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    About Deni

    Name: Ratko Denis "Deni" Todorovic

    Pronouns: he/they (as of August 2023)

    Born: Who knows. He says he's 35 (DOB 1 April 1988) but other sources have said otherwise.

    Lives: Brunswick, allegedly ✨moving to Sydney✨ (August 2023), seeking a Jewish real estate agent to organise a 2 week turnaround of purchasing a house. Doesnt have a place to live. Going to survive off vibes (aka MummaMaca's spare room) in Geelong.

    Confirmed Instagram accounts
    @metalmanolo* (deleted within 24 hours of creation)
    *these two accounts were created within 12 hours of each.

    Instagram accounts suspected of being controlled by Deni

    Sock Puppet Instagram Accounts

    Instagram accounts suspected of being Deni’s sock puppets
    It's believed these accounts are being used in an attempt to publicly "bully" Deni, and that they may in fact be run by Deni himself in an attempt to prove people are "coming after him". Deni has previously said they will get revenge on Tattle in a classy way that Tattle won’t suspect is coming. These accounts are suspected of being part of the revenge. The use some of the Tattletarts lexicon in either the name or title.

    It is suspected that Deni operates the following accounts:
    @vvvvforvendenitta_ (Also note that this play on V for Vendetta includes the name Deni.)

    The password resets for several of these accounts allegedly shared phone numbers and email addresses with Deni's official accounts (see here for beginning of this discussion in the thread)
    Note that we DO NOT condone doxxing and will never publicly share any private information that is not easily and publicly already available, usually shared on instagram by deni themself) and Deni's publicly available email addresses.
    (Image from this post to be updated later)

    Interactions with suspected sock puppet accounts:
    • On 10 August 2023 it was uncovered that the @vvvvforvendenita_ account sent an unsolicited pornographic image to Insta account @justiceforTLM, assumed intent is making it look like it came from alleged "storage cage theft" (see Controversies below for more on this). @justiceforTLM has been very clear they will NOT participate in this behaviour and this incident may have been reported to police by others.
    • @mazalpadam sent a DM to justiceforTLM saying that Deni is about to have a sex tape released that will go viral and claimed it is "not very Jewish".
    • The ✨Ari Smith✨Instagram
    This account has had multiple names and has been used to send anti-Deni messages to Deni’s allies or post on Deni’s accounts. The account is now private but prior to being private it showed that it only followed and was followed by Maca and Deni.​


    (the list is long, dolls):

    Missing money from TLM fundraiser

    It is alleged that Deni is withholding approx. $21,000 of funds raised for trans and LGBTIQA+ charities, and will not respond to questions regarding where the missing money is.
    • In April 2023 Deni decided to hold a Trans Lives Matter (TLM) fundraiser to raise money to support Trans and NB folk (known henceforth as the TLM event). This money was to be raised via multiple channels. An online entertainment night with the help of stars such as Samantha Jade, Kween Kong, and our uber famous Deni. This was a live stream and being charged at 60AUD for live and then 20AUD to watch it after the event occured. More info here
    • A second, and most notable part of the fundraiser was the sale of Trans Lives Matter tshirts ("TLM shirts")- see here for original info straight from the horse's mouth. These were sold at 40AUD per item not including postage. According to some online sources Deni raised 21,000AUD and agreed to match the dollar amount so 4 separate Trans and Queer charities would get a "decent" donation.
    • To our knowledge, none of these charities have yet received the donations pledged to them. ACON has confirmed the approx. $5000 owed to them was never tranferred.
    • Queer POC involved in the event were promised payment. We have confirmation from one of the individuals involved that they were never paid.
    By Deni's own claims in writing all over his social media pages, he was to let everyone know when the donations were made. By 3rd of Aug 2023, there is absolutely no sign of the donations being made and we have heard from multiple places (including Deni) that majority of the people who purchased the tshirts have not gotten theirs yet... (TBC when we have time)

    SA (Trigger Warning)

    TRIGGER WARNING for below content.
    It is alleged that Deni may have falsified claims of a s*x**l assault. Timeline as follows:
    • On 13 July 2023 Deni posts a story about how Uber and 13 Cabs are homophobic and transphobic after calling 13 Cabs and asking for a ‘queer friendly’ driver. Chosen family pick Deni up so that they can go dancing.
    • 14 July 2023 sometime before 6am Deni posts two posts:
    1. A FaceTime picture where Deni had FaceTimed Maca (their mother) to show her a performer on stage.​
    2. A photo of the back of a taxi driving off, Deni alleged the driver was homophobic/trans phobic.​
    • Some time following this, Deni posts that they had been SA’d, asks for privacy at this time.
    • In the early hours of the evening on 14 July Deni releases a statement indicating that they had their drinks spiked 4 guys in the bathroom of a Melbourne nightclub, 3 of which had "straight daddy vibes" and 1 "Middle Eastern guy". Deni indicated that there is an "epidemic" of gangs of straight men SA’ing queer people in Melbourne. Deni implicated several local clubs and business in the failure to either intervene or render assistance to Deni in the aftermath. ( was the AFP involved at this point) ( when did the story change) ( we also need to add Deni’s identification of the taxi driver but not add in the taxi drivers details)

    Rebel Swift (abandoned adopted greyhound)

    • Deni adopted a beautiful rescue greyhound on 22nd June 2023. He proved to be a terrible dog owner and gave her back to the lost dogs home within a few weeks, after using her to take some photos and general instagram engagement.
    • Claimed they adopted Rebel for their mental health and had always wanted a dog. Deni was subsequently observed punishing Rebel by locking her outside on freezing winter days with no coat, feeding her raw mince meat straight on the carpet, constantly leaving her with his neighbours while he went between Sydney and Geelong (she was at his Brunswick apartment), and yelling at her for crying in the background while locked on the balcony during his livestreams. Refused to get her a coat for outside until someone purchased one for her.
    • Rebel was MIA for a while, Deni refused to answer questions regarding her whereabouts.
    • Tattlers spotted Rebel back up for adoption online under the new name of "Rebecca". It is confirmed Rebel is now rehomed in her loving, forever home (NOT with Deni).

    Fashion Week 2023

    Add writeup of the 2023 FW shenanigans here

    Alleged perpetration of DV against ex partner (trigger warning)

    TRIGGER WARNING for below content.
    Add info on AVO and allegations etc. here, and turning the occassion into a fashion moment.

    Draft timeline for Wiki
    Saturday 1 April 2023: TLM Streaming Fundraiser including sale of TLM t-shirts. The artist and model (on the Hello Darlings website of the TLM shirts is later announced as Deni’s current partner.

    Saturday 15 April 2023: Deni announces on @stylebydeni account that they are dating Mitchell Latham, a 23-year-old artist from Sydney that Deni met at World Pride

    Friday 28 April 2023: Deni splits from manager Pru Corrigan and announces on @stylebydeni

    Saturday May 6 2023: Deni announces on @stylebydeni that they are going to Paris to heal. They post a reel with shots of their mother driving them ‘to the airport’, and also old footage from a previous flight with a written post stating there are going to Paris.

    Week 9-11 May 2023: Deni is back posting on Instagram from Naarm apartment. Stated Paris trip was a ‘state of mind’. Shares emails to Instagram from both their publisher, Pantera Press, and brand partner, Bonds, and threatens to expose them. Deni was due to attend the Brisbane Writer’s Festival on behalf of Pantera Press (for their book Love This For You) the week of 9-11 May however this appearance was cancelled as representative assumed Deni had flown to Europe due to aforementioned Instagram post.

    Friday 12 May 2023: Deni’s main account @stylebydeni is removed from them. They create another Instagram account @ratkodenistodorovic and make claims that their previous manager, Pru Corrigan, stole their money and that her husband is a racist.

    5-19 May 2023: Deni heads to Sydney for Australian Fashion week. There are a number of Daily Mail articles that document their behaviour over the week, but some highlights are:

    -Abusing Jetstar staff enroute to Sydney when asked to pay for extra baggage
    - manic Fashion Flippa live with ‘dead body/chosen family/random rich lady he used to serve at Witchery’ Mel ‘wealth whispers’ Stratton. During the live Deni yells at potential customers for daring to question why he is trying on items with no underwear on. Also admits to doing meth (video available)
    -Trying to gate-cash a Nadia Bartel’s Henne fashion show and throw a bag of flour at the event while wearing a carefully selected Coca Cola hoodie, open slit skirt with his famous ‘sauseeg’ bulge on display through tighty whities
    -Flashing two journalists and yelling profanities at them
    -Tried to kiss a young guy in a changeroom during a chaotic live
    -This is also the week where Deni committed DV against his now ex-partner Mitchell
    -Implied s@icide attempt

    Approx. 19 May 2023 to 16 June 2023: Deni takes a four week social media hiatus. It is implied that this is due to an attempted suicide at the end of FW.

    Thursday 16 June 2023: Deni returns to @stylebydeni and posts an ‘apology’. This seemed really hopeful, but the proceeding behaviour completing cancelled out this apology. Also on the same day, Deni makes a post that they have converted to Judaism and starts appropriating the religion by claiming to be practicing Shabbat.

    Wednesday 22 June 2023: Deni announces that they have adopted a greyhound (ex-racing dog) called Rebel from North Melbourne (Naarm) Lost Dog’s Home

    Wednesday 23 June 2023: Deni posts in support of Dolce & Gabbana (a brand notoriously homophobic) and encourages their followers to give the brand a second chance.

    Thursday 24 June 2023: Deni posts a story to @stylebydeni stating that they locked their dog out on the balcony for an hour as punishment. Also, rejects the advice from followers trying to educate them on care for a dog/greyhound.

    24 June 2023: Deni discovers libraries. This immediately gives him an heir of intellectual superiority over all, and he proceeds to yell at anyone who questions him to ‘ReAD a BOoK, DoLl!!’

    Approx. 24 June 2023: the husband of Deni’s deceased ex-partner comments on Deni’s @hellodarlingsmedia account, asking him to stop publicly using T’s name and image. Also stating T died hating Deni for making false claims about DV in an email and ultimately in his ‘book/rambling stream of self-absorbed consciousness sandwiched stuffed in a green cover’ Love This For You.

    26 June 2023: Deni announces he is applying for tertiary education programs. These include a Masters of Fashion (Entrepreneurship), Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours), Certificate IV in Custom-Made Footwear. He has such limited knowledge of the tertiary system, that he happily tells his audience that he is applying for a Masters (post-graduate) despite NEVER GOING TO UNI BEFORE. Also decides to rip off Kylie Minogue’s latest (ruined by Deni) bop Padam Padam for their fashion label.

    Approx. 26 June 2023: Deni posts a story stating to be a number of different ethnicities including ‘holocaust’? This is the same day that Deni posted a live of Rebel locked out on the freezing shit caked balcony whimpering to come inside, while he asked is 3 viewers whether to wear his heals with or without socks. This is the same live that the ‘T engagement ring’ narrative occurred, something Deni has ‘never told anyone before’, likely because it’s a straight up lie.

    Thursday 29 June 2023: Deni announces a tiered subscription service on Instagram from their @stylebydeni account. This was never followed through and people paid money. I don’t have evidence for this, but during this time Deni was staying in Geelong and when followers asked where Rebel was he responded with ‘she’s just a dog’
    During this whole period, Deni was also running another Instagram account @thefashionflippa where they sold their second-hand designer items. This is a whole timeline in itself, but a lot of the items ‘sold’ were seen worn by Deni in weeks following the sale. There is evidence that people did not receive the items they paid for

    Sunday July 2 2023: Deni posts about buying a $2425 dress on a trip to Sydney (no explanation of who is looking after Rebel, blocks anyone who asks). It is also a fair assumption that this dress was funded by TLM/Flippa mullah.

    Monday 3 July 2023: Deni goes to court for the AVO against ex-partner ML. Does a ‘fashion show’, states court can ve ‘chic’ poses for photos and press interviews out the front of the courthouse. Also posts a screenshot of their current phone wallpaper - icon/Bestie/spirit animal Kimmy K pictured during her court appearance #goals

    Saturday 8 July 2023: Deni makes a statement on their @hellodarlingsmedia Instagram account that remaining undelivered t-shirts would be the priority and sent out to customers that same month

    12 July 2023: In a reel featuring Deni crying tears of pure joy, he announces that at specifically ‘11:11 on a Monday’ that he has been accepted into the prestigious program ‘Cobbler University’ (aka Cert IV in making shoes)

    Friday 14 July 2023: Deni posted that they were raped on Smith Street/at Sircuit on Thursday evening (13/7)

    Sunday 16 July 2023: Deni changes key details of their allegations of sexual assault in updated posts (previous post claiming four male perpetrators is deleted). Deni also does an interview for the Herald Sun stating that he is not going to have the assault investigated because ‘why bother’ and doesn’t want to relive the trauma, while simultaneously reliving it by doing multiple media interviews.

    Wednesday July 19 2023: Aysha Buffet calls Deni out on her stories. Deni responds. Milo Hartill also called Deni out. The same day Deni makes a Jewish slur on their stories about his ‘Jewish nose’

    Also approx. 19 July 2023: Deni terrorises Centrelink, telling a female employee to ‘suck (his) dick’ for not just giving him free money. Assumably, the stolen TLM and Flippa funds have run out, not to mentioned the $800k from last year

    Thursday 20 July 2023: @chefmissjay shares stories regarding Deni’s SA allegation. This includes a witness statement the famous ‘Emily in Paris’ LB boots broke on the Sircuit dance floor, not during the attack as Deni claimed in an Insta post.

    Also Thursday 20 July: The Rainbow House saga. Following the criticism from members of the community, Deni announces another social media hiatus, which includes an update on the TLM merch.

    List of claimed languages that Deni speaks:

    thanks Followtheleader for the transcript
    1. Romanian (gypsy dialect)
    2. Yugoslav (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian)
    3. German (lived in Germany, Switzerland for 9 months as a child)
    4. English
    5. French
    6. Learning Italian
    7. Turkish (very familiar with)
    8. Greek (very familiar with)
    9. Learning Arabic
    10. Learning ASL
    11. Braille (because his brother is legally blind)
    12. Learning Yiddish - most of his family speak/write German
    13. Broken Portuguese cos they dated a Portuguese person
    14. Basic understanding of polish, Hungarian and Russian.
    15. Wants to study Mandarin
    16. Wants to study Egyptian/African bc it’s # on the ancestory chart and Moses is the fave story in the Bible✨