing piss head into the final edit.

    Disneyland Paris September 2021
    the very first time they visit DLP which warrants Nick to claim himself a DLP veteran…

    Disneyland Paris November 2021

    WDW Florida December 21 - January 22

    WDW Florida April 2022

    Disneyland Paris July 2022

    Disneyland California
    (US road trip) 2023
    This US road trip needs a subheading of its own…

    WDW Florida (NY to Florida trip) March/April 2023
    The first trip back to Florida following the passing of Gail (RIP) and the beginning of witnessing Nick piss his inheritance up the wall.

    Met up with the bazzas in NYC. Road trip down to Florida with stops along the way in Washington DC and Charleston.

    While in Florida, Lord and Lady Carrots (Stacey and Pete) take them on a soul searching adventure and to lay flowers in memory of Gail - the Sarasota Drum Circle, where Nick dances and chants around a fire on the beach and takes a sunset dip in the sea with Stacey, almost like he’s being baptised and reborn as a new and better man (at least that was what Lee was hoping for)

    WDW Florida September 2023

    Disneyland Paris October/November 2023

    Travelled by car via the euro tunnel along with Janine and nieces monkey and masha. The journey looked horrendous, especially for poor Janine who was squashed in the middle of the back seats between kids, cases and Nicks copious amounts of cheap booze he had smuggled over the channel and back to the lodge.

    They stayed in a nearby Airbnb and obviously bagged the master suite and left Janine on the sofa bed (again)!

    Disneyland Paris February 2024
    The most recent trip where they are joined by new friends Neil and Tracey and the Disney wives. Self-proclaimed Disney expert and veteran Nick is proudly acting as a tour guide for all, as clearly only he knows best. Conveniently for the guys, Neil and Tracey have access to a DAS pass via their daughter who is also joining them on the trip - this often benefits the guys as we know they don’t like to wait in line for rides and like to tag onto the perks that come with having a DAS pass.

    Florida (We're not going to DIsney) Disney / Universal June 2024
    Overeager and desperate to leave for Florida 48hr before their flight, Nick and Leigh continue their subterfuge by booking a night at the Raddison before their flight, before decreeing "We've received a free upgrade cos we just signed up for VIP, and we're recognised and famous, aren't we great!, and its not cos the Disney wives booked a Lounge and I can't handle not being best at everything".

    Well no actually.

    As Maleficent50 found out when they emailed Radisson directly, quoting their names and date book:
    "So radisson Blu replied. You don’t get upgraded to VIP on one or two visits it’s 30. If you are collecting points and are in the loyalty scheme you can ask about uogrades for that particular stay on check in. But nope they definitely didn’t get upgraded directly to VIP having just one booking completed and one booked in September. But we already know they lied. They likely asked price of upgrade on check in and paid it. And I referenced their names and channel in my email because I’m a spiteful bitch 😎"

    The Florida meet up originally coaxed in the Disney Wives, twisting their arm to cancel their 2 week Turkey trip for a 1 Week trip to Florida, but was primarily booked around Jan/Feb when themepark Bazza started dropping hints toTLG about his new pool, special room for the couple, and 'New affluent US friends'. seems FOMO and the chance to replace a hastly disappearing Stacycarrots caused them to book. After all, it's not like they spent over £37k on a van for a European vacation or something is it?

    Van Build
    Started in the middle of 2023 The Van Build series has been one of controversy since its inception. originally promoted as a unique design created by Nick 'off the top of his head', it was later identified to be a duplicate of an existing van build listed below:

    Instagram - Vanpuravida - Design 'Henry'

    Cost of conversion: - Just over £37200
    Nick revised price based on the idea they didn't need furnishings, electronics, a repaired engine, fixing leaks, re-sealing windows, aircon etc. £21,000
    Reg - 05 plate VW Crafter, now hidden with 'personalised number plate.

    Faults during the vans conversion have been as follows:
    • Condensation forming on roof (particularly within drivers area)
    • Leaking shower area
      • Original due to Nick cutting pipe within corner fitting the show tray
      • Caused by poor fitting of shower door requiring modification and resealing to original design
    • Leaking Kitchen Window - requiring reseal
      Leaking Rear Windows - requiring reseal
      Leaking Ventalation in roof - requiring reseal
    • Ventalation fan inop - due to Nick cutting wire during installation, sent back to Amazon as faulty product.
    • Sliding Bed design wont 'slide' - additional supports removed to rectify, raising questions onto its max supporting weight
    • Rear Curtains - pestered to be created by Leigh's mum, when installed in cab, Nick hated them for being 'too starchy' despite buying them because they 'were cheap'.
    • Secret door - A clearly visible door from both sides, thanks to poor cutting and visible lock. Unknown use, accordingly to Nick it's for easy access in case of robbers, despite there being a full 2 seater van seat in the way that cannot be moved forward. Only use at present enable access to space left above cab for storage, despite storage area not being fully supported to retain weight.
    • Battery(Van) constant issue with drainage, presently not fixed but requires jumpstarting after extended periods of being left in storage (above 3 days)
      Battery(Li-ion van electrics) on original electrics test, air fryer was used to 'make toast'. Test resulted in 90% use of battery capacity to toast 1x bagel.
    • Projector - techincally nothing wrong with system. Just Nick hated it after purchase as it 'was not bright enough' despite it being perfectly visible in van. Issue regarding projecting over SLATED PANELS ignored because that didn't effect the picture quality as much as a negligible difference in brightness.
    • Toilet - restricted access in current position to enable both use and cleaning.
    • Water Tank - originally fitted with no sensor to gauge capacity, retrospectively added later with unnecessary frustration due to limited work space to enable fitting.
    Issues still not resolved
    • Suspect overweight issue - Due to amount of wood + additional fitting added to van during process, later vlogs have been carefully monitoring down to the lb each additional piece of weight added to the van, creating concern that the weight limits are close to max / presently exceeding capacity. Last Weighbridge check was 3 months ago prior to internal fixtures and half of the problems above being resolved with additional wood / CT1.
    • Condensation - while cab condensation has been resolved by 'adding more foam' there is an inappropraite level of ventilation within shower area which may see later problems behind panels.
    • TV bracket and installation
    • Waste tank capacity monitor - currently the van has a 100ltr fresh water tank installed, with a 20ltr waste tank with outlet on side of tank + cler pipe fitting leading upwards into vehicle. Presently no way to confirm how much water is in waste tank until pipes back up. First to fill will be shower followed by sink.
    • Battery(van) - requires full replacement to a like-for-like model with high amp. Will most likely be replacest with cheapest Halfords alternative.
    • Deadlocks.

    Van is to be wrapped in a metallic grey film wrap, in an effort to hide the multiple scratches created during the conversion, while also looking less inconspicuous on the road when they park up, because the lodge guys are scared someones going to break in during the night and hurt them!

    Nick has been extremely cagey regarding van security, only citing that van has standard locks as well as the secret door, and they will be fitting a deadlock to the side. There will be other secret additions to increase security, but these are not mentioned on vlog to ensure security is not compromised.
    As a result, this additional security could range from a simple chain lock, to hidden cameras, to a simple 'Don't break in, cos we're ard!' sign.

    Weight issues
    The van is constantly being weighted for the smallest things (plants, etc.) which has given many tattlers food for thought that the van is close to, or indeed exceeding the 3.5t max weight limit. Vehicle was last weighed in Oct before much of the interior fixtures were completed which only had an allowance of around 350kg left at the time with a half-full fuel and water tank.

    Highly likely this vehicle will be over capacity which is why Nick is avoiding putting it on the road until he absolutely has to, right down to changing the wheels to alloys in an effort to reduce weight.

    The Lodge Guys European Vacation
    Announced back in November 2023 (although hinted to earlier) Nick's goal with the van is to take is over to Europe, starting around Norway and traveling south via Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, etc. visiting top tourist areas and taking in culture, local foods and making videos of the beautiful locations. All while living and sleeping in their newly self-converted VW Crafter van 'Taylor', named after 'Taylor Swift'.
    The reality expected is that both Guys will be hopping from campsite to campsite, rarely using their onboard bathroom facilities due to earlier plumbing problems (see Van Build), mostly eating out with priority taken to more English / Indian restaurants, due to xenophobia of foreign cultures.

    Prick and Poutys European Vacation. I bet Chevy Chase is quaking in his boots


    Anyone is fair game when it comes to content. Their nieces Monkey and Masha are protected by the use of nicknames but are shown on vlogs relentlessly without any apparent concern for their privacy from mother Jannie. Jannie herself started a channel featuring the girls with a channel name that could be misconstrued as adult entertainment.
    Batty Brenda was exploited for years across multiple vlog series until she realised what was going on and refused to take part.
    Nick’s brother Simon refuses to be used as content in vlogs as did ex-friend Chris.
    Friendships are cultivated with people who are likely to offer advantages to TLG, especially free holiday lodgings and DAS passes. Floridian resident's friends are at the top of the hierarchy of friends.
    Patreon members are expertly groomed with those paying for the higher tiers being given extra special attention. Membership appears to attract people with vulnerabilities.

    Staged Drama
    The Lodge Guys have become infamous for Staging situations in upcoming video content to create 'drama'. Below are a sample of recent attempts to create interesting situations with the goal up upping traffic to vlogs.

    Stacy Carrots - Staged Trapped on Train
    Chrismas Day vlogs were a promoted 2-vlog special with trailers indicating that the guys suffered an incident where they 'accidentally' got trapped on the train alongside Stacy Carrots during her return journey, forcing them to take a trip to London, where they informed the rail company and were able to come back free on a returning train. Vlogs featured a 20-second dash at London between trains. All the situation was identified as false due to a number of discrepancies, not including station platform access to non-ticketed individuals, discrepancies over the amount of bags reportedly carried, the sudden availability of seats on a London bound train, where potentially seats would've been prebooked, yet they didn't sit near to Stacy, etc.​

    New Years Eve Staged Countdown
    Nick and Leigh Celebrated New Year's Eve 2023 with a vlog at the lodge featuring the Disney Wives all sat in their apartment awaiting the midnight countdown to the new year, Plenty of alcohol drinking ensued. Discrepancies occurred during 'Countdown' where Nick complained of needing to be up early to cook breakfast and wouldn't make the new year despite only 5 minutes remaining on the countdown clock. During the fireworks celebration at midnight, the TV played an advert during the fireworks which Leigh quickly skipped alerting Tattlers to dig deeper into the footage.​
    It was quickly identified shortly after that TV footage was indeed coming from a private video on a YouTube channel that had been monitised without them checking prior, while others noticed the clock on the shelves to the right of the room indicated the correct time to be 20:00 when the footage was recorded. Highlighting the whole evening had been staged purely to hide the fact that a significant amount of alcohol was about to be consumed off-camera. Indeed follow-up footage showed two very hungover guys blaming the late night for their sluggishness, however, the red-eyes, dehydration, and slurring of words indicated otherwise.​

    Around Jan 20th 2024 a weekly vlog video entitled 'Nick's new side Hustle - West Yorkshire Exploring and Walks' contained a low audio snippet at 27:40 where Leigh described the chicken purchased for their curry as 'disgusting' and 'What do you expect from a manky p*ki shop'. While initially hard to hear due to audio focused on Nick, many tattlers enhanced the volume to identify the words, until it was indicated that playing at 0.5 speed enabled the words to be clearly heard within the background.

    As of time of writing, neither Nick or Leigh have acknowledged the incident, choosing to brush over the inherent racism with the vlog, which up until that point had been previously alluded to.

    Double Dipping a.k.a “Gravygate”
    Christmas at the lodge 2023. The usual depressing collection of frozen food from discount retailers has been acquired including a jar of Bisto Best beef gravy.
    Just before the festivities the boys go for one of their many restaurant lunches (paid for by Patreon) and Nick experiences some roast potatoes topped with what he claims is the best gravy he’s ever tasted. It’s beef gravy and appears to have been made with the juices from a roast because it contains tiny morsels of roast beef. This blows Nick’s mind and he vows to replicate it for Christmas Dinner.
    On the big day he does this by tipping a can of cheap stewing meat into his gravy recipe which contains many random and unnecessary ingredients. The family are summoned to taste it and despite being terrified of Nick everyone agrees it hasn’t really worked. Even Nick concedes that it’s rank. The Bisto comes out and Gravy v2.0 is stirred up to universal approval. Putting the bizarre notion of dropping a tin of stewing meat into gravy and the idea of eating this with turkey aside, the most contentious part of the affair was the family tasting the gravy one after the other with the same spoon. This of course included Leigh, a supposed clean freak who wipes down his aeroplane seat with disinfectant wipes and who suffers from oral herpes.
    This caused quite a kickback from viewers who were dismissed as “snowflakes” by Nick.

    Nick claims to have IBS - cheese, bread and packet smash potato all trigger his symptoms however this does not stop him from consuming copious amounts of those food items. He has been known to make pasta in a 6 cheese sauce (boursin, cheddar, parmesan, cream cheese, more boursin, dairylea) despite it being a trigger but then claim the basil leaf on top has flared his IBS. He will take digestive enzymes from Amazon to ease his IBS symptoms but only if they’re gifted to him.
    Nick also claims to have Asthma, apparently, carries his inhaler everywhere with him, once, allegedly stopped at airport security and the offending item was hi inhaler ... the inhaler itself, has yet to make an appearance, it's never been used in any vlog so never been seen!!

    Both claim to suffer from social anxiety and will run a mile from busy shops and markets but being in an overly busy and chaotic Disney theme park is a coping mechanism for their anxiety as it’s “a different type of busy”.

    Both display symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder, Nick more so than Leigh which probably requires a formal diagnosis.

    Lee suffers from oral herpes.

    Lee has self proclaimed problems with his back which required an MRI scan, there’s no formal diagnosis for his back complaints therefore the likelihood is that he was faking his symptoms and rushing an MRI scan to gain a DAS pass in time for an upcoming trip to Florida.

    They didn't go to the girls ( Monkey & Mashas ) dad's funeral.

    The Lodge Guys Memes
    Some absolute genius created these memes on Instagram but TLG had them taken downIncident footage