The Kearns Truth Revealed

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    Background TL;DR version
    Brad and Sarah Kearns, also known as DadMum and Mrs DadMum, live on the central coast of NSW with their three children Knox, Finn and Teddy.​
    DadMum first went viral when Sarah was admitted to hospital shortly after Finn’s birth. Brad had to “be the mum” and look after their two children, and wrote a post detailing how difficult that was.​
    Brad likes to share posts in which he shows how supportive he is to his wife but is actually just a fishing expedition for sad women to prop up his frighteningly fragile ego.​
    Sarah likes to share posts that tell us all what an amazing mother she is.​
    Their niche “humour” is to make cute jokes about how horrible it is to live with each other. Except it’s never funny or cute and usually includes a veiled reference to domestic violence​
    Bullying (with receipts) (newest to oldest)
    Brad half asses the washing, lashes out at follower -
    Brad and Sarah threaten to expose the home address and phone number of an influencer that called them out on their problematic behaviour. Said influencer is a single parent, living alone with their child. They also made mention of the influencer's mother that had nothing to do with the incident. Sarah was still working for NSW Police when this incident occurred.​
    Past Actions and Problematic Behaviours
    Brad frequently adopts African American vernacular English (AAVE) in his writing.​
    Brad is also a fan of the derogatory F slur. (screengrab or link to be attached)​
    A list of things that never happened
    Brad - King of Aged Care and all the other times he has been the best at everything.
    Previous employment includes: Police force (for about 5 minutes) Defence force (for about 5 minutes), gym trainer of some sort? And most recently working in the head office of an aged care provider for a couple of years which now makes him about as qualified in the sector as a geriatrician. He quit that job in 2021 to start his own business called CareData. That business never got off the ground. Until, in 2022 he suddenly had a desperate and furious hard on for the woes of the aged care sector and he asked his followers to fill out a dinky survey about how terrible it all was, tried to hock it off to the Labor party and then used that dodgy data to try and start a new nursing agency?
    List of Missing Pets
    Bobley #1 - adopted date? Whereabouts unknown.​
    Bobley #2 - adopted date??? Given away to Brad’s nephew December 2022. Brad’s mum watched Bobley 2 and Loki while the Kearns were on holiday. Bobley never came home.​
    Pets that haven’t gone missing…yet
    Loki - Brad’s very expensive pet macaw. Has a habit of flying off down the street.​
    Lulu - highly favoured cavoodle. Lulu supposedly drags her bed into the boys' room at night but we have never actually seen video evidence her doing this. Sarah is probably still training her to do it. If it is, in fact, Lulu we don't blame her for seeking the comfort of the boys. She probably sleeps with one eye open, knowing that at any moment she could end up with the same fate as Bobley 2.​
    Sarah once used the hashtag "we don't deserve dogs" and she was right. Sarah and Brad do not deserve dogs.​
    Domestic Violence
    Despite Sarah and Brad being former police officers, they both make frequent “jokes” about domestic violence. Attach receipts.​
    Former Friends
    Sarah W Tribe​
    Lauren Dubois​
    Jimmy and Tori Rees​
    Mel Watts​
    Sarah and Brad are better parents than everyone and every challenge with their children is an opportunity to highlight how great they are at parenting.

    Knox loves pink and it is now his entire personality but that’s ok because they will allow him to like pink and have shoulder length hair because they are progressive and supportive parenting #goals.

    Finn is anxious so needed a bigger boat and they bought him that damn boat because if there is a problem they just buy a new thing and it’s fixed. He’s also very tough and aggressive and boy like, so not that anxious actually but definitely different to Knoxy.

    Teddy doesn’t sleep but Sarah sees you as she holds his hand all night long because she cannot attend to her child at night without sharing that online so you all know she’s more loving and patient than you are.

    Teddy also doesn't like to go to day-care and he kicks up a big fuss when Sarah or Brad drop him off. So they encourage/reward his behaviour by taking him to the shops to buy more endless crap to donate to landfill. The cycle continues every week, with Sarah making a number of excuses to justify her inability to establish boundaries and build resiliency in her child. It's almost like she WANTS them to be dependent on her.

    But don’t forget the third parent - the screens.

    And then the fourth parent - endless new plastic junk

    Apparent Coeliac Diagnosis
    After a weekend away for her 40th 30th birthday, Sarah apparently sees her “GP” on March 10 to discuss symptoms including brain fog and a rash on her legs. The GP allegedly says Sarah is gluten intolerant. Sarah specifically says she is not coeliac. Sarah says that people should try going gluten free for a few weeks to see how they feel and that people should talk to their doctor or naturopath.

    Three weeks later on 1 April, after not eating gluten for that period, Sarah claims that she is actually coeliac, but she will not be discussing it.

    A coeliac diagnosis is a lengthy process, which involves eating a full gluten diet prior to diagnosis. Sarah’s timeline is not consistent with a formal coeliac diagnosis and her refusal to discuss it casts a lot of doubt. Sarah has, of course, continued to leverage this “diagnosis” for content at every opportunity.



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