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  • Rebecca Violet Sterling {née Kedgley} born 28th March 1993, is a British wannabe *delete as appropriate:- travel & interior blogger/gardener/foodie/events coordinator/mama who hails from the London commuter belt of Kings Langley, Hertfordshire. RVK_loves has bought built herself a steady following on Instagram and on here thanks to her penchant for undeclared #affs/ads/gifts/trips, chronic boasting oversharing of her private life, aggressively blocking anyone who dares question her. And her complete ignorance and self-centred attitude to life, in particular most recently with her constant flouting of the coronavirus pandemic rules.

    Early Life:-
    Rebecca is the eldest daughter of self made millionaire property developer & investor Robert and Joanna Kedgley, she has a younger brother George. After completing her A-levels, she pointlessly studied Law {Jurisprudence, Legal Philosophy, and Legal positivism} at the London school of Economics and Political Science. She met her future husband Ben, on a Year 8 school trip to Wales {10th May 2006}. When she was just barely 13 and he was a couple of months shy of 24. Their relationship became an 'official' thing when she turned the grand old age of 15 and they eventually they got engaged in 2012. Her eating disorders, seems to coincide with her meeting Ben.


    Personal Life:-
    Rebecca married Benjamin David Sterling {born 25th August 1982} on 3rd July 2014 at Notley Abbey, Buckinghamshire. Their first child, Freya was born in July 2019 and most recently, Rafferty joined them in July 2021.

    Social Media:-

    Her vile Twitter account was deleted early 2019, after being outed on tattle for some of the questionable remarks she posted. Some screenshots of her tweets do exist in all their ugly glory, in the previously deleted tweets links section further down this page. This is a small taster of what she was posting:-

    "Lol at flying from Stansted, spot the fake tan #essexcountry"
    "... this is why I can't bear to think about children yet. Babies yes but toddlers up ughhh"
    "Does anyone ever say anything positive about having children? Sounds like life is hell with them"
    "What is it with children looking so gender neutral these days? That's twice this month I've called a girl a boy at work..."
    "Babies more or less ruin/change your life. Way too selfish for another 8 years at least."
    "When your old teachers congratulate you on getting married just three years after leaving school lol"
    "Adele is pregnant' 'how can anyone tell?!' hahaha"
    "Eugh the thought of being pregnant (in the future) is even less appealing after seeing the 'bodies after bump' photos."
    On the 18th August 2014, Rebecca became a blogger with her first post below on 'Rolltops & Roses' which introduced us to her dystopian life with her now groomer husband, Ben. We got to know exactly what she loves in life... photographing EVERYTHING, plagiarizing interiors, sludge food & green smoothies, flowers, and travelling to the sames places over & over again.

    2023-01-26 (3).png
    2023-01-26 (4).png

    *Fun fact:- Clever Ben came up with the 'Rolltops & Roses" name :rolleyes:

    Rebecca's explanation about her eating disorders
    I started running when I was around 13 and throughout my teens used to attend some tennis circuit sessions/PT sessions. At the time, I had an eating disorder so it was part of that control.
    I did, for a few years suffer from anorexia which then led to bulimia. I was stick thin and not healthy. Since then, I've been a healthy size 8/10 {sometimes still a 6, thanks Next and Boden for making your clothes so big} for the past five years or so, I still fit into the same size clothes as I did when I was 16/17! Bonus! This is partly down to the running but a big part of it is diet I think. And let me stress that I do not diet. I believe that every woman has certain food rules that they follow, right? But I actually eat a hell of a lot, I think from being so active that I'm always hungry. Although Ben eats about twice what I do in a day and never puts on any weight!! While I try and eat super healthily 90% of the time, I do have a huge sweet tooth!
    Extract from their 2012 fucked up engagement story... if you do the maths, that means Rebecca was 15 when they talked about getting married
    We kind of did things in a back to front way in that we booked the venue, photographer, even the florist without being properly engaged. We had been together for about four years when we started discussing when to get married.
    Extract from the controversial blog post that she removed when people realised not all was what it seemed...
    I'm a great believer of fate, and a real campaigner for everybody to find true love. You see, I really love love. I want relationships to work if they're right for those two people. For everybody to get their fairytale come true, whatever form that may take. We see a guy in our village, he's on his own and probably in his late 30s?, who takes himself to the coffee shop every Saturday morning on his own for breakfast with his book, and I say to my husband 'I really hope he one day meets somebody else in there on their own, what a movie plot that would be'. I think it was probably my obsession with Beauty & the Beast as a 5 year old that started me off. All those Disney princess movies with a fairytale ending, the championing of Rom-Coms where the couple have a battle against all odds but then come good in the end. And I guess you could say that about my husband and I. We have a bit of an unconventional beginning. One that we have to pause and think about the answer when people ask that inevitable question 'so how did you meet'? Because Ben is ten years older than I am and we met when I was in school {on a school trip to Wales}.

    Was it love at first sight? Hmm, I don't think I necessarily believe in that {is love ever based on physical attraction alone?!}. But there was this unexplained connection from the start when we were brought together and started talking. We just got each other. I may have been in school but I think everybody knew I was always way beyond my years so age didn't really seem like an issue to us at all. It was most definitely an issue for wider society at first and I think on paper if you hear that in essence a teen and a 25 year old are together then you tend to automatically judge? For this reason, to keep everybody happy we decided to wait for about eighteen months to be together properly. It was really tough at the time but in the grand scheme of things when we look back it was nothing at all.
    She's been active on Instagram since 2011, curating the account from a boring blurry poorly lit photos of day trips, holidaying, food, the dog, heart fingers blah blah to monthly groundhog day 'You've got this mama' seasonally coloured themed grids of day trips, holidaying, food, standing in-front of colourful painted houses/doors and dragging the kids out at crack of dawn.

    As of 2023 Rebecca has rebranded herself as rebeccaloves__

    Years Active:-


    THE YEAR OF 2019:-
    *11 January to 06 February
    HOLIDAY California USA*
    (17 January - #AD California Shutters)
    (03 February - #GIFTED stay at San Diego)
    11 February #GIFTED Flowers - Bloom & Wild
    12 February #GIFTED Clothing - Joules
    13 February #GIFTED Baby clothing - Babymori
    *16 to 18 February HOLIDAY weekend break in Oxford/Cotswolds with a #GIFTED stay - Thatched Cottage Cotswolds, #GIFTED flowers - Tiger by the tail*
    22 February
    #PAID PARTNERSHIP Bedding and cushions - The White Company
    23 February #GIFTED Clothing - joules80
    *03 to 11 March HOLIDAY Maldives with discounted stay - The Residence Maldives*
    20 March
    #GIFTED Elemis maternity treat
    21 March #GIFTED
    24 March #PAID PARTNERSHIP with Valspar Paint
    27 March #PAID PARTNERSHIP with B&Q
    28 March DAY TRIP to West Mersea
    30 March
    #GIFTED baby clothing - Organic Zoo
    *01 to 02 April HOLIDAY break at Soho Farmhouse*
    04 April
    #GIFTED Dress - Isabella Oliver
    09 April #GIFTED Baby mattress -
    *14 to 16 April HOLIDAY Amsterdam NETHERLANDS*
    *22 to 23 April HOLIDAY Norfolk with 1 night discounted stay - Little Norfolk Cottage*
    29 April
    #GIFTED Baby outfit and rattle - Scandiborn
    03 May #GIFTED
    *05 to 08 May HOLIDAY Portugal*
    11 May
    #PAID PARTNERSHIP with Hobby Craft
    12 May #GIFTED Baby shower cake - Simply Divine by Claire
    15 May #PAID PARTNERSHIP with Marks & Spencers
    *20 to 24 May HOLIDAY Ibiza SPAIN*
    03 June #GIFTED Stokkebaby Tripp Trapp Chair
    *05 June HOLIDAY break to Winchester UK*
    11 June
    26 June
    13 July
    #GIFTED photo shoot - Little White Photography
    21 July #AD/GIFTED Bugaboo Fox Stroller
    *29 July #HOLIDAY day out in Brighton UK*
    01 August
    #AD/GIFTED Nuna Leaf Chair
    05 August
    07 August
    *21 to 23 August HOLIDAY
    *03 September
    05 September
    #AD/GIFTED Babyzen Yoyo Travel Buggy
    19 September #AD Milky Meter UK
    21 September
    24 September
    #AD/GIFTED Totter and Tumble Playmat
    01 October #AD/GIVEAWAY Bellamoon Pillow
    07 October
    *24 October to 06 November HOLIDAY New York USA*
    08 November
    10 November #PAID PARTNERSHIP with Laredoute
    20 November #AD a/w bedding range & knitted throw - Joules
    22 November #AD/GIVEAWAY
    26 November #AD Amazon Black Friday
    05 December #AD 2 prints
    06 December #PAID PARTNERSHIP with Matalan
    *09 to 10 December HOLIDAY
    13 December
    #AD sleepsuit - The White Company
    18 December #GIFTED
    19 December #PAID PARTNERSHIP with Habitat

    THE YEAR OF 2020:-

    01-30 September
    #AD Organixfood ‘Organic September
    *??-18 September - HOLIDAY to Soller Mallorca, Spain*
    06 October
    #AD Ergobabyuk Omni Dream Carrier £174.90
    12 October #AD Giveaway Elemis 2021 Advent Calendar £175.00

    THE YEAR OF 2022:-
    07 January
    #AD Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum £429.99 £329.99
    *12 January to 07 February HOLIDAY California USA*
    23 February
    #AD Helper Stool from own company £150.00
    28 February #AD Shark Wandvac System 2 in 1 Cordless Vac £199.99
    13 March #AD Popsa Photo book from £27.00
    15 March #AD Laura Ashley Flowers at Next £50.00
    23 March #AD Emma Sleep memory foam pillow £99.00 each
    *?? to ?? March HOLIDAY camping weekend at Hollow Coves UK*
    05 May
    #AD for Lovevery 0-12 months £80 per kit every 2 months & 2 year old £120 per kit every 3 months
    *?? to ?? May HOLIDAY camping weekend at Swanage UK*
    01 June
    #AD Bottle Green Drinks
    *?? to ?? June HOLIDAY Menorca Spanish Balearic Islands*
    *08 to 10 July
    HOLIDAY weekend break at Wells next the sea*
    ?? July
    #AD Wild Nutrition
    06 or 07 August #AD/PR Tumblestone Hollow
    12 August #AD The Boot & Slipper Chef & Brewer Pub
    *14 to 20 August HOLIDAY Cornwall*
    25 August
    Day out {minus the kiddos} at Gravetye Manor for Benpecked 40th Birthday
    30 August #AD Asda Organix Food
    *05 to 10 September HOLIDAY South of France*
    21 September
    #AD Organix Food
    24 September #AD/PR Port Lympne Safari Park by Playinchoc
    16 October #AD Kitchen Aid Blossom Stand Mixer £750.00
    18 October #AD Toucan Box {after freebies if the sheep uses her code} - the monthly box is worth £10.95
    18 October #AD Wildrefill Deodrant £25.00

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    I don't want to see happy families this Christmas {2020} blah blah blah woe is me
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    Known Tattle Nicknames
    RVK - Grabecca, Grabby, Grabatha, Flipper, BB {Basic Bitch}, Mrs Paper Pants, Judith Charmless
    Ben - Grandad, Benpecked, Benpaedo, Gingy Saville, Papa Smurf, Child catcher, Ben Sherpa
    Freya - Baby Bee, Chops, Chopsy, Sea Urchin, Bentos, Chicklet, F
    Rafferty {previously referred to as:- Hamlet, Harry, Otto, Hammy} - Waffy, Raffy, Ratlas
    The McMuffins/Kedgefund - RVKs mum, dad and younger brother Curious George
    Thomling Toys - TWDMT
    Bearwood Furniture

    As featured in:
    - The Sunday Times Home Magazine August 2017 as a top Interiors Influencer.
    - Ideal Home Magazine
    - Rock My Style
    - The Daily Mail - Article 1
    - Country Homes & Interiors Magazine
    - The Home Tour Series #3
    - Pinky Stories: Esther Coren & Rebecca Sterling
    - The Daily Mail - Article 2
    - DotComGiftShop's Top 21 Lifestyle Bloggers
    - RVK_loves talks toy storage

    Constantly taking Freya out of school and sayi mg the headteacher encourages it: