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  • Lizzy and Lindsey's Pet Saga/Abandonment -courtesy of @Rimbaud

    Around May/June 2019 Lindsey moved out of London with her longterm ex on the understanding marriage and babies were in the not too distant future. Around a year later when they didn’t materialise she had a mini meltdown and two weeks later had the idea of getting a pet - dog.

    Lizzy tried to dissuade Lindsey from getting a dog saying pets are a responsibility and tie you down. Knowing how impulsive Lindsey is Lizzy made her wait six months before getting a dog.

    Lindsey didn’t wait the full six months but still got a dog. Arthur came from Greece via Wild at Heart. By this time Lindsey had stopped vlogging and I don’t think she’s ever said when they started the process? But I remember Lucy Williams and a few others saying it took several months and Lindsey started showing Arthur in late November 2020.

    Cue Elizabeth, in the beginning of October 2020 she uploaded a video where she said she was acquiring a cat. She wanted to adopt to a cat and was having the RSCPA around to assess her house - thankfully they saw through her shit and did not provide her with one.

    Undeterred Elizabeth went ahead and bought Luigi. Lizzy uploaded a vlog in early November showing Luigi off, just weeks before Lindsey was due to collect Arthur. Did she ever say where she bought Luigi from? I always assumed it was probably somewhere like Gumtree. No shade but highlights Elizabeth’s haste.
    I’m going to adopt a cat because Lindsey’s adopting a dog > they won’t let me have a cat > so I’ll just buy a cat before Lindsey gets her dog.

    Now that wouldn’t have been too bad if they had kept their respective pets. In a way I suppose Lizzy may have rationalised the idea by the fact she was probably already looking at property to buy and knew she was settling in London.

    Pet Saga II -
    Lindsey changed everything. Around May 2021 Lindsey broke up with her longterm ex and moved back to London. Within a few [two?] months Arthur was re-homed, despite Lindsey being able to commit to a new relationship.

    Momentarily time travel back to the end of 2019 Lindsey started talking about her solo trip to Australia at the beginning of 2020. Lizzy suddenly books a last minute solo trip to Japan in December 2019 - Japan because of the other people Lizzy copies, the Halpin sisters.

    In August 2021 Lindsey plans another solo trip her, now inaugural, surfing trip to Portugal - and now proceeds to rip it off under the guise of Marni Rays.

    So no surprises when in August 2021 Lizzy also books a solo trip for September. A month in North America, two weeks in Canada and two weeks in New York. She had to go to Canada first because the border between the UK/US wasn’t open yet due to Covid.
    But why Elizabeth’s determination to get to New York? Joanna Halpin had gone to Australia for a year and met her partner - an Australian based in NY, then moved to NY to be with him. Sarah Halpin also spent a considerable amount of time in NY over the Covid lockdowns. Yeah, really surprising where the determination for NY came from and Luigi was taken to Anne’s house for his own holiday.

    Lizzy claimed the trip was because building works on her house made it uninhabitable but honestly moving an internal, bathroom wall when you have second toilet in the house is not that intrusive. Professional moaner Lily Pebbles managed to live in her house whilst having far more intrusive work done - loft conversion.

    The building works get delayed and I always thought Lizzy was too headstrong to go home until it was finished. And partly because staying in NY for so long indulged her weird fetish of being the third Halpin sister. Regardless Lizzy filmed a series of, quite frankly awkward and shit, vlogs saying she didn’t know how long she was in NY for. During this time Lizzy just to say she missed Luigi and would share pictures of Luigi Anne had sent to her on IG stories.

    Lizzy ends up staying in NY for two months and at the end of two months, late November, filmed a now deleted vlog where she called spending two months there a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    In early December Lindsey says from March 2022 she’s moving to Portugal for a year.

    By the end of December, in a now deleted vlog, Lizzy announces she’s doing a life split and moving to NY for a year. She never actually admits that she disregarded Luigi in the process, he stayed at Anne’s house and Lizzy dodged questions about him for months.