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    Siobhan O' Hagan. 'fitness' influencer from Dublin. Studied financial and actuarial maths in DCU. She worked in HR for five minutes and realised she was too good for the corporate world. She now pretends to be a PT/online coach. She has lived in Thailand and Bali. She recently discovered London and was Clapham's most loyal resident. She sponsored her family to another holiday this time to Abu Dhabi to watch the F1. Knee deep in margs and a hard swipe right ended up in productive and successful sperm donation. Back to London to pack up her empty Alcohol bottles, one UGG, fake bag and belt and back to Ireland. The prodigal has returned.

    Special mention:
    By popular demand and justifiably so, a special mention to our iconic contributor to the SOH threads, the wonderful @brandambassador. The epic thread recaps and hilarious poems got us all through some tough times. Thank you!

    Nearest and Dearest Hierarchy Organogram, Thanks to spoofersthelotofthem


    500 points in the Leaving Cert.
    Megacunt status.
    Zero self-awareness.

    Shiv the Redeemer
    Siobhan was given this nickname due to the overly dramatic ritual she performed with her arms when she was diving in to a pool or the sea. She resembled the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio.

    The Grim Reaper:
    Every time Siobhan returned to Swords, she would proceed to go for her early morning walk with her hood up and the strings pulled tightly, for fear of being recognised while talking into her phone.

    Siobhan regularly and proudly burns her skin to a crisp in the sun. The skin on her chest is particularly damaged beyond its years. She shows it off in bikinis for all the world to see without an ounce of shame.

    Blacklisted Brands
    Below is a list of brands who have worked with Siobhan O'Hagan. It is strongly recommended the Tatlers do not buy any products from them.

    My Protein and all affiliates
    The Dean, Galway
    Polished London
    The hair lounge
    Dublin makeup academy
    Forest Feast
    Kerrigan's butchers
    Vacious by Sinead
    Women's Health Dublin -
    Kings Baby Shop
    Bperfect Cosmetics
    Hildun Beauty
    Super Valu
    Easons (whyyyyyyy!!? 😞)


    Sonny Webster

    One of Siobhan's most iconic moments was when she was pissed one night and paid for herself and Sonny to fly to Ibiza. Sonny got the ride and avoided Shiv ever since. He hooked up with model, Lyndi Kean soon afterwards.

    Darragh Molloy Aka Ned Flanders AKA Baby Daddy:


    November 25/26 - 2022 - She met him when they were both in AbuDhabi for the F1 at a Black Forge party. Announced in one of her emails that she had a holiday fling.

    December 2nd - She is back in Dublin looking very thirsty in a black mini and red lipstick. Let's not forget the upskirt photo. We do not know if they met up but unlikely as he was on the piss with his mates.

    Her period was due around this time.

    Lots and lots of photos of her in bikinis and throwbacks are shown for the next few weeks.

    December 8th - she is back in Dublin again but we again don't know if they met up. It is possible that she was over to tell him that she was pregnant. She told us she knew when she collected her blue belt for BJJ which was on the 12th of December.

    December 13/14th (?) - She drops everything and rushes back to Dublin early for Christmas. There seemed to be a few dates over the next two weeks. Was there a night away in Kilkenny? She trained at his gym, they were out for dinner. A few hints that something was happening.

    December 24th - The family Christmas photo! Ned appears in a photo with her family. This was the first big reveal.

    NYE -Ned goes to London with her. We see them out to dinner and play mini golf.

    The Christmas photo and minigolf are the only photos he appears in. He has never publicly acknowledged her apart from being tagged in the Pregnancy announcement. She never tags him in these photos.

    January 21st - she was back in Dublin again. No photos of Ned just a hand in a dinner photo. None of her usual bag packing etc that we see for other trips -it was lowkey. The week after that she was acting very strange and looked very sad. None of her usual morning shite and we saw some manic meditation.

    January 30th - Sunday evening post about Camille being nicer in Dublin than the UK while watching DWTS (in her parents' house according to some Tattlers). The next day she's in Swords for brunch and makes a post about being very happy. Flight back to London.

    3rd Feb 2023- posts about being pregnant and how happy "we" are.

    Update: 26th of March 2023 - Baby Daddy makes his first appearance of the year. They attend a baby fair together to get a list of things they need/brands they can scab freebies from. Up to this point the has never been mentioned since the announcement or been seen since the London visit for NYE. He did not help her to move from London or get settled into her new place in Dublin.

    Pregnancy Dates:
    5th of April - They go to dinner at 777Dublin and he allows her to tag him in the photo of the food. Still no photo of them together.

    11th of April - He calls over for tea. The cringe! The man responsible for the pregnancy - not the boyfriend or partner - just the ONS!


    23rd of April - he treats her to another visit. Pizza in the apartment this time. Yes, Siobhan we agree - he does make the wrong choices! He didn't hang around long - an hour or so later she is back online answering questions.

    Screenshot (76).png

    28th of April - no tag so we can't be sure it was him. She did clean the house so maybe she is hoping to get lucky.
    Update - she announced the next day that they had a bit to eat after the hospital appointment. She was back stomping around Pearse Street an hour later.

    Screenshot (77).png

    29th of April - He sees her two days in a row! This time a subway as they travel up to Armagh to get freebies from a baby shop. The awkwardness is off the scale 🫣

    7th of May - He puts in an appearance at Wellfest with her before he heads off to Spain for two weeks. She posts a photo of a menu and a drink but doesn't tag who she is with. Turns out she was with Leanne and her husband. She is so desperate for us not to know that he ditched her after a few hours that she couldn't even tell us that.

    Shiv does something similar at a premier in the Stella on the 10th of May - she videos a guy walking in front of her into the cinema wanting us to believe it was him (she could have cropped him out as he was blocking her view into the cinema). Turns out Ned was on his bike on his way to the ferry and she was with Laura Bennett. She posted the photo of her and Laura after he posted his video as the game was up.

    27th of May - Back from two weeks riding his way around Spain and Portugal, on his motorbike I mean, Ned takes Shiv to the baby shower in Kings to sell what is left of his reputation in return for a pram. She looks like a teenager standing beside her crush. All very mortifying and proves that there is no bond between them.

    30th of May - she managed to drag him out again - this time to a #gifted 3D scan of the baby.

    5th of June - Just when you think Shiv can't get any more cringe! Darragh arrives down in Wexford this morning and Shiv posts a photo of his bike like this. She's marking her territory - honestly, she may as well piss on.

    After the post in Wexford Shiv goes missing all of the next day - no social media posts. No more mentions of Ned and starts saying "I" instead of "we". We know they met up again on Saturday 17th of June to "pack the hospital bag" and get a few bits for the baby - must have been the best excuse she could come up with to get him over after not seeing him for two weeks!

    The baby shower was on the 11th of June and his mother and sister attended but no sign of Ned, that we know of. Looks like she is not even allowed to post his elbow anymore.

    Recurring characters/family members/nicknames:
    Brother Cian aka Peanut.
    Sister Roisin aka Raisin.
    Darragh Molloy AKA Ned Flanders.
    Dermot Kennedy- Siobhan tags Dermot incessantly in her posts as she stomps around Clapham Common.
    Diren Kartal aka Dirat
    Lucy Lords’s cookbook
    The one lonesome Ugg
    Sinead Begarty: Bestie and archnemesis

    The Furnace/The Oven:
    Siobhan's MLM scheme, where she cons vulnerable women out of money under the guise of 'mindset changes' and 'eating like an adult'. She sets the bar high by showing constant footage of herself 'eating like an adult' AKA gorging on food and alcohol and documenting her inability to control herself around food. this is usually offset by 20000 stomps around SW London and general punishment exercise. #yolo

    Pregnancy/Up the Damien Duff:
    Siobhan announced to the world on the 2nd of February that she was pregnant by fellow PT Darragh Molloy Aka Ned Flanders (thread 50) after a ONS in Abu Dhabi. This shocked everyone as Siobhan has been openly against having children and made it the subject of many of her posts. Along came Darragh and bang, Shiv was with child!

    Regular phrases:
    I still love London.
    I'm stronger than all the other girls.
    When I know better, I do better
    We all have different attitudes to risk
    Why wouldn't you?
    Their unhappiness is addicted to my happiness

    Shiv Classics

    The brilliant protein in pregnancy video from April 2023. Why wouldn't you? The comments were full of people saying that they checked with my protein and they don't recommend it!

    Screenshot (86).png

    Reposted 11.09.2023 - We think this is an attempt at being sexy but honestly it is very hard to know!

    The cringe of this badly executed TikTok


    Shiv "surprising" Sinead at the airport with a cringe home made sign before she got into her chauffeur-driven car back to Tyrone.
    Sinead looked unimpressed. It is the first time they have seen each other since the passport incident.

    Spotted in the Wild

    From @londonlife68 Posted 7.04.2023: So in London, she used to train at the Until gym I used to go to work out with my PT. I don’t go any longer. Until is fabulous, spotless gym and changing rooms, no messing around gym - she would be paying a hefty sum every month to train her clients there. I saw here there once on her own, and twice with 2 different clients. She physically stands out like a sore thumb but appears quite shy and insecure. The gym has some top notch trainers there training the likes of athletes and others with big followings. She had a teeny tiny bump but was clearly pushing it out on her stories on insta. She was like a mouse in the gym, not loud and brash as we have all come to know her. I watched her with one of her clients and I really thought the client was going to end up with an injury - little attention was paid to her form and technique. Shiv’s eyes were too busy darting around the room. What also surprised me was that 2 of the PTs there were out with her playing mini golf but no sign of them when she was leaving London - no big send off.

    @Fieval Posted 16.04.2023
    Today I saw her in the wild and can confirm her apartment is NOT in GCD it is just off pearse street near the railway bridge. I would never normally be in that area and by pure chance I saw her sitting on her balcony (no Ned or anyone else for that matter)

    Stomp and twirl
    Siobhan, a woman in her mid to late 30's and a mother, is obsessed with showing throwbacks of her doing a very odd ritual of stomping and twirling. She has done this as recently as November 2022 and reshared yesterday (November 2023). We cannot understand why she does this. We do not know if she thinks it is sexy, cool, or fun. It is none of those things. She looks like an absolute idiot.

    The truth behind Siobhan's travel and LiViNg DiFfErEntly

    Can we knock this living differently on the head once and for all? She took multiple holidays over 4 and a half years before deciding to settle in London. While away all she ever did was drink and train. She cannot claim to have experienced the culture in any of the countries she travelled to.

    When I started following her I honestly thought she had moved lock, stock and barrel to Bali years ago. Basically what she did was take holidays for about 2 to 4 months at a time. The longest she was away was about 7 months when Bali reopened after Covid and that was when she had a breakdown - probably because she was away for also long.

    Also her carbon footprint 🤯

    I appreciate this is very long but the bits in bold should give you the gist!


    In 2017 she did her bikini comp and took a fair few holidays. Life was good. Approx. 124 days out of Ireland – 43 of those were in Portugal so she “travelled” for approx. 71 days in 2017. 46 days in Thailand training with Titan Fitness Thailand. Hardly groundbreaking but not a bad life.

    17 March – Portugal for 4 weeks

    Back in Ireland for 2 months with bikini comp on the 1st of May

    16 May – Dubai - for one week.

    5 June – Tenerife – for one week

    15 June – Portugal with a “honey I’m home” post. Back in Ireland 5 days later.

    13 July – Holiday in Croatia for 9 days - Ultra Europe, Split, City of Hvar, Zadar,

    3 August – Portugal for one week

    23 August – Nice (with Hollie Campbell) for a week visiting Monaco, Cannes

    3 October – leaves Dublin for Thailand

    11 – Phuket for 5 days

    16 – Ko Phi Phi for 3 days

    19 – Koh Sumui for 3 days

    22 – back to Phuket for 3 days

    26 October – Abu Dhabi for 3 days

    30 October back in Dublin talking about creating a life you don’t need a holiday from.

    6 November – a week in Fuerteventura sponsored by Ryanair, she says a week but she’s back in Dublin on the 11th.

    11 November – the same day she’s back in Portugal for 3 days.

    4 December – Thailand with titanfitnessthailand for 19 days

    23 December – back home – post about being a home bird.


    In 2018 she was doing great. She was invited to speak at lots of events including Balance Expo INEC Killarney. She had lots of ad posts and ambassador deals with high profile companies. She was invited to EP and other festivals with these brands. Her career was taking off. She might have really made a name for herself as a coach here if she had stayed.

    22 January – Portugal for 2 days to check out the venue for her first retreat.

    2 Feb – Phuket – 44 days away including 3 days in Singapore, Cambodia and 4 days in Dubai. (Hegarty makes her first appearance on this trip)

    19 March – back in Dublin

    30 March – Portugal for her wellness retreat – 9 days

    17 April – Phuket for one month. Back in Dublin on the 18th of May.

    20 July – Portugal for 4 days

    24 August – Stockholm for 4 days

    Great start to the year – her own wellness retreat, 6 weeks in SEA, and a trip to Sweden by herself. Now this is where I think it all started to go wrong.

    8 September – Met Sonny at a CrossFit event in N. Ireland and booked flights to Ibiza the next day– Ibiza – 3 days.

    15 September – Bristol with Sonny for 3 days. Talks about this being her last weekend in Europe?

    22 September – leaves for Thailand – 9 days

    1 October – Arrives in Bali – 39 days.

    9 November - Australia for 3 weeks

    10 November – photo with James Smith, Diren and an unimpressed-looking Sonny (did she follow him there?)

    1 December – back in Bali for 8 days

    9 December – video surprising her Mam back in Dublin. - 2.5 months away

    25 December – post about Thailand I’m coming home!

    So in 2018, our mad traveller spent 44 days away at the start of the year, a month in April, and then a trip away at the end of the year for approx. 11 weeks taking in Thailand for 9 days, Bali for 39 days, Australia for 3 weeks and back to Bali for 8 days. She spent about half the year in Ireland


    This seems to be the year that she took the plunge and went away for a few months at a time – approx. 8 months of the year away with 3 trips back to Ireland.

    13 Jan – Phuket

    9 Feb - Bali

    7 April – Phuket

    15 April –UAE

    21 April = back in Dublin – Just over 3 months away

    10 days in Ireland

    1 May – Portugal - 3 weeks in Spain/ Portugal

    21 May – back to Ireland

    6 weeks in Ireland with 12 days away - Wales for 2 days, Marbella for Leanne’s wedding – 5 days, Croatia for Ultra Europe – 5 days

    8 August – Bali 4 months

    6 December – home

    Back in Ireland for Christmas – no idea where she calling home at this point!


    2020 got off to a great start – South Africa, Mexico, Bali then Covid hit.

    16 Jan – South Africa with her family – 12 days

    30 Jan – Mexico – 2 weeks

    15 Feb – Bali – post about it being good to be home

    22 March – back home covid – 35 days in Bali

    5 months in Ireland

    20 August – Portugal – nearly 2 months

    14 October – Bali – honey I’m home post.


    Jan – still in Bali – Nearly 7 months in total

    5 May – Portugal – surprise video for sister 30th – 1 month

    6 June – Moves to London to start her hot girl summer – 76 days

    15 Aug – a holiday to Croatia – 2 weeks

    1 Sept – back in Dublin

    2 Sept – a holiday to France – 5 days

    27 Sept – back to Bali – 77 days

    14 December – Dublin for a month


    11 Jan – back to Bali – 3 months

    another honey I’m home post

    30 April – back to Dublin

    5 May – a trip to Paris – 2 days

    9 May – Portugal for 4 weeks

    17 June – The big move to London

    16 November – The infamous holiday to UAE with the family – 8 days

    Update 7.04.2023 - Back in Ireland. Living in Pearse Street (pretending to be in GCD), pregnant by a one-night stand that only makes the odd appearance in her life. Desperately trying to crack the Irish influencer market as she has no chance with the fitness market. Desperately selling the Furnace and trying to get money together. Always on the beg be it for manicures, food, etc. She has attended two influencer events with her agency - something she would have looked down her nose at before.

    Had she stayed in Ireland with the likes of Leanne she could have her own gym by now and be a respected coach in Ireland. Instead, she followed stupid people like Sinead and James Smith and forgot how to do basic things like meal prep and sweep the floor. Now she is back in Ireland trying to rebuild her reputation. She is not getting invited to coaching events and instead is leveraging her following for the influencer market - two very different careers.


    Sinead's passport:

    Sinead was due to head off on one of the first “retreats” she organised/put her name to in Portugal and her and Siobhan were out the night before. Siobhan flew home to London with Sinead’s passport but what was most mysterious was that Sinead’s passport was in Sinead’s handbag, so Siobhan must have gone into the bag to get it. Sinead had it on her stories that Siobhan left with her passport but Siobhan never mentioned it so many believe this was a deliberate sabotage attempt from Siobhan to screw over Sinead’s first retreat. Sinead had a passport card so travelled anyway but how else would Siobhan have ended up with Sinead’s passport, that was in her zipped-up handbag, if not a deliberate act!

    11th August 2022

    12th August 2022

    ( The eye roll when she said "Siobhan took it by accident)

    Upheld complaint by ASAI
    The Advertising Standard Authority of Ireland (ASAI) has upheld a complaint against OH Fitness influencer Siobhan O'Hagan for failing to mark clothing items given to her by advertisers as sponsored content.

    O'Hagan wore branded clothing provided for her by MyProtein in three Instagram posts in which she tagged the brand but failed to mention that she had a contractual deal with the company, which the complainant considered a breach of the ASAI code.

    The gifted turkey.
    Let us never forget Christmas 2019 in the O' Hagan household, when Siobhan proudly displayed the #gifted turkey she got from Kerrigans. Pic attached below.



    Siobhan appears to be unable to close drawers and wardrobe doors properly. This is usually documented in her filthy mirror selfies and morning yoga AKA flaps central.


    Russia AKA “I got stuck in Russia, Mam!
    Delightfully Disastrous scuppering of one of Shiv’s 4,364,279 surprise visits home. This drama is also known as “basic bitch misses connection and is mildly inconvenienced by short stay over in airport”. It was when she first started traveling to Thailand and enlightening all of us plebs about the living ✨differently ✨ lifestyle. She booked a connection that was too short on her way home, and missed her connecting flight so ended up stuck in Moscow AIRPORT (not actual Moscow) for 24hrs. Cue many emotional and dramatic stories from the airport. It was iconic.

    Homeless crisis:
    A two to four hour time frame during which Shiv was forced to sit in a car for a little bit whilst moving between luxury apartments in Mayfair. Said she “just wanted to show the realities of not having a home”. Stunning and brave.

    Covid-19: hysterics and selfishness
    As is vividly seared in everyone’s memory, Covid-19 burst onto the scene in early 2020. The first few weeks did not affect our Shiv in any way, she continued to “live differently” in an impoverished country by drinking all night and getting food delivered all day. When the shit started hitting the fan and Bali started to shut down, a manic Siobhan came on Instagram hysterically crying about trying to get home to dublin and how she was so scared and just wanted to get home. It was seriously unhinged. She made it home, spent a ridiculous amount of money on first class flights that were “worth every penny” and proceeded to isolate in an apartment in the IFSC. At the first hint of restrictions easing, Siobhan exploited every rule going to go out drinking and, eventually, hop between Portugal, Bali, London (for a free vaccine) and dublin for most of 2020/2021 being an absolute selfish c*nt while spouting the now famous phrase “we all have different attitudes to risk”.

    An All Ireland Football final involving a Kilkenny man

    It was Summer 2021. Ireland was just emerging from it's 3rd and highest impact lockdown. Lockdown number 3 had been the most gruelling lasting for 3 and half months from the beginning of the year until mid April.

    As loved ones grappled with their losses, businesses remained closed forever and people picked themselves up in the aftermath of the greatest modern day shock still uncertain to what the future held a return to recreational activities was a most welcome distraction. There was much to be hopeful about as medicine had advanced in the form of a vaccine (ironically she helped herself to a vaccine as well as an All Ireland ticket both times straight off the plane.) Light was at the end of the tunnel.

    GAA is the most popular sport in Ireland. Many elderly lifelong supporters welcomed the opportunity to return to the terraces and stands to watch the counties they grew up supporting their whole lives. They spend the past few years cocooned, watching their friends fall and unable to pay their final respects for the fear of catching the virus. The return of GAA signalled normality.

    It was also in this summer that Shiv stomped back into town. Temporary of course.

    The decision was taken at HQ. It was a shortened GAA championship. 2021 was to be straight knockout. Mayo and Tyrone battled their way to the finals and it was Mayo who knocked out Siobhan O Hagan's home county Dublin in the semi final. Not to be undone Shiv reminded us on her stories once again of her distaste for Mayo especially since her much beloved Dubs had lost.

    All Ireland final day arrived. With a reduced capacity many supporters were forced to stay at home. Shiv having just arrived into the country and from neither Mayo or Tyrone proudly displayed a ticket on her stories that she had received from a random Kilkenny man. When the match came it was shared on Sinead's story that by an absolute coincidence in an 80000 seat stadium Siobhan was seated next to Sinead, Jack and Jacks's mate all from Tyrone. It turned out Sinead's dad had got them the tickets and Siobhan uttered a complete lie on her story as she knew real fans were losing out on attending for her to go.

    Tyrone won the game and Siobhan in her Tyrone colours took a picture of a Mayo flag in a bin.

    I wish someone took a picture of Siobhan in a bin.


    Home for Christmas 2021
    Shiv arrived in Ireland in December 2021. Covid was spreading like wildfire. She couldn't be arsed to stay with family so rented an expensive apartment in GCD. Proceeded to go out on the piss every night, mingled with anyone and everyone, filmed herself taking her teeth whitening strips out in the back of a taxi (we assume she dumped them there too) all while most of the country were doing their best to not catch Covid so that they could be home with family for Christmas.

    Shiv inevitably catches Covid so can't go back to Bali as planned. Has to move out of GCD and stay in a shitty airbnb in Drumcondra. She was as quiet as a mouse to avoid the backlash she would obviously get, but then comes on her stories to tell everyone that, even though she knew she had Covid, she went to Randox for a test anyway because they didn't know she had Covid. Shiv eventually flies back to Bali but not before isolating in a hotel in Jakarta where she lived like a slob for days.


    31 Dec


    3rd Jan


    5th Jan

    Video of SOH admitting she knew she has covid (but Randox didnt)

    Following a very boozy Christmas 2023 where Shiv had said multiple times that she was making up for the previous year where she inconveniently couldn’t drink due to pregnancy, Shiv started 2024 by choosing violence. Inviting questions on her Furnace Insta page (22k followers), she was asked about her alleged drink problem.

    Rather than ignoring it, as she supposedly doesn’t give ‘trolls’ energy, or dealing with it via DM on the Furnace page if she was so bothered, a very triggered Shiv consciously and calculatedly screenshotted the question box and reposted it on her personal page (165k followers) with the person’s full name and very clear profile photo of themselves visible (it’s been covered on the image posted here), knowing full well there would be a pile on and that person would receive abuse. She also admitted that because she usually gets messages from ‘trolls’ with fake accounts, she purposely chose to doxx this girl because it was clearly a real account.

    When Shiv was contacted by the girl who realised she had been doxxed, Shiv then proceeded to share all of the interactions that followed, now replacing her name and photo with 🤡🔧 emojis, being incredibly condescending and telling us that this person “was all brave in the question box but soon changed her tune when I posted it” (i.e. doxxed her) and she “hoped it would teach people a lesson.”

    General Tattle consensus: Regardless of whether there was malicious intent with the question or not (most of us believe there wasn’t), it was not abuse; it was simply a question that she didn’t like and obviously hit a nerve. Shiv knew exactly what she was doing by bringing this over to her personal page with 8x the followers than the Furnace, intentionally aiming to cause maximum damage and abuse to the girl. To quote Shiv and her own perceived superiority complex, “when I know better I do better.” Obviously not.





    Distasteful posts:
    Death camp selfie

    Receipts/images: This section is for any receipts and photo evidence of Shiv's general cuntery.