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  • Leila Stead Recaps 2017 - 2021


    June - Liela set up GoFundMe to publish book. Was taken down quickly when followers suggested pre-sale.

    Discussion around Liela setting up a group called the Mamma Collective. Must have had a similar name to another group already created.
    Backlash, fallout from Mummy bloggers in Perth and ranty post from Liela.

    Announced that Ever was not photogenic
    Liela found seven pages of Gomi blog and had big rant about bullies (now there are over 600 pages on her thread alone)
    Appears to have shared a graphic birthing video.
    Mentions of a beige birthday for Ever and Liela making it all about her. No photos of Ever on birthday, just Liela partying with friends (?!) as she went out in the evening.
    Still June but now Liela is being stalked by her exes new GF!
    Mysterious post appears on Gomi blog which seems to be from Evers fathers new GF but most believe it’s actually Liela! Post disappears sadly so was unable to read myself.
    Liela posts new GF’s account for followers to report and block.

    Start of July! Sister chimes in. Very upset at the comments being made. Calls everyone jealous (lol) and mean girls.
    Sister references post from ‘Ever’s Fathers new girlfriend’ as only seen that day by Liela however timeline doesn’t add up as it was deleted several days earlier as was against Gomi guidelines. Hmmmmm.
    Comments about a lot of drinking which is odd when Liela is allergic to alcohol as per post regarding lockdown musings.
    Liela updates Instagram to say she is a ‘stylist’.
    On a live speculation that the new GF is on drugs.
    Mentions of mediation.
    Leila buys Ever a $700 necklace.

    LOL someone suggests the book Liela is writing should be named ‘Struggles with the comma’
    (I also apologise for my grammar and spelling on this post, Covid and Liela = headache).

    She is half way through writing her book.
    New business called Ever the Label. Seems to have taken the idea from a friend Sian however Liela is selling items from last year's Target and saying they are ‘vintage’.
    July 19th 2017 - Liela is stressed and is going offline for a week, long post about when she will respond to emergency support messages, no mention of who to contact instead like a mental health support line of course.
    Birthing video has been removed.

    July 20th 2017 - she’s back online! Digital detox lasted one day.
    Ever the Label has been changed to Ever the After. No website, just an Instagram account charging $20 shipping and no T’s and C’s. Much professional.

    July 23rd 2017 - one blogger is sick to death of Leila saying ‘pieces’ which has given me a giggle as it’s now 2022 and nothing has changed!

    July 26th 2017 - Mentioned in live she will not talk about Ex anymore so don’t ask questions everyone!

    July 28th 2017 - new live slagging off Ex and his new GF.

    July 31st - Gave Ever pain stop for her teething which is not recommended for kids under 2 (Ever has just turned 1).

    August 2017

    Liela is a single mum and hasn’t had time to cook dinner despite Ever being at daycare for the full day. Uber eats is late so Ever is off to bed without eating. She did have time to post fifteen stories ranting about late ubereats however.

    Lawyers have advised her to stay off social media during custody battle however she will not listen to stupid lawyers, what do they know?

    Many posts regarding the mark up on her vintage aka op shop finds.

    Sad to see many mentions of Ever crying in the background of Liela’s lives and being ignored.

    Liela is continuing to give Ever Pain Stop frequently because ‘it’s dangerous if I don't get proper sleep’. When followers mention phenergan she says ‘I would NEVER give her that’ clearly unaware that phenergan is in pain stop. Ignoring questions from followers asking about the SIDs concern.

    Admits she told the second chemist Ever was two (she is one) so she could buy Pain Stop as first chemist refused.

    Liela is losing friends fast. Currently complaining about someone called These Sonny Days.

    August 4th 2017 - taking soul weekend off social media. Held two heavy breathing lives. No social media break to note.

    Follower asks what Liela did for work before becoming a Mum and she replies with interior designer.

    Liela was on Farmer Wants a Wife but apparently didn’t make it past the first meet with the farmer.

    Someone is DM-img her customers to let them know they are being ripped off by her $2 Op Shop baskets being sold for $25 and she’s going to the police! Implying it is her exes new GF who is currently in Vegas at a conference so that seems unlikely.

    Leila and another mother friend leaves little Ever and another child on the path while they go for an ocean swim. WTF?! Apparently some ‘old nosey b*tches’ kept an eye on them while giving Liela sour looks however she’s grateful to the surfers who hung about to make sure the babies were okay. She admits that they were too far away that if someone stole their children they wouldn’t have been able to catch up and she didn’t know it was a bad thing to do. She’s a new Mum guys! How would she know that?

    Why on earth didn’t one mind the kids while they swam?

    Another close friend Tracey Porter has dropped Liela.

    Liela is busy blocking anyone who questions anything she does. Goes on live ranting about comments. One follower unpacks her groceries, picks up children from school and drives back home only to find Liela still going on about how busy she is.

    Talks about falling out with Carly in another live as she wasn’t there for a difficult stage of her life.

    One of her vintage finds (a $5 rabbit lamp) is currently in stock at Kmart. Follower who mentions this is blocked quickly.

    New live, she no longer speaks to her girl gang as they’re all jealous of her! They are not authentic like she is apparently.

    Former girl gang have a picnic and post about wonderful friends and lovely times. Liela is not in attendance. Lol.

    Gomi goes down and within 30 minutes Liela is celebrating the end of the trolls. But she said she didn’t read it?

    AM Live - Liela doesn’t read troll comments and is flattered by attention.

    PM live - disturbed by troll comments and will never ignore them.

    Goes on home tour thanking the ‘troll skanks’ because their engagement means she can live in this luxurious rental (with her Dad). Her trolls are all fat, old and poor apparently.

    Yikes. Another live and Liela is laughing about SIDS risk. Still using pain stop. This is the same woman who was so worried about the vaccine adverse reactions?

    Ever is eating SO MUCH and she cannot afford food. Has fresh nails and tattooed eyebrows.

    Following Day - Bought herself a ring ($750 apparently) which she is wearing as though an engagement ring as a commitment to Ever. ‘A ring to remind myself that diamonds aren’t just lumps of coal that did particularly well under pressure, a diamond to signify that great things take time and sometimes the hardest processes have the most stunning results’.

    New poster who knows Liela from the wild comments that she used to work at Jupiters Casino. Apparently she shagged a high roller who then bought her boobs? (This is from the thread so take that with a grain of salt).

    Hosts ‘wine time’ gathering. No crowd shots but appears to be about five attending despite the event being free.

    September 2017

    Leila posts Ever naked including her private parts

    Ever has been up all night with a viral bug so Liela takes her to kindy at 6.40am as Liela needs a soul day.

    Liela told a detailed story about how she explained life and death to her ex boyfriends Mum who had MND. The woman told her she was so wise. Shortly after a follower commented that this story was a lie as this person's Mum had passed away from MND and was incapable of speaking comment was swiftly deleted.

    Oooh much excitement! A man is on the scene. She will ‘introduce him later’.

    Leila has announced an Australian wide tour! For what I’m not exactly sure.

    Leilas father has gone into hospital but it’s date night so he better still babysit Ever!

    Posts have been deleted and account is now set to private, no info on date night or mediation.

    Posts about new man are deleted!

    New live saying she’s too traumatised from mediation to talk about it.

    September 16th 2017 - changed account name from Single Mum Diaries to Leila Stead. This is the day before mediation.

    Evers Dad has specifically requested in mediation that nothing in regards to their co parenting is shared online.

    Mentions in live that the man cuddling Ever in Byron Bay is just a friend.

    September 29th 2017 - Poor Ever is in hospital after not wanting to eat the night prior, was forced to eat and then taken around the shops while she was unwell. Liela mentions it’s a possible adverse reaction to a vaccine and that the doctor told her this.

    Ever wakes up during the live and Liela ignores her for another five minutes while talking about how hard it is on her.

    Much talk about anti vax. Curious if Liela mentioned Ever’s ‘adverse reaction’ throughout the last two years of pandemic?

    Liela has another live with Ever asleep in her arms however due to swearing and speaking loudly she wakes her up again. Poor Ever!

    Liela is over being at home after two days so is out shopping. Ever apparently looks very unwell while she films them shopping. Confirms Ever was in hospital the night prior also!!

    Day following Ever is back in daycare as Liela needs a soul day.

    Liela gets called out in live, she was told she is a bad mother for sending Ever to daycare when she is clearly unwell, that she rips off charities (what did I miss there?) and someone called Joolz no longer wanted to work with her.

    Liela is starting a safe space forum for mother’s to share their fears about vaccination.

    Liela takes Ever to the beach and films an accidental poo.

    Mid October and her account has been deactivated.

    Two days later - she’s baaaaaaack!

    Posted a RIP Gwendy/Hello Fresh mashup story. Loved Gwendy (Grandma?) but won’t go to service.

    October 22nd 2017 - says she has been summoned to domestic violence court.

    Even in 2017 it’s questioned how 35k followers equals 200 likes on posts. Now we are in 2022 the average is 60 likes per post with still 35k followers (bots)

    November 2017 - seems to get boring with many sponsored posts. Liela wants a man and suddenly ‘many of you are asking for relationship advice’.
    Ever interrupts her live about fitness and she threatens her with big smacks

    November 13th 2017 - Ever the After customers have been waiting months for packages which have not arrived. It’s the posties' fault apparently. Sending the beginning of the end?

    November 17th 2017 - someone has taken her to DV court over one of her blog posts. Unsure as to if it’s Scott, her Mum or one of her ex friends. It seems her mother and she previously had a physical fight over how Liela mothers Ever.

    November 26th 2017 - has a long rant about people copying her.

    Appears the book is no longer happening along with the tour.

    Has new vegan flatmate. Wants to buy a house and pay off her debt.

    December 3rd 2017 - New venture! Photography!

    Very dull month. Freebie $1200 Christmas tree with three decorations, won’t wrap Evers presents. Much photo shop on photos.

    Announced a break between Christmas and NY which lasted two days. Has bought followers.

    And that rounds out 2017!


    TW - miscarriage and child abuse

    The year starts off quiet for Liela. Other than sharing her vision board of her dream wedding and posting many sponsored vacuum cleaner posts it’s all relatively calm.

    Content sounds pretty dull including how to wipe down a table and how to use bath salts. Snooze.

    Regular trips for botox, filler, fresh nails while complaining about having ‘no time to herself’ as she’s always looking after Ever. Being a single Mum is HARD and it’s so expensive!

    Liela announces that Ever the After is done in March as it was ‘too much work’ and ‘no longer fun’.

    Side note - my computer crashed and I lost the page so I cannot confirm the timeline however Ever became very unwell due to a septic infection from a cut on her foot. After being in hospital Liela then films Ever dance barefoot in a dirty bar in Byron Bay less than a week later and dumps Ever to go to ‘work function’ the night after she comes out of hospital.

    May 15th 2018 - held a live on the topic of ‘happiness’. During this live:

    Said to Ever who was ‘interrupting her’ - ‘do you want smacks?’
    Said ‘toddlers, I wish I could punch them in the face and it was legal’
    ‘The other day in the shops I wanted to KO her, I never would though’.
    Starts yelling during live at a commenter who told her to cuddle Ever as she just wants some love and then called them a f*ckwit.
    Said ‘I just hate it when she touches me past 7pm, this is my time’.
    She also disclosed she is no longer friends with any of her previous girlfriends/housemate because they are fake, negative b*tches.
    Ever touched her hand and she aggressively shoved her off and said ‘stop touching me please’.

    This live was held in Evers room when Ever is meant to be sleeping so of course Ever is wondering what’s she’s doing and interested in her Mum chatting into her phone?!

    Sad that people in live were encouraging her by saying she’s a great mother and they also hit their children. Actual WTF?!

    Much talk about this live and concern for Ever. It sounds dreadful and very heart breaking.

    Liela was aggressive to anyone commenting on her behaviour and told them ‘why don’t you f*cking come and look after her if you have so many opinions, I wish you could’.

    Several teachers expressed great concern at what they witnessed.

    May 16th 2018 - Leila sets account to private after talking about bullies.

    May 17th 2018 - sets account back to public.

    May 23rd 2018 - films herself driving down winding roads with Ever in back of vehicle.

    May 26th 2018 - Ever is with sister again (this has been very frequent throughout 2018). Sister seems to have Ever at least once a week and many comments on how happy Ever looks with her cousins compared to having a sad wee face when with her Mum

    She’s posting various men in the background of images however hasn’t seemed to manifested a long term boyfriend.

    May 28th 2018 - Liela announced she is having a miscarriage. She was pregnant to someone she has been spending time with for a few months.

    Much confusion about this as Liela was drinking and partying in Brisbane two nights earlier on Instagram.

    Liela announces that she doesn’t believe in contraception and was using an ‘app’ then later she is allergic to latex but ignores mentions of latex free condoms.

    May 29th 2018 - Liela is drinking wine and swimming in hotel pool (I think she is in Byron Bay not clear on this).

    Coincidentally her ex bestie Carly just gave birth to her second child over the weekend.

    Tells followers her Mum had to take Ever so she could miscarry privately however is posting about it all over social media.

    Apparently the guy is an old friend and if the situation leads to a relationship it would be great but if not she is soooooooo fine with it too because she’s super chill. Lol.

    Confusion around conflicting stories from Liela including three days earlier talking about hitting clubs, videos of drinking and partying two days earlier and six days earlier talking about the next time she gets pregnant. Also confusion around miscarrying while in a pool as tampons are not to be worn during miscarrying due to the increased risk of TSS. Also wearing white shorts and earlier a white skirt which is an interesting clothing decision.

    Holds live, says she had Pregnancy symptoms so took a test with sister (six weeks earlier). At scan fetus wasn’t found and then when bloods were drawn her levels were dropping.

    June 1st 2018 - hold another live to answer questions. When asked if she knew she was pregnant when she went out drinking she said yes without hesitation. Confirms she would have terminated this pregnancy. She is grateful for the miscarriage.

    Confirms she has been pregnant four times with two terminations and one miscarriage.

    Is going out this weekend to celebrate with sister and friend who is ten years younger than her.

    Has donated eggs previously apparently.

    Timeline of the last week:

    Fri/Sat - out in Brisbane partying.

    Mon - Fri - miscarrying while partying and relaxing in hotel pool with wine and needing endone.

    Fri - no longer needs endone and time to celebrate!

    (Unsure what endone is my apologies so may be abbreviated for something else?)

    June 8th 2018 - is now a model! Plenty of shopping, facials and threading. Off on a business trip and flashes new man even though he’s requested privacy.

    June 9th 2018 - sisters kids all have gastro but Liela still drops Ever off for child care. One of the children is so unwell they had to go on drip in hospital. Sister is a trooper and just gets on with it.

    June 10th 2018 - Ever has gastro.

    June 12th 2018 - during live promoting ASN she tells followers to ‘DM her for which products are best for depression or weight loss’.

    June 14th 2018 - posts birthing video montage including close up vagina/crowning shots for Evers birthday. Liela made a montage including many shots of Evers Dad. Ever looked happy which is the main thing.

    June 26th 2018 - Evers Dad is back in the picture.

    July 2018 - Liela and her sister are going to renovate campervans!

    Things seem to settle down and it’s groundhog day of facials, fillers, it’s hard being a single Mum, $600 lamps and washing machine breakdowns. Ever is having sleep issues and Liela is frequently locking her in her room while she screams.

    August 9th 2018 - while on a live in the afternoon Liela threatens to belt her 2 year old and shut her out of the house. Tells everyone she wants to punch her in the face and ‘if you were a single mother you wouldn’t judge’.

    Tries to justify her rage because she hasn’t slept in ‘months’.

    August 10th 2018 - new day, new live. Announces she never wanted to be a Mum. She hates being a Mum. Regrets it and misses her old life as she’s done so much she could write a book. She was hit with straps and thongs as a kid and she turned out okay (that’s clearly very debatable) so she will keep hitting Ever.

    Announces they are calling their van refurbishing company ‘Tallow’ like, beef fat?

    August 12th 2018 - writes post about ‘Mom shaming’ and justifies her desire to throat punch Ever. Says ‘you parent how you were parented’.

    Side note - My heart breaks for Ever and I despise Liela more than previously which I did not think was possible. This is so seriously f#caked up. I have no words.

    New live on sleep tips! They include:

    Homeopathic melatonin
    Doterra oils!

    August 15th 2018 - has adopted a cat which pees all over her bed as he is not desexed. I have to wonder…where is he now?! Where is the rabbit? What does she do with these animals?

    August 26th 2018 - after much backlash and limiting comments on her posts Liela is now acting like a sweet, soft, spiritual mother. Has joined dating site.

    September 2nd 2018 - Neighbour was involved in DV and Liela ran next door to tell the guy to leave. What a hero!

    It’s Fathers Day (September 2nd 2018) and suddenly Liela has a family emergency!

    Later that evening holds a live and it turns out she got a business loan for her car under her old business name ($10k) and the repayments for the car have now added up to $30k and the broker is saying they will take the car back. Strange this is all happening on a Sunday however apparently often debt collectors will turn up on the weekend of their notices and phone calls are ignored as better chance of people being home.

    September 10th 2018 - three lives throughout the day about a man she was seeing who has been cheating on her. Apparently they have been on again/off again for several years? Internet sleuths found his account and it’s very clear he was with another woman as many photos were posted of them together. (This is a different man from the recent miscarriage I think but unsure?) clearly Liela would have known he was dating this other woman all along. Calls her a ‘hoe’ and ‘ugly’ and ‘desperate’.

    Starts to speak about a man in Sydney who is hot but married.

    Mentions her Mum dates a ‘phile’ when she was a young teenager and it makes her wary of men.

    September 13th 2018 - Liela’s bad moods continue as she posted a story wiping marmite off her bar stools while Evers face is bright red from crying.

    September 19th 2018 - in a live Liela tells followers she has colour induced anxiety and has been given Valium and stillnox which she has stashed around the house.

    She says that ‘if you haven’t called your kid an asshole or threatened violence then you’re lying’ and she hates parents that don’t admit that they do, because everyone does apparently. One follower commented that she wanted to slap her daughter the day prior. (Seriously WTF). She locks Ever in her room when she’s naughty and lets her scream.

    Apparently stillnox isn’t prescribed to people with children as it’s a heavy duty sedative.

    September 25th 2018 - a psychic has told her she will be the next Bachelorette!

    September 27th 2018 - films Ever sobbing with a hoarse voice. Liela says she is ‘so tired and exhausted’ and then posts a photo with an overflow of breasts.

    September 30th 2018 - in live tells Ever to leave her alone.

    October 3rd 2018 - a new dog has appeared and previous dog seems to have disappeared?

    October 5th 2018 - declares in live that she will always be one of the women to uplift others and sprinkle love and reassurance…..then starts talking about sl*ts and jealous cows. Lol

    Sister has Ever again and many mentions of how happy Ever looks when she is in sisters care.

    October 10th 2018 - rescue dog has diarrhea poor thing. (Will be from stress of a new environment). Sister has Ever again. Follower asks if Ever is okay with the new big dog and Liela appears not to have thought about that and says she’s fiiiiiiiiine! She has had the dog a few days and it won’t hurt Ever.

    Same day but now she may have a new man!

    Sister is minding Ever weekly.

    Liela wants a three day a week job.

    October 12th 2018 - sister has Ever again and appears exhausted. Liela is flashing new man on the gram.

    New man is introduced to Ever and is tickling her.

    Mentions of last BF filmed in bed with Ever.

    Discussion around low engagement on posts.

    October 15th 2018 - Liela posts about infant loss and then domestic violence as she is a survivor of this.

    October 16th 2018 - an account called Daddy Fashion Stylists has been calling out fake mommy bloggers over the past few days and now has posted a video of Liela. She is going off in his comments and he has shut her down. Liela hasn’t responded but is encouraging her fan girls to attack.

    Video sounds hilarious! Was a video of her previous live when she says ‘and for those who said where was I when Ever was asking for cuddles…well where the f#CK were your kids’ and then it cut to a rap of ‘where the f*CK were your kids’ and then slowed right down. I wish this still existed?

    Liela was heavily criticized for leaving her child screaming and crying by followers of Daddy Fashion Stylist and her own followers.

    October 19th 2018 - films Ever hitting the foster dog with a stick. Left Ever with the dog and dog bit her. Ever is crying but Liela continues live.

    October 20th 2018 - has left Ever with new man.

    Deactivates Instagram account that evening.

    October 21st 2018 - reactivates account and is filming herself with new man and his kids.

    Later that night does live. Ever isn’t sleeping so she went away and locked her in her room.

    Says she has a new job as content creator but does not specify who with.

    October 25th 2018 - somehow scores new jaguar? Films herself in car singing along to rap music with the n word.
    DFS reposts a story where Liela raps the n word.

    New man is called Dan. Posting videos of them in bed.

    October 27th 2018 - Posts story about her Mother having cancer.

    November 1st 2018 - films Ever hitting her and telling her to ‘go away’.

    November 17th 2018 - posts new boyfriends kids in paid sponsored posts.

    Someone asks about her book! Apparently she was half way through when her computer died and she lost it ALL! It can’t be retrieved.

    Turns out Jag was a test drive. Now loaning an Audi.

    December 8th 2018 - shares photo of boyfriend naked on bathroom floor while intoxicated.

    December 15th 2018 - complains about BF’s children.

    December 25th 2018 - shares Christmas Eve with BF and kids.

    December 31st 2018 - deletes all photos of BF. No longer following each other on Instagram.

    Happy 2019! Will touch on early NY in regards to break up and make new recap for full year.

    1st January - evening live. Dan ‘wasn’t her person, it didn’t feel right, I’m looking for my forever’. They had been together 7 months.

    Timeline doesn’t quite fit as she posted in October about having seen him for ‘a few weeks’.

    One user has found her Pinterest board. 690 pins for wedding board and Mamalife board has 2 pins.

    2019 - New Year and I hope a new Liela as 2018 was a lot.
    TW - sexual assault, DV.

    4th January 2019 - announces that she is creating a make up line!

    7th January 2019 - iLiela is heading off on a trip and very excited. Holds a two hour live where she says she loves co-parenting and having adventures with Ever as Mum and Dad. Says if she didn’t have Ever she would definitely be living in in a terrace in inner Sydney.

    Many lives about being a single Mum and no one understands how hard it is.

    New live with tips about how to work from home. Hot tip! Be home before 2pm so you can reply to emails.

    January 16th 2019 - posts photos of ex friends then did live chastising someone for posting photos from 2009 and mentioning they did drugs at that time. Said how irresponsible it is to share that to their followers then says ‘I spent my twenties high’.

    January 18th 2019 - during live mentions Ever is away for the weekend and ‘she doesn’t miss her one bit’. Rants about mothers who call themselves solo Mums when their partners go away (she has been talking about this for around a week now by the thread, about someone called Lyree Kyree).

    January 19th 2019 - talks about her makeup line, one commenter recognises the primer she is saying she created as from another brand which is already developed.

    January 23rd 2019 - announces she would like to live off the grid.

    January 24th 2019 - posts about having no support from anyone when she went to hospital with gastro! She’s a single Mum! The photo she posts with this caption from the hospital has her Mother in the background lol.

    Turns out she called her sister at 1.30am who did indeed answer, race to her house and sat with her until the ambulance arrived so as usual had great support from her sister. Ever was already at her sisters that night also.

    One commenter mentions that several weeks earlier Elle had a gallstone attack while Leila was doing a live. When a follower asked Leila if Elle was okay she snapped ‘she’s fine, she’s waiting for an ambulance and there’s nothing I can do anyway’.

    Liela is starting a new business! When asked about the campervan she says it’s in the garage unfinished but will sell it. Make up line no longer happening.

    Liela is now saying she had a possible heart attack! As this can be confirmed with a blood test it appears to be untrue.
    ^^^this is all the same day.

    January 29th 2019 - drinking mocktails and asking where the nicest maternity dresses are these days. Someone craving attention?

    Wants to get breast implants removed.

    January 31st 2019 - posting photos holding her stomach.

    February 1st 2019 - posts a ‘I miss you’ post for Ever and says Ever uses the f bomb frequently. She loves Ever ‘wildley’

    February 5th 2019 - starts podcast! No one has listened yet so no further details.

    February 8th 2019 - Liela has cut finger! Says she is ‘bleeding out’. Screaming (but has time to set up a live about this accident) and says it’s SO HARD being a single Mum with no one to look after her when she hurts herself.

    February 9th 2019 - says nasty things to a pregnant woman at the beach who found her dog when it ran away and blames it on the Moon. Laughs about how she called the unborn child terrible names. Very proud of her actions and repeatedly said she went into full crazy girl mode. Ever was there as well.

    February 10th 2019 - during a live says she is not vibing with the toddler personality and they are clashing. She’s disinterested and disconnected from Ever at the moment as she isn’t getting enough sleep. She is irritated that Ever asks questions (Ever is two). Says she and Scott have the same ‘gentle’ approach to parenting and she hasn’t had ANY time for herself lately.

    One commenter notes that she had the night to herself the weekend prior.

    February 13th 2019 - Sister has Ever again.

    Told followers she had booked a fancy Valentines Day lunch for her and Ever however no posts.

    February 14th 2019 - She has a new business - maternity photography and dress hire! Seems to be following the same business venture as Coven and Co one follower notes.

    February 19th 2019 - wants to go on MAFS. (If this happens I will send these notes to Megan Pusetto).

    Says Ever has a temperature of 43 degrees and has taken her to a cafe for lunch and the park for a milkshake. Liela says Ever had febrile convulsions during the night.

    Within an hour all mentions of Ever being unwell are deleted.

    When followers comment on her posts she said ‘she can handle the temperature and convulsions due to her first aid training’.

    February 24th 2019 - during live told Ever to ‘piss off’ five times.

    Someone has listened to her podcast! It’s about being left pregnant! The next episode is going to be about ‘the rise’.
    She asked fans to leave reviews and cried troll when she received a negative one.

    February 26th 2019 - has the flu so is getting on a flight. She knows a man is staring at her, zooms in on him in the live stream but he’s very far away and not looking in her direction.

    Ever told the taxi driver he smells like a poopey nappy which Liela thinks is hilarious.

    Liela’s business now has a website and is a carbon copy of Coven and Co.

    Has a photo shoot in maternity dresses. Bystanders in the way of her images are photographed and slagged off on her stories. Photo shoot is at one of Sydney’s business cafes and tourist attractions but no one else is allowed there okay?!

    More posts about being a single mother.

    March 4th 2019 - Liela has the flu again so is off to read a book in a cafe and then is going shopping.

    March 5th 2019 - in one of her stories Ever hits Liela. Liela calls her a b*tch. Story is deleted within 20 minutes when she is called out.

    March 10th 2019 - says in a live when Ever has a ‘meltdown she locks her in her room and holds the door closed’.

    March 11th 2019 - promotes herbs for a ‘calm parenting style like her’.

    March 16th 2019 - a new low. Compares the Christchurch terror attack her to her own trolling.

    March 18th 2019 - has a colonic and now can’t stop vomiting or doing number twos. Then posts an hour-long ramble in a car park.

    March 21st 2019 - declares she wants to be more ethnic with her cooking so adds parsley and a ton of crab meat to the fry pan.

    Says she wants to take a step back from Instagram and then posts 40 stories and a long post about her daughter's bad behaviour the next day.

    March 22nd 2019 - Says doctor has discussed secondary infertility with her despite Liela recently becoming pregnant and miscarrying.

    Later films Ever who is clearly distraught and crying while laughing at her.

    March 24th 2019 - Liela fell over and dislocated her knee!

    March 27th 2019 - proudly shares with her followers that she’s had another go at a stranger after they spoke to her for driving onto the footpath.

    Has a live about another child hitting Ever at daycare. Says she wanted to go over and drop kick the boy but her sister held her back. She won’t socialise with low grade people anymore. The staff tried to calm her down as she caused a huge scene.

    March 30th 2019 - has live as feels triggered that Ever won’t have a beautiful birthing video to watch when she’s older. Despite this, she’s amazed at what she has achieved even though she was left pregnant. She has her dream kitchen table and Ever has a jools pram.

    April 1st 2019 - Audi must have dropped her as an ambassador as she removed it from her profile description and untagged Audi centre GC in her latest post.

    April 17th 2019 - posted a ten minute video of her new gifted mop while ever is in bath tub in another room.
    Her foster dog has gone missing.

    April 19th 2019 - blames Ever for forgetting her shoes and yells at her.

    April 21st 2019 - Holds angry rage live. A follower commented that if Ever was vomiting she shouldn’t be at the shops as she’s infectious! Liela went off, called the person vile, revolting, disgusting and a d*ckhead. She’s a single mother and doesn’t have anyone to leave Ever with, she deals with trolls daily but the trolls are especially active at Easter (??!!) she doesn’t have time for this!

    Trolls are contacting the businesses she’s working for. Be warned! She’s going to troll the trolls! What this entails is her going to their Facebook pages and writing mean comments about their children.

    Deactivates Instagram.

    April 21st 2019….later that night.

    Activates Instagram again. Live on being alone, having no support (but mentions her sister picking up Ever when she wasn’t coping two nights earlier). Seemingly obsessed with talking about how her life would be easier in a partnership. Says she hasn’t had a night out for TWO YEARS! She has Ever every second of every day!

    April 23rd 2019 - posts a full day of beauty treatments. Ever is not with her.

    April 27th 2019 - deletes Instagram again.

    Oh no, apparently she’s been hacked! Suddenly has 4000 new followers though?

    Changes name from Ever the Daring to Leila Stead. Suddenly has a new logo. Says her PR company is onto it.

    In the latest post caption, ‘this is me as a new mum circa 2015’ deletes comments from followers saying Ever was born in 2016?

    Finally credited her sister for her photos. Says she will teach Elle all she knows but Elle was a photographer first!

    May 10th 2019 - went to public bathroom and left Ever outside waiting for her.

    May 18th 2019 - posts the birth video again.

    A blur of ‘I’m a single mum and it’s hard work, I have no support’ posts.

    June 16th 2019 - celebrates three years of motherhood with some drinks. She’s done it with NO SUPPORT, all by herself and deserves it! No friends seem to be at the party, just family.

    June 20th 2019 - holds live, Ever is crying in the background. Says ‘she’s out there and I don’t have the energy for it. I don’t have the fuse for it. No one understands my life as a single mother’.

    Ever came up to her during live and said ‘I love you Mummy’ Liela responds with ‘love you too, space would be nice’ and pushes her off.
    Shortly angrily ends the live as someone comments that she is clearly triggered.

    Back on live - someone has said something that has p*seed her off, no one understands how hard it is for a single mother. She says Evers Dad is not rich and she has no financial support and she’s going to move far away soon.

    Later the same day the sisters unfollow each other.

    Liela posts about comments Ever has made about death which sounds either very concerning or a complete fabrication.

    June 21st 2019 - 6am photo shoot with newborn on the beach in the middle of winter. When McDonalds gets her order wrong Liela says ‘I hope this isn’t a sign that the newborn is going to be a d*ckhead’.

    Fight with sister has been confirmed as Elle is going through a lot and took it out on Liela according to Liela.

    June 24th 2019 - back following sister so must need a babysitter.

    June 25th 2019 - sister is looking after Ever as Leila needs an extra night away from her. Friday to Tuesday.

    July 3rd 2019 - held live as someone has stolen her identity and she has a Telstra account under her name. Ever is in the background screaming and crying while banging something. Liela says she has locked herself in her room so she can ‘get this live done’.

    Another live. Telstra called security on her and she was escorted out of the store. Ever was with her also. Was treated poorly as she’s a single mother.

    July 5th 2019 - Tilly didn’t like cat so gave it away.

    July 8th 2019 - visiting surgeon for removal of breast implants.

    It’s Liela’s birthday soon and she wants a spa day, two parties and a ritual.

    Liela has a woman’s circle (3 friends) where everyone has to say something nice about her for her birthday. So spiritual. Does not spend any part of her birthday with Ever.

    July 26th 2019 - Liela has the flu again. Discusses the birth photography session she recently had and implies she was more helpful than medical staff.

    In live says she was accused of calling an aboriginal girl the n word at school but she would never use that word because she’s Samoan. She then refused to go to ‘racist counselling’.
    She says she is constantly being hassled in the street because she’s famous.
    Says she once was bashed at school, said to ‘ask Elle’ and then quickly said ‘no, don’t’.

    Sister still has Ever five days later.

    August 1st 2019 - sister has Ever for a sleep over again.

    Leila is now claiming that gluten causes schizophrenia and mental illness and she’s a better mother not eating bread. Then makes a big bowl of regular pasta for dinner but says as noodles are thinner it will be okay.

    August 2nd 2019 - during live days she was a high risk mother and social workers would check on her every second day following a suicide attempt.

    August 7th 2019 - was catfished by a man online and sent him nudes. He also asked for photos of Ever which she sent him. Says she was being ‘groomed’ in live. Compares her situation to rape victims and being raped.

    August 8th 2019 - has accused friend who lived with her of stealing money from her and her clients. Turns out friend is also doing photography and was prior to Leila deciding it was her career so no actual money was stolen.

    Announces in live that she was engaged previously.

    August 12th 2019 - won’t be posting Ever much online as she was cat fished.
    One hour later Ever is on her stories again wearing a full face of makeup.

    August 26th 2019 - back to dating. Posts men's accounts from Tinder shaming them.

    August 29th 2019 - had to send Ever to her sisters to deal with her Mums illness. No mention of how her Mum is, just poor Liela, poor poor Liela.

    September 4th 2019 - sister is unwell and has gone to hospital in an ambulance. Liela takes Ever to a strawberry festival.

    September 7th 2019 - posts video of Ever singing out ‘everybody what the f*ck’.

    September 10th 2019 - Liela has joined an MLM! Arbonne. Calling out for strong businesswoman to join her on this incredible journey to financial freedom! #gIrLbOsS

    Previous night in a live said she had a blood test and some numbers came up. It’s a tumour but ‘not cancer guys! I had a full mood test that detects all cancers’ (what about cervical cancer?)
    She says that cancer doesn’t grow in an alkaline environment she says which is amazing as she’s SELLING an alkaline product. What a coincidence!

    Arbonne gig lasts six days.

    October 5th 2019 - posts photos of Ever in her underwear.

    October 25th 2019 - posts her wish for Ever to choose a man and father of her child wisely. In photo Liela is wearing an engagement ring and wedding band.

    November 9th 2019 - posts new man. New man appears to also be in an MLM as Instagram full of product spiels. They are meant to be! He also posts long talks ‘wisdom’ whilst driving and looking at the camera.

    December 16th 2019 - Liela lost two photography clients as her computer crashed and she lost the photos. Instead of being apologetic she talks about how she’s so proud of herself and how wonderful she is.

    December 20th 2019 - unfollows the BF on Instagram and vice versa.

    Looks another relationship has bit the dust and so has 2019!

    2020 - Year in Review

    TW - DV, suicide, child abuse.

    (Apologies in advance for any typos, Covid brain!)

    It’s a new year and I am half way through 616 pages of Gomi!

    Liela’s new relationship doesn’t seem to have made it into the New Year which is a shame as they really sounded perfect for each other. MLM ex boyfriend held a live talk about how anxiety wasn’t real. It appears that the sister is separating from her husband.

    1st Jan 2020 - Liela is chased down the beach by a guy demanding her phone number! Posts about how happy she is to be a single Mum with heavily edited photo.

    7th January 2020 - back to wearing an engagement ring.

    January 9th 2020 - had a soul day at the beach where Ever gets badly sunburnt. When a follower asks where the beach is Liela replies that it’s a ‘secret local spot’ but then tags the location on her post.

    January 10th 2020 - Leila is exhausted and crying in the shower after her soul day wasn’t soulful enough.
    Followers have been messaging her about her beach umbrella! Her DMs have been blowing up! She wrote a post about it and received two comments. Liela is getting so many messages for relationship advice. Her advice ‘the smarter the woman is, the more difficult it is to find the right man’. One poster comments that she must be ‘Mensa if that’s true!’

    January 15th 2020 - Liela confirms she is no longer in the store, she must have had a job after all! Seems to have been a Christmas casual as she is no longer needed.

    January 16th 2020 - posts a bikini photo which is heavily photoshopped as half her knee and left leg are missing. Deletes when a follower points this out.

    January 18th 2020 - long post about how amazing she is for looking after her daughter for two and a half weeks. Ever is her soul mate and her one true love. Posts another photo shop fail which made her eyes look extraordinarily large.

    January 28th 2020 - long post about her mother dying and telling her that she doesn’t love her every day. Sounds very detailed and awful. Liela also tags her mother in the post. Deletes post within an hour. Many comments saying that she should check on her mother, not post it to social media while her mother is going through such an awful time. Posts stories crying about how HER feelings were hurt and how SHE is so upset.

    Update - According to Liela’s post Mother is preventing Liela from having any contact with her or visiting. Post was about how betrayed Liela feels and how disgusting her mother is and how her and Elle will not be supporting her or donating. It sounds like her Mother has a friend involved in this also. Blames the hospital staff for letting this happen.

    January 30th 2020 - went to hospital and ended up screaming at the staff as they wouldn’t share any information about her mother. Shared private information about her Mother to followers and is so stressed she’s going to have a cleanse and bath - recommends watching the GOOP series! Is going to hospital tomorrow with all the notes from what her followers have told her to do. She is going to ‘lawyer up’ and won’t be leaving until she has her way!

    February 2nd 2020 - Liela was escorted from the hospital by security. Elle posts ‘Stead vs GCUH’ to her Instagram (Gold Coast University Hospital). Liela says her Mum is under mental health treatment and posts a selfie in silky nightie with breasts out. Sister complained about how the hospital hung up on her when she called. Liela requests ‘privacy at this time of mourning’ and then goes on to talk about her mother’s health/mental health.

    February 3rd 2020 - sisters are ‘letting go’ of their Mum. According to Liela she is dying and they want their privacy respected while they abuse the hospital staff in the following statement.
    24 hours later Liela marches into the hospital and set upon her mother. Story Liela has been telling does not make sense to posters at all, very confusing.

    To recap the recap:

    1st day - no one at the hospital would talk to her, she wasn’t allowed to see her Mum who was in a mental health unit, was escorted out of the hospital.
    6 days later - sister and her were letting go of mother. It was time for her to go.
    1.5 days later - Liela walks into the hospital and reunites with mother.

    February 4th 2020 - Elle tells Liela that a mutual friend is having an affair, begs Leila not to say anything but she does anyway because of ‘morals’.
    Elle complains about her friends being MIA.

    February 7th 2020 - has to move out of rental in 7 days. No one is surprised as Liela mentioned the homeowner or property manager followed her on Instagram and would have seen the trail of foster animals which may not have been permitted in the lease?

    Much entertainment from the ex Craig! Apparently his content is very Tony Robbins cringe. (Wonder where he is now?)

    Liela posts sponsored ad for crockpot and then makes passive aggressive comments to any followers who ask questions about it.

    February 10th 2020 - another man is on the scene! So many people are asking her for relationship advice!

    February 12th 2020 - shared more health details about her mother that are very personal. Liela says the care team said to her sister ‘she really hates your sister’.
    Posts more personal information about her mother. Very derogatory comments about the hospital staff and her mothers care team.

    Followers advise Liela not to share so many personal details about her mother.

    February 15th 2020 - Elle and Liela are arguing. Liela posts again giving out medical information on her mother.

    February 16th 2020 - Liela has a dislocated hip. (I wonder what happened to her dislocated knee last year?)
    Is back at the hospital. Is standing so appears not to have a dislocated hip.

    February 17th 2020 - posts photos of her mother in various states of undress.

    February 18th 2020 - says her podcast about trolls is used as a resource in high schools overseas!

    February 19th 2020 - blasts hairdresser in a live. She’s never going to a hairdresser again! Posters comment it’s the healthiest her hair has ever looked as darker and not so bleached.

    New man is called Kiwi. He loves to travel and she’s been to Bali so it’s a great match! She posts a video while he looks uncomfortable.

    February 23rd 2020 - sisters are following each other again.

    March 3rd 2020 - has already introduced the new man to Ever. Ever doesn’t seem happy in stories, possibly confused by yet another strange man in her life in a short time span.

    Liela posts stories gushing over the new man while he looks unimpressed. Appears to not enjoy being filmed. Is having sleepovers and he got up in the night when Ever called out and Liela didn’t wake. It’s the first time anyone has ever helped Liela before!

    One poster comments that ‘she’s thrown her sister under the bus more often than she’s cooked tinned crab’ lol

    March 4th 2020 - Ever is screaming that she wants to go to her Aunty’s. Liela admits she uses practitioner-only natural remedies whenever she has outbursts. Liela films tantrum. Apparently recording Ever is a ‘parenting hack’ so she can sit down and tell her ‘how stupid she looks but not in those words’. Liela will tell her ‘how do you think this makes Mummy feel?’

    March 5th 2020 - adds in bio ‘lover to Mark’.
    Mark has not posted Liela to his Instagram yet.

    March 7th 2020 - posts nude bath photo. Says she tried to hang herself in the past. A psychic has told her she will have a son very quickly and marry a man whose name starts with M.

    Many comments on how uncomfortable Kiwi Mark looks.

    March 12th 2020 - Liela is becoming her Mums full time carer. Hello Carers Allowance!

    Kiwi Mark is FIFO.

    March 22nd 2020 - during a live Liela talks about a post which has been shared (I think a poem?) and Liela is angry people aren’t crediting her. Ever interrupts her for something and she tells her to go and wake up her sleeping mother to help. Sharing information about corona virus that doesn’t sound to be accurate and saying ‘ok boomer’ to anyone who is trying to correct her.

    She isn’t making any decisions around self isolating (despite having her high risk mother living with her) and said she couldn’t cope if Ever wasn’t at kindy as she needs time to recharge. She was forced to buy 24 packs of toilet paper which blew her budget out! Said she cried in the supermarket as people looked worried and she couldn’t buy her cheap pasta.

    March 24th 2020 - social media break and ‘lover to Mark’ removed from her bio. Removed bath tub photo and photo of them in bed with Ever.

    Relationship appears to be over. The psychic was wrong?!

    March 25th 2020 - social media break is over. She doesn’t have the luxury of time for a break because ‘you guys need me’.
    Much essential worker.

    She’s not going to talk about Mark and from now on all relationships will be private.

    March 27th 2020 - posts Evers crotch in underwear online.
    Goes on a live to say how hard it is to be inside for 6 days. Pleads for followers not to abuse nurses.

    March 27th 2020 - defends ScoMo.

    April 1st 2020 - posts meme mocking people with English as a second language.

    Posts screenshot of conversation with sister. Appears a man made a joking comment and Liela abused him. Followers have told her that wasn’t necessary and to be kind. Liela is kind, she says! She says she’s always kind to everyone she meets!

    New live saying she is 33 and has been a solo Mum since she was left pregnant and she’s now the carer and bone marrow donated for her mother.

    Sisters celebrate free childcare for essential workers.

    Holds live showing off the toys she has bought for Ever. One follower comments that she should get her head out of her phone and give Ever attention instead which Liela did not like. Follower went onto say ‘we’ve all seen you lock Ever in her room screaming’ which Liela denies and said never happened.

    Followers question why Liela is shopping so much and leaving the house when her Mum is so vulnerable. Liela is now claiming she’s being bullied! She is an essential worker as she has to take her Mum to the hospital so she can do what she likes! She spoke to the police and they told her it’s fine!

    April 3rd 2020 - one poster comments Liela is two minutes away from launching into conspiracy theories.

    Same day, Liela pleads with followers to stop watching the news. Tells followers to run, don’t walk to the Kmart chocolate sale. Posts ‘rebels’ to her story while her Mother is in the oncology ward.

    April 5th 2020 - posters have stumbled across the most recent ex on two dating apps. Did not swipe right.

    Sister asks followers the difference between a paperback and a hardback book.

    Liela gets her hair done by her pregnant ‘best friend’ during lockdown.

    April 6th 2020 - joins TikTok and tries to lip sync to songs unsuccessfully. Many posts are laughing about this.

    April 8th 2020 - shames nephew for wetting the bed.

    Followers question why Elle is taking her Mum to all her appointments when Liela is the carer.

    Goes to the beach to photograph a friend as it’s essential service.

    April 11th 2020 - Evers Dad has a new partner and they have Ever who looks very happy. Posters are very pleased to see this.

    Liela is busy playing ‘old French music’ while cooking with fresh produce. One follower commented on the YouFoodz in the background which was swiftly deleted.

    Ever is at child care again as Liela needs soul time.

    April 16th 2020 - Liela is writing a new book to help everyone!
    Goes to the beach for a soul session.

    April 20th 2020 - Liela is now telling followers to juice, use crystals and reiki to help with Covid. Liela is a reiki master!
    In a Q and A someone asks her if she travels, she replies she’s been to Bali a few times

    Ever is back in child care while Liela completes her essential worker tasks of walking her dog and having soul time at the beach.

    Posts photos of Ever naked in the bath.

    One poster comments ‘she’s as spiritual as she is literate’. LOL

    April 22nd 2020 - is over dating and wearing a ring on her ring finger.

    April 23rd 2020 - Liela creates soul session PDF workbook. No one comments on post. Says thousands are joining her and her kiwi sister for a sunrise soul session and to use a hashtag but only 25 show up on live, quickly dropping to 12. Appears 8 of those are posters from Gomi. Unsure if she knows how to meditate as chatters through it to a friend.

    One follower asked for the hashtag from the meditation so she can see the photos. No response to this.

    Ever is in care five days a week.

    April 27th 2020 - Liela is now an immunisation expert. Has a rant about vaccines.
    Blames the midwife for her pelvis being bad.
    Says she’s not afraid of needles because she’s donated eggs.

    Holds live where she gushes about her mediation being joined from ‘women all over the world’ but apparently the only international woman who attended was NZ sister.

    April 30th 2020 - cries in live as says cannot walk, says she was high on CBD oil yet drove to pick Ever up from daycare. She needs surgery for her sore back. Was doing yoga and walking on the beach day prior but says she ‘totally understands what people who suffer with chronic pain go through’.
    Openly shares she screamed at every person who looked at her while hobbling to get coffee as ‘she doesn’t give a f*ck’.

    Films family at hospital wearing face shields because it’s ‘weird’. Did not seem to comprehend they were at the hospital and very likely compromised as followers pointed out.

    One poster follows Jess Schembri and believes Liela copies most of her writing.

    Says she had the best sleep ever in her new bamboo sheets so back pain can’t be too bad.

    May 2nd 2020 - sisters must be fighting again. No birthday post for Elle and has unfollowed.
    Liela has live about ‘toxic ex friends’ and booking a flight to NZ to see sister.

    One poster speaks of Liela in the wild experience when Ever was throwing sand in children’s faces at the playground. When the Mum asked her nicely to tell her to stop Liela said ‘no, f*CK off’. The woman with her laughed. Sounds on brand.

    May 4th 2020 - Liela has live on how hard it is to be a single Mum. Posted a lovely post to older NZ sister after ignoring Elle’s day. Elle commented on the post, ‘where’s my birthday post ya bortch’ which received more likes than the actual post about NZ sister.

    May 6th 2020 - rages for people to not ask her stories about her birth! While having the full birthing video in her highlights, vagina and all.

    Posts birthing video again. (I believe this is the fourth time).

    Changes account to private.

    May 7th 2020 - removed post about NZ sister and of Ever naked in bath.

    May 10th 2020 - Liela posts Mothers Day appreciation post about herself, never mentioning her ‘dying’ mother.

    A blur of lives about vaccines and her opinions on them, soul sessions at the beach and Ever in daycare.


    Do your research
    Educate yourself

    One poster accidentally replied to Liela’s story regarding vaccination instead of sending to a friend and Liela shared her full name. Poster received a huge amount of follow requests and was surprised that they were messages of support and only one message abusing her from a fake account.

    Another photoshop fail with wonky slimmed knees.

    May 26th 2020 - is on the becoming Mum podcast. Told story of being left pregnant but didn’t mention she threatened to stab Evers father and kill him. Said her ‘words’ are on tee shirts around the world.

    Says she has taught Ever to hit kids back if they hit her.

    A follower has called out Liela on her lies and for shaming a follower. The comment hasn’t been deleted but has many likes.

    May 27th 2020 - shared video of George Floyd without naming him, called him ‘a black man’ then shared stories following promoting a drink.

    May 29th 2020 - takes photo at the beach staring at the sea and says she’s going through a rough time.

    Later that night….she’s bounced back and is heading out for a night out.

    Posts recommendations for Byron rentals because she needed to move ASAP then quickly deletes it.

    Holds live giving her version of events in the US in regards to racism. ‘I feel like this is such a big issue and has I have a huge platform people expect me to lead this and I’m so emotional’ ‘there’s three sides, the police, his and the truth’. 37 people in the live and 4 commented on Gomi thread.

    June 1st 2020 - said that ‘all lives matter’.
    Deleted post.

    Talking about manifesting but unable to say what she’s manifested in new live.

    June 2nd 2020 - adds black square to Instagram. When someone politely asks her to remove the Black Lives Matter hashtag (the hashtag being used with the black squares were affecting the important information being shared) she replies ‘I have had to edit this THREE times now so I hope this fits the bill’.
    Always listening and willing to learn our Lies.

    June 3rd 2020 - Ever is with Elle and looking very happy. Many comments on what a different child she seems when with the sister.

    June 4th 2020 - after a tireless 1.5 days of activism, Liela removes black square.

    June 5th 2020 - posted peek of a new man on stories #privateneversharingagain

    Honey Badgars brother makes an appearance and everyone is amazed at how much he looks like Ever.

    June 9th 2020 - buys a laptop and is disgusted to get it home and find there is no USB port!

    June 10th 2020 - makes a post about her Mums transplant being on its way and is annoyed it is so close to her birthday. The audacity of her mother having life saving surgery on her birthday!

    Later that day complains there is no one to take candid photos of her. Is crying because it’s so hard being a single mum without a photographer partner.

    June 11th 2020 - took CBD oil and had ‘the worst reaction ever’. Drove to the hairdressers after said reaction. Medicinal CBD has very minor amounts of ThC many posters pointed out.

    June 12th 2020 - photo shoot for Evers birthday. Posts photo where Liela is front and centre and Ever is out of focus and running out of shot.

    Bought herself a present for Evers birthday as she was ‘upset’.

    June 14th 2020 - ever had a dream she was dying so now Ever is psychic. Says it may be to do with her ‘heart condition’. Is calling her ‘spiritual team’ to find out what to do.

    No posts of Evers actual birthday other than her sister posting one of Ever at the skate park.

    June 19th 2020 - has live with one of her spiritual team. Talk over each other frequently for an hour.

    Liela has a stalker! No evidence of messages however to share when asked.

    Sister may have a new partner?

    New podcast ‘own and align’.
    Ever is with Elle and now has a mullet.

    June 26th 2020 - makes dramatic post about her mother being told she wasn’t going to make it in an open ward. A follower questioned her on this as said she didn’t believe this would happen.

    June 29th 2020 - holds live about how hard the blood tests and x ray were and that she wouldn’t recommend saving someone else’s life by becoming a bone marrow donor as it’s too hard. Says this all in front of her mother.

    Liela got a new tattoo this week even though you are advised not to have any six months before being a donor.

    June 30th 2020 - Elle spent day with mother and talked about how proud she was of her. Stark comparison to Liela who just talked about herself and complained.

    Liela shares messages asking her about her weight gain but won’t share messages from stalker when asked.

    July 7th 2020 - filmed a story where Ever showed her Mum the outfit she had picked out. Liela laughed at her and Ever got upset and ran away.

    Suggestions for a GoFundMe for Evers therapy when she’s older? Can we make a pact to make this happen when we know 100% Liela can’t touch the funds?

    Liela is holding frequent lives with never more than 100 viewers despite being 2020 and the (what we know now to be) the beginning of the pandemic?

    Elle has given up another pet.

    July 9th 2020 - Liela gives Ever CBD despite it giving her a reaction not long earlier.

    July 16th 2020 - her Mum is in dire straits so she won’t be posting much but if you need her you can email. She needs coffee recommendations and then rolls her eyes saying how unfair it all is and then posts photos of her lunch.

    July 20th 2020 - lives from hospital as Liela is donating bone marrow for her Mum. Made tik tok video about having to spend her birthday that way.

    July 25th 2020 - asked a nurse to take a photo of her washing her naked mother in the shower and then posted it.

    July 27th 2020 - holds live slagging off the professional dietician for not understanding nutrition
    Later that day films herself eating McDonalds.
    (you can’t make this stuff up!)

    Holds new live about everyone being jealous of her.

    Back with Ever for the first time in ten days who is clearly struggling to adjust. In live Liela says ‘I do look after you, bubba’ and Ever (crying) says ‘no you don’t’. Liela asks followers for advice.

    July 29th 2020 - Elle is looking after Ever for the day so Liela can get eyebrows done and have a soul day drinking cocktails with a friend after one day of parenting.

    A follower has called her out on neglecting Ever and how she treated the hospital staff (she yelled at the doctor) and she says that everyone is jealous of her.

    August 1st 2020 - threw Evers artwork which she was proud of into the bin and blamed the dog. Let’s Ever yell at the dog.

    Says she won’t be posting Ever to her feed anymore and then posts a photo of Ever with her nipple showing.

    August 2nd 2020 - conflicting stories about shaving her mothers head. Liela says her Mum can’t speak to give them permission to shave her head so Liela went off at them and then her Mum turned to her and said ‘I’m over it, I don’t want to fight anymore’.

    Filmed herself later on the phone/talking about when she was on phone to the head of the hospital saying ‘if she was Jewish this wouldn’t happen’. Referring to the concentration camps.

    More conflicting stories when she said she initiated Ryan’s Rule due to the fact hospital staff shaved her mothers head without telling her the. Changed the story to using Ryan’s Rule to not being treated properly/ why she’s in ICU.

    Later said her mother wasn’t given fluids for three days.

    August 3rd 2020 - posts photo of herself with her Mums head cut off with a caption saying her angel has her permission to die now.

    Posts that she will be suing the hospital then that’s she’s having a break from social media.

    August 4th 2020 - removed stories where she spoke of abusing the staff and suing the hospital.
    Posts that she has the flu and can’t visit her Mum. Talks about slipping her Mum CBD oil in hospital.

    August 5th 2020’- social media break is over. She says she couldn’t visit her Mum due to border closures after yesterday saying she had the flu.

    Positive news! Her Mum is doing better. Liela claims it is due to her enacting Ryan’s Rule. She is suing hospital for negligence but as no examples of this other than head shaving. Complained about the medical staff speaking to her in calm, patient voices.

    Sister said the doctors told her their Mums transplant is following the expected path and she was always going to have a rough patch before getting better.

    August 8th 2020 - having social media hiatus to be with family however is out at a party according to friends on social media. Still telling followers her Mum might not make it. Liela feels like ‘a shell of a person’.

    August 9th 2020 - sisters are giving very different diagnoses. Knowing that the Mum is alive now thankfully it appears that Elle was telling the truth, Liela not so much.

    Holds a live crying that she needs more business to pay for Mother’s legal fees.
    Gets brows done later in day.

    August 10th 2020 - reshares posts about how inspirational she is.

    Posts her Mum in a very vulnerable state.

    One poster may have hit the nail on the head! ‘I think the sisters will continue their unhealthy symbiotic relationship the whole of their full lives. The only thing that may push them apart is when Liela starts a GoFundMe and steals all the money but Elle is so used to be used she probably won’t even notice as long as she gets the odd beige gift’.

    Many posts disgusted in Liela stripping her Mums dignity by the recon photo.

    One follower has called Liela out on her post to explain the actual process for Ryan’s Rule.

    A poster has explained that any change made to policy has to be implemented by QLD health as only they have the jurisdiction. Being a public hospital any changes must be adopted by all hospitals in the state after a trial. Therefore, Liela’s posts about policy being changed due to her is an outright lie. The poster providing this information disclosed she works for Governance for the Australian Government.

    Liela posts photo sunbathing photo with quote on how she is pioneering change in the medical world. ‘This is why it’s so important to SPEAK UP’.

    (These recaps blow my mind. Surely no one that follows her buys this?! Has reminded me of Liela’s recent live with NZ sister who is having a hysterectomy - April 2022 - and Liela telling her to explain to the surgeon that it’s a ‘spiritual procedure, not a medical procedure because the surgeons don’t understand and to keep the womb that’s being removed).

    August 13th 2020 - tries to call out Makaia Carr unsuccessfully as Makaia Carr called out Liela’s bullsh*t stories. Doesn’t tag Makaia in post however.

    Loads of new posters joined thread to say how disgusted they are in Liela’s behaviour to the medical staff and her mother. Much disgust in using their mothers serious health issue for content and relishing in the attention.

    One new poster has family who works in the ICU at the hospital and confirms that everything Liela has been saying is untrue. Confirms hospital staff were aware of what she was saying online.

    August 16th 2020 - posts a new man with many ‘we’ comments but tells followers to respect her privacy.

    Is desperate to cross the border into NSW to do some shopping in Byron. Got lips tattooed. Is now a reiki healer.

    Screeched at random person who was in a disability park (person had a disabled child) tells followers she was a teachers aid for children with disabilities.

    Buys letters for Evers room but can’t tell the difference between W and M.

    Holds live with 25 viewers, 8 appear to be in Gomi thread. Talks about her partner being there.

    Introducing Brad Watto, new man.

    Eating tinned crab pasta while talking about the ‘Chinese vaccine’.

    Back seems to be fine?

    More new snarkers joining the thread with Liela in the Wild stories. Similar themes of face like a smacked ar$e while being rude to people. Much love and light

    August 21st 2020 - photo shoot in bed with new man. Fortunately Ever isn’t in it this time.

    Ever has not been in stories for many days now. Appears to be with her father again.

    Liela has made it Facebook official.

    August 22nd 2020 - posts photo of Ever with new man. Ever doesn’t look happy.

    Many lives with conspiracy theories.

    August 24th 2020 - two weeks in and she’s ‘in love’. Long post about how much she adores him and how grateful she is for him.

    August 26th 2020 - has womb healing. Elle gets fillers.

    Starting to talk about babies with new man.
    Something is going on with someone called Smi_f. Appears that Liela is very jealous of her (maybe another Mummy blogger?)

    Starts adding to wedding Pinterest board again.

    August 30th 2020 - wearing a wedding band.

    September 2nd 2020 - steams vagina with camomile tea or is recommending to do so.

    Boating day - new boyfriend comments on Ever being 4, going on 18.

    Shares Pete Evans content.

    New post about being left pregnant.

    Adds ‘Lover to Brad’ in bio.

    September 9th 2020 - poster shares she knows Evers Dad who is an ‘unassuming, lovely man who has a beautiful family’.

    S___fl questioning why Liela openly talks about Botox and fillers but will not get vaccine.

    Posts another photoshop fail. A poster messages she saw Liela in the wild that day and that she is far bigger than her edited photos.

    September 14th 2020 - is now a doula.

    Declares herself to be a ‘thought leader’.

    September 18th 2020 - Ever has scratched Brad so Liela is talking about it and laughing.

    September 24th 2020 - moving in with Brad!

    Comments on how miserable Ever is looking lately other than when she is with Elle and her cousins.

    Posting photos with hand on pushed out belly.

    Says she’s now $5k in debt from buying furniture.

    October 2nd 2020 - on a road trip and much concern for Ever who is not restrained and would fly through the windscreen if made to stop suddenly.

    Appear to all be sleeping together on back of the Ute. Mum has been put back in hospital for ‘her own protection’.

    Went for a late night skinny dip, not sure where Ever was at this time.

    October 4th 2020 - ever has a proper seatbelt now.

    October 8th 2020 - posts that she has lost her identify from looking after her Mum and is exhausted from caring for her.

    October 16th 2020 - posts photo of Ever in swimmers.
    Lover to Brad is removed from bio.

    October 20th 2020 - makes post about Ever taking toys from day care and films herself talking to Ever about it. A follower has posted advice which was gained many likes but no response from Liela.

    October 21st 2020 - deletes photos with Brad, they no longer follow each other. Removes Facebook relationship. Ever and dog are with sister.

    October 23rd 2020 - changed account to private and refollowing Brad. Unhid the photos she removed of them.

    October 29th 2020 - is psychic and feels the energy of the dead.

    Books hotel room with Brad and let’s Ever sleep on the sofa while they have ‘romantic time’.

    October 31st 2020 - in Q&A says her Mum is now cancer free.

    *according to a poster no one is declared cancer free until 5 years of clear bloods.

    Ever wants a pair of $11 mermaid shoes so Liela lectures her on valuing things and doesn’t buy them but buys herself $99 Zara shoes.

    November 3rd 2020 - implying she has had another miscarriage.

    November 5th 2020 - has the worst flu she’s ever had. Takes Ever to kindy orientation.

    November 9th 2020 - Elles cat is pregnant again. Elle wants to sell them for $250 each.

    Liela posts story about abusing someone and hitting them with a trolley? Unclear on details.

    November 13th 2020 - says they are trying for another child. She has twisted hips and it’s her midwives fault.

    Is in cycle 5 trying to get pregnant but followers are questioning timeline as doesn’t seem to add up as Liela posted in August upset she didn’t have a partner to ‘offload to’. Liela doesn’t respond.

    One poster knows Brad and says they were definitley not together in July as Liela is now saying.

    Starts deleting comments from anyone questioning the timeline.

    Is going to share her raw, unapologetic and authentic fertility journey to this miracle child!

    Losing followers and claiming it’s because ‘people aren’t happy for her happiness’.

    Called a follower a c you next Tuesday.

    Post photo of large belly with her hand on it

    November 17th 2020 - Brad shares a video of Ever naked on the beach.

    An article has been written about her and she’s suing for defamation.

    November 18th 2020 - abused a volunteer in a charity shop. Unsure as to why.

    November 20th 2020 - her mum is back in hospital for two weeks while Brad, Ever and herself go on a trip.

    December 2nd 2020 - complained about a $8 voucher from Jetstar.

    December 11th 2020 - deletes post from someone who won a photo shoot from Liela in a charity auction and has been trying to book it for a year.

    Posts about more things Ever never said.

    December 18th 2020 - has period. Cries.

    December 25th 2020 - posts a video with her Mum while laughing at her head scarf.

    December 30th 2020 - posts a year in review where she says the stem cell treatment was the worst thing she’s ever done in her life.

    December 31st 2020 - a movie is being made about her ‘words’.

    Looks like Liela is finishing a year with a partner however with a brief scan into 2021.....

    January 2nd 2021 - Posts ‘Please respect my privacy’.

    On latest post about break up (which appears to be a word for word copy from last break up post) a follower caught a comment from Brad before it was deleted:

    Haha, this was nice to wake up to x
    For anyone interested I had been down visiting family for Christmas and my nieces first birthday. Leila and I hadn’t been fighting so this was very strange to wake up to. Not to mention thousands of messages from friends and family. Leila was welcome to come but couldn’t as she was on standby for a birth shoot.
    No we weren’t fighting about anything and I wish her all the best. Breaking up on social media is SO LEILA though. Cya guys.


    2nd Jan 2021 - After leaving a message saying breaking up via social media was ‘so Leila’ Brad has been blocked! From Christmas photos with Santa to a social media break up. A sad turn of events for Watto.

    Sister has also deleted all photos of the ‘love of her life’ from her feed.

    Mama Watto leaves a heart emoji on Liela’s post.

    3rd Jan 2021 - account seems to have disappeared with no posts showing? A follower comments on her other page saying ‘where is your other account’ and Liela replies ‘I’ve decided that’s not for me anymore’. Only one follower has asked.

    9th Jan 2021 - throws Q&A on her photography page while answering own questions and throwing shade at photographers who do newborn sessions. She’s going to start mentoring!

    10th Jan 2021 - Goodbye to this space post. Liela is leaving Instagram! Posts with Brad have been deleted. Speculation Brad has asked her to step back from Instagram and posting so much.

    New bio on photography page ‘an intrigue of imperfect moments through letters and lense’ for a photographer she cannot spell her equipment pieces very well.

    Renames her account.

    Changes spelling of lense.

    Ever the After account is back up and running after she claimed the account was hacked and that was the reason she couldn’t access DMs to sort out refunds for ‘pieces’ never received or damaged! How amazing!

    13th Jan 2021 - now has three accounts. Fully booked for birth photography for the year even though people giving birth in October won’t have conceived yet.

    22nd Jan 2021 - manifesting has paid off! She’s moving by the sea!

    27th Jan 2021 - sister confirms she was dumped before Christmas but now back together and stronger than ever!

    Liela says ‘how sad my daughter is growing up in a world where filters and fillers are normal’ to a screen while using a filter and a face full of filler.
    She hasn’t had fillers since LAST YEAR! She now only uses Gua sha.

    30th Jan 2021 - makes a podcast about ‘why I walked away from a life online’ but has been on Instagram and Tiktok all day.

    Followers call her out for her apparent use of fillers and Botox.

    1st February 2021 - it’s filter free February! Posts new profile picture with filter then quickly changes when called out.

    Liela reposts five women and a sister who have jumped on the bandwagon! Blasts a commenter who doesn’t believe she doesn’t have fillers. Tells her she’s low vibration.

    2nd February 2021 - posts that she’s no longer single. Has taken down seaside photo and no longer mentioned moving into her ‘expensive home’.

    Is back with Brad. Word vomit on ‘loving gently’.

    7th February 2021 - changing Evers school when she moves so Ever will have been at school one month before she has to change.

    15th February 2021 - not with Brad anymore. Is clairvoyant. Has Q&A and clearly wrote the questions herself.

    21st February 2021 - moves to a new place and Mum has moved to hospice.

    24th February 2021 - proud that Ever isn’t attached to her. Doesn’t seem to understand that’s a trauma response.

    Social media break is clearly well and truly over. Back to posting personal content.

    2nd March 2021 - straight back into filters.

    Follower count is dropping.
    Calls herself the most authentic person on Instagram.
    Says she wants to date someone who ‘isn’t threatened by this community’.

    7th March 2021 - appears to be out with a man with Ever in tow.

    10th March 2021 - holds live about the PC brigade in regards to her recent post about transgender.

    Writes another love letter to Ever ‘see him for who he is now not who he wants to be’. Much projection and little thought that Ever may be gay when older?

    20th March 2021 - a new business is here! Posters are guessing jewelry by the trinkets she is wearing. One user searched AliExpress and found the necklace pendant she’s wearing for 37c for 20.

    21st March 2021 - calls Melissa from MAFS a doormat and laughs about her.
    Deletes comment from followers asking if she designs her jewelry.
    Posts preview of jewelry on her personal page but not the jewelry Instagram page?

    Posters have found all the ‘designs’ on AliExpress with links.

    29th March 2021 - more anti Vax rants.
    Older half sister commenting in support.
    Concerned about blood clots but has boob job, Botox and fillers galore.

    31st March 2021 - has lost a large amount of followers.
    Gives Ever a vaccine of two cloves of garlic each night. Posters remember how Liela would dose Ever with pain stop to force her to sleep as a one year old.

    Abusing anyone who comments with a different view to her however says she wants to ‘open up the conversation with integrity’

    Garlic cloves must work well as she is sick again.
    Talking about Ryan's Rule again.
    Blames sugar for cancer but as followers point out Ever’s lunch box is full of sugar. Angry responses to these comments.

    Says modern medicine nearly killed her mother.
    Snarks to a follower that she has a university degree.
    Says she’s a qualified doula even though in Australia there is no certification for this.

    Calls a business owner stupid for querying which freedoms Liela is losing and the business owner responds with saying it’s stupid to bring so many men into Evers life.

    One poster contacts the business owner who received dozens of messages of support and two orders from the above comment.

    Says her inbox is blowing up about her jewelry but only 8 comments on post.

    6th April 2021 - called an elderly lady a c in front of her daughter at Coles.

    Is angry at anyone asking where her research is from.

    Launches more pieces which are quickly found on AiExpress.
    She announces the ‘pieces are locally sourced’.
    Deletes comments that ask if the pieces are made in Australia.

    14th April 2021 - one poster is wondering what happened to the photography as Le Mama is no longer a registered business as of March 2021 and Liela was fully booked for all of 2021 with birth shoots?

    First time she has been spotted at a park with Ever.

    Says her fake pearl ring has healing properties. One user finds this on Ali Express for $3.60

    Comments are deleted that mention her ‘pieces’ are from Ali Express.

    17th April 2021 - visited a supplier in Byron but didn’t post them?

    Flower ring is $4.02 on AliExpress.

    17th April 2021 - she has a stalker again! Is contacting the police in regards to defamation! Was on the phone to her lawyer on Saturday night!

    Has live about accountability and that her stalker has crazy eyes. Has not confirmed the process for her jewelry.

    Is waiting for the trolls IT equipment to be subpoenaed…okaaaaay that’s not how that works.

    But it’s okay! She’s ‘actually so protected by witches it’s not even funny!’

    18th April 2021 - New live and comparing herself to Charlotte Dawson.

    20th April 2021 - new hexagon moonstone cubic zirconia ring is on AliExpress. But Liela just ‘curated’ it?

    Someone asked her in the live if she would show the behind the scenes and she said yes but the tools are bright yellow and gross. Each piece takes about twenty minutes to make!

    Says she had an all day shoot and then later that she was there 11am - 1.30pm. 80 people in live.

    New Botox lumps in face but she just uses gua sha and drinking more water!

    Posts that she wishes Ever was born into a family.

    April 21st 2021 - ever having a huge tantrum in the background of live and Liela says to ‘ignore her’.

    New bracelet is on Alibaba for 1cent (yes one cent)

    Gearing up for Liela’s full moon blessing soft moon launch.

    April 27th 2021 - has dislocated knee again? (Remember the dislocated hip?) but later at the beach so must be okay!

    Deleted latest sweary reel.

    Next day is at the gym! Dislocated knee is fine again!

    1st May 2021 - posts about climbing the corporate ladder, running into new destinations once the plane door opened…
    Asking herself questions in the Q and A again.

    2nd May 2021 - goes on a rant about suggestions she has sourced ‘pieces’ from China. Refutes these claims! Accuses everyone of tearing her down and the high quality pieces she puts her name on! Then uses the same stock image from AliExpress for her piece ‘flower ring’.

    During live wants to know "Why is everyone picking on her when larger companies import jewelry all the time?" (So, admitting she imports jewelry and it’s not Australian made like she first said?)
    Two weeks ago she designed ‘all the pieces’ and the new narrative is ‘importer and curator’.

    The e is Golde is an ode to Ever.

    5 stores will have her ‘pieces as wholesale!’ Making jewelry in bed. Pulled a little crystal pendant out of a small plastic bag.

    Posts quote about love ‘I missed the boat somewhere between late nights and long work days’

    Posts bridal earrings that cost .55c - $1.51 on AliExpress.

    No Ever in Mothers Day stories. May be at Dads similar to other years.

    14th May 2021 - long post about how she’s curated her life so she can be at events at school while filming the kids at school (against school policy to protect any children with protection orders etc)

    Writes many questions to her own Q&A box including how she was seen out ‘looking smitten’.

    One poster asks Liela if she asks herself questions and is blocked immediately.

    20th May 2021 - started on the website and the launch is in six days!

    Kellie Howard posts photos and Liela looks very different from the images she posts herself.

    26th May 2021 - Golde launch party day! Under an Aries Full Moon! During live focused on talking about her ‘haters’ more than the support from friends and family.

    Blue blocking glasses are on the website for $79 with exact pairs on AliExpress for $3.

    Yikes, one poster confirms that it’s an eclipse moon and one should never charge crystals or do rituals under an eclipse moon. Super moon energy is chaotic and invites in the negative so sounds almost perfect for Liela though! Chaotic is her middle name!

    Launch includes 8-10 of her friends having dinner with her jewelry on A4 cardboard. 32 people joined the launch live via Instagram.

    Hot tip! Screenshot any of her ‘pieces’ and download the Ali express app. Via the camera logo on the app upload the screenshot and you’ll see the SAME piece without the 800% mark up!

    ‘So many of you have asked if I’m seeing someone……’

    Has spelt incense as incence on website.

    2nd June 2021 - new live with 20 viewers! She is going to tell everyone how to start their own business!

    She is SO TIRED from packaging orders.

    Babybird necklace is on AliExpress for $8, Golde website $79.

    9th June 2021 - now has a social media assistant to run her page as she’s so busy! Her name is Georgia! She packs late into the night and gets up at 5am for the orders that come through overnight.

    Someone in the live asks if the book she’s reading is as cheap as Alibaba jewelry. Lol.

    11th June 2021 - first sale! After two weeks!

    15th June 2021 - Evers birthday and it’s all about Liela. She’s parented solo for five years with no child support! The fun day included a photo shoot on the beach and a coles mud cake without candles. Liela also got a facial, blow dry and eyelashes done in the AM before the photo shoot.

    Long word vomit about how much she loves Ever then quickly leaves her to go out partying with friends.

    Note that Dad was at ‘party’ and Ever seemed to want to be close to him throughout.

    16th June 2021 - mother who won a giveaway for a photo shoot has asked about her prize. Comment quickly deleted.

    Sister is now posting twenty odd stories a day droning into the camera about nothing much.

    29th June 2021 - plandemic instagram lives. People have been ‘sucking the tit of the government’ but not you of course Liela, never you with Centrelink payments.
    Talked about ‘sheeple’.
    Says she is not white.
    Liela now specialises in teaching autistic children.
    Deleting comments asking for info about her ‘research’.
    Half sister and Liela arguing with followers in the posts (whole family is cooked).
    Now speaking about indigenous health matters.
    Has lost 200 followers in the last hour.
    Liela says the doctors looking after her Mum were so incompetent she had to do their job for them.
    Deletes all comments on post.

    30th June 2021 - now Liela is getting death threats! No evidence of them however for someone who loves to share screen shots.

    1st July 2021 - social media break time! Right on cue.

    Several users have been blocked for liking other people’s comments. Liela likes to live in an echo chamber it seems!

    ‘Georgia’ posted saying people were asking where ‘our’ boss lady’s yoga mat is from! Strangely there is no Georgia following Golde and vice versa. Also the workforce has expanded!

    7th July 2021 - getting racism hate mail but again, no evidence of this? Leaves names and pictures in messages questioning her information and then one nasty one crops to remove all info? Clearly from oneself.

    15th July 2021 - Ever has a business now!

    Liela asks people to argue with her, pretending she is capable of an intelligent ‘debate’.

    She is a few thousand followers down.

    A user screenshot the vaccine surveys - 90% were pro vaccine. Liela quickly deleted the polls.

    19th July 2021 - has live telling followers to ‘wake up’ has live with half sister about great reset.

    21st July 2021 - another lap around the sun for Liela. 23 comments from 37k followers! Shared posts from older sister but no one else seemed to post.

    Two days later there are 100 comments on Liela’s latest post calling out her hypocrisy, bad parenting, Alibaba jewelry….

    Gomi thread was locked for two weeks.

    13th August 2021 - Liela is now a business coach!
    Adds Advocate and truth seeker to bio.
    Liela won’t date someone vaccinated.
    Ever is being homeschooled.

    15th August 2021 - they’re moving to NSW. When asked about Evers Dad became very aggressive and said the arrangements stay the same.

    20th August 2021 - now theleilarae. Has moved house and speaking as though she bought it but is a rental. Talks about being in a quiet country area but every photo shows houses in very close proximity.

    21st August 2021 - takes Ever to protest who looks scared. During a live says that she has received an email asking to promote the vaccine and ‘all influencers have’ when asked to show it, ends the live.

    24th August 2021 - encourages followers to make large reservations at restaurants and then cancel them at the last minute because of the vaccine passports. Yells at Ever in live.

    25th August 2021 - another day, another live. Tells Ever off because she hasn’t gone to watch TV. Then complains about how hard parenting in lockdown is. Compares quarantine facilities to concentration camps.

    Liela has changed her username 27 times since 2017.

    29th August 2021 - one Gomi poster was reading through the Single Mum Diaries Facebook group and noticed a comment where Liela said she had a bad reaction to a vaccine before. How interesting we haven’t heard of this throughout 2020/2021?

    Many users have blocked her now due to the constant sharing of information with zero credible sources.

    31st August 2021 - New post about being left pregnant (who knew?)

    Has started a ‘masterclass’ where Liela will coach women to be just like her! Inspirational! The manifesting course is $888! Angel numbers!

    3rd September 2021 - posts that the weight of the world is making her tummy sick and then in stories says she has a tummy bug. Okay.

    4th September 2021 - goes out drinking.

    6th September 2021 - has live with two anti vax ‘influencers’ but seems intimidated by them and doesn’t say much other than ‘there are two sides to science’.

    Films herself meditating while holding the phone up with her hand. So zen.

    Says that Golde is going so well she doesn’t even need to do marketing for it! $10k months apparently!

    16th September 2021 - posts a video of a grieving mother and open coffin followed by a close up of her breasts.

    Despite saying Ever wasn’t going to school and then was going to be ‘unschooled’ now Ever is off to school!

    Changes her bio to remove ‘freedom fighter’.

    21st September 2021 - new live which no one can decipher sadly as Liela appears to be intoxicated.

    Drops Ever to her sisters before the borders to Queensland close for 7 days

    28th September 2021 - has spent two days of the school holidays with Ever.
    Makes account private.

    11th October 2021 - has an angry live about freedom day qnd pronouns in bio.

    Apparently a woman in Smiggle had a go at her?

    5th November 2021 - Liela’s Mum has an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

    8th November 2021 - starts a GoFundMe.

    11th November 2021 - tattle page is created.

    16th November 2021 - says the vaccine injured are taking up all the spaces in mental health wards, nurses were whispering to her in the corridors that she’s put her life on hold for her Mum. Mother is going to a nursing home.

    22nd November 2021 - takes money from GoFundMe account.

    10th December 2021 - is selling Sparkle Girl and there’s so much interest!

    19th December 2021 - posts that Mums health is declining rapidly and sister and herself have to clear out her apartment.

    22nd November 2021 - says depression is a phase. Posts that her Mum is in a ‘mental institution’ for her vaccine injury.

    6th December 2021 - has launched a ‘divine mission statement workbook’ it involves soul contracts! It allows you to be magnetic!

    8th December 2021 - tells story that the Nursing home Manager is bullying her Mum into getting a second vaccination.

    Sister posts a story of her Mother who looks healthy and not ‘declining rapidly’ as Liela claims.

    10th December 2021 - big post about ‘bringing the fury’ and feminine energy against vaccines. Rise up! Lions!

    Is selling SparkleGirl.

    12th December 2021 - spoke to the manager of her Mums nursing home who promises not to bully anyone again! She’s now informed with Liela’s wisdom!

    Medical professionals say they see similarities of Cluster B personality.

    Liela posts about her daily manifesto and being of service. Posters remember Liela’s kindness fondly including:

    Last month badmouthing a fish and chip owner for not serving her and told followers to make fake orders and not pick them up.
    Yelling at a charity shop volunteer about fake flowers.
    Abusing hospital staff.

    20th December 2021 - deleted all posts and has now changed her personal page into Golde Jewels! Has decided since the ‘relentless’ trolling she’s received that she will now only post about business matters. No Ever, no personal life, just bUsInEsS now! Her safety is at risk! Psychologists are worried for her safety!

    Out of 36k followers only 32 people like her first post.

    28th December 2021 - ‘she will be back’ posters say. Another year finishes with an account delete and rebrand, no relationship breakdown for Christmas 2021 though unlike the past three years.

    Where is Georgia?
    Where is the GoFundMe money?


    2022 in Review

    Happy 2023 Tattlers! What a year it has been for our dear Lie-La aka Tarrah aka Lies aka Goldé Jewels aka We are La Mama Photography and to finish the year with The Soulfull Space with TWO underscores.

    Flashback to late December 2021 and Lie-La is on her annual deactivate page/delete all posts/rebrand new scam. This time it’s because a Tattler mentioned that Lie-La was her neighbour (shock, horror! Someone who put their entire life on instagram has been recognised by their own neighbour!).

    Even psychologists are worried for her safety! (Strangely the message from said psychologist uses the exact same langauge and incorrect gramma that Lie-La uses? How odd!)

    For Lie-La and Evers safety she will be changing her personal Instagram page into business only.

    December 22nd 2021 - Lies instagram account is deactivated! Much speculation about what her next scam will be. As per previous recaps this is an annual Levent for Lies so no one is surprised.

    December 27th 2021 - changed her personal account to a business account. GoldeJewels is her latest handle.

    December 28th 2021 - A Q&A which seems to be questions from Lie-La to Lie-La. Apparently she is the victim of trolls again and will not be sharing personal information on her page again, only business.

    Tattlers are happy to hear she won’t be sharing so much of Ever and think this will be positive for her child.

    December 29th 2021 - shares photo of exposed breasts with Ever. Is now coaching! No mention what she is coaching on however.

    List of Lie-La’s previous “careers” via skinny piccolo:

    Other than being the only single woman left pregnant, our esteemed friend is also:
    Author, poet, screenplay writer
    Life coach (lol)
    Motivational speaker
    Jewellery designer
    Jeweller (putting together gold plated copper purchased from Ali Express)
    Interior designer
    Air hostess
    Civil rights fighter (invokes little known rules like a banshee)
    Caravan flipper
    Uni graduate
    Sunrise soul sessions (global reach; audience of 24 out of 36 THOUSAND followers, most of which were hate follows to update GOMI)
    Medical researcher
    Saviour of all single moms around the world
    Dick jockey.
    Missing anything?

    Latest buzzword seems to be “container”.

    31st December 2021

    End of year post via So Many of You have asked:

    1. Liela’s looking forward to working with her “chosen clients” as if she has the option to pick and chose from the very small percentage of deluded and dumb idiots who are willing to buy her snake oil

    2. Signing off with GG, is this meant to stand for Golde Gals? almost as cringe as her fake assistant Georgia or when she uses Our e.g Our new website is currently being built. It’s just you babe and your delusions of grandeur

    3. She decided that a quiet life was once again better than one displayed in tiny squares, Jesus wept, it was only a month or so ago she was crying from rooftops and declaring she won’t be silenced as a freedom fighter for the great uneducated masses

    4. Where’s the Go Fund Me money Tarah Lie-la Lame?

    Tattlers are betting how long it will take for her to post personal information again.

    2nd Jan 2022 - Liela manifested the mountain view she’s looking at!
    3rd Jan 2022 - Shows her DIvine Mission Statement template with size 24 font!
    4th January 2022 - sister has new partner (Elle).
    5th January 2022 - On latest post Liela has 30 likes from 35k followers.
    6th January 2022 - says she reads Ever “Love Letters from Great Men”. Gag.
    7th January 2022 - posts story about a poem to wrote to her Mum while she was in intensive care telling her to fly home and how she begged God to take her.
    Tells followers that her “pieces” are non tarnish! Has read 3 books so far this year.

    8th January 2022 - sister posts that she will be getting vaccinated as cannot find work.
    Liela has publicly said she won’t have contact with any family members who are vaccinated so there goes the babysitter.
    Liela has created a new account called The Wife’s Way. All the images are the same as her recent Pinterest board and this account shared GoldeJewels post.
    Pinterest photos are quickly deleted lol.

    9th January 2022 - Elle is not happy with Tattle mocking her shoes and dream relationship. Makes angry post and mentions shopping at Millers for some reason? Says she is a good person.

    Liela is commenting on Wife’s Way instagram from Golde Jewels account to increase engagement as very low interaction.

    10th January 2022 - grid post about how she is hated because she makes so much money. Records podcast called “How hate online continues to promote my self growth”.

    Several Tattlers mention they know past friends of Liela’s who distanced themselves and one current friend (married with a girl) who is friends with Lies but is actually sick to death of her. Hmmmm, could this be the recent camper van road trip friend who is married with one girl?

    Podcast is an hour long rant about how trolls won’t bring her down. Very rattled by Tattle despite it just being a forum to discuss problematic behaviour without any messages being sent directly to Lie-La or anyone connected to her.

    11th January 2022 - new buzzword is energetics which LieLa drops into every sentence. Says her podcast has had 250 thousand downloads.

    Multiple teachers have used this with their older students already! Weird since school isn’t even back for the year?

    Talks of someone who won’t be named who set up a GoldeisDodgy instagram.

    Comment by Beige Wellness Warrior:

    No teacher would recommend her in any way, shape or form to young people in their care. That's a blatant lie. Her comments regarding suicide and ideation are horrifying and clearly demonstrate how little she knows about mental health and young people. I'm actually glad she blocked me, but this makes me so angry. And the fact she is so convinced of her own "energy" and "power" is infuriating.

    12th January 2022 - still talking of bullying messages she receives but no screenshots for some reason?

    Posting about photography and mentoring on Gold Jewels and “what sets her soul on fire” despite account only to be focused on her “jewels”.
    Goes to supermarket and cries because she can’t buy her usual pasta.

    14th January 2022 - has Covid but wasn’t sick as she made her own hydroxychloroquine! Goes to the beach each day despite being meant to isolate. Won’t take RAT or PCR as the tests change your DNA (wot?)

    Says her mother nearly died from the Covid vaccination.

    15th January 2022 - one Tattler a screen shot of Liela’s request for sperm on a sperm donors page.

    16th January 2022 - Liela is going to do a silversmith course and make engagement rings! Won’t talk about Covid but she is fine despite sounding very out of breath and coughing a lot on live.
    Rude to followers who are showing genuine concern about Covid.
    Original comment before being deleted was “you were supposed to see it! Stop being a stalker”.

    17th January 2022 - says she has a “Full and colourful life” but seems very beige from here.
    Exposed breasts and Ever are back on the business page.
    Advertises Ali Express necklace as gold but actual listing says copper.

    18th January - on an Instagram live says she drove to beach every day while covid positive.

    Won’t discuss her Mother but accepts donations for her GFM for her mother.

    20th January 2022 - NZ sister posts herself in ambulance. What is with these sisters posting every detail from hospital? Such drama!

    Latest post has 13 likes after 7 hours.

    20th January 2022 - Liela is sick! Lying on sofa and can’t move. But I thought Covid didn’t affect her?

    Tattlers question why no posts from Gold customers with their jewellery as everything is “selling out so fast!”

    21st January 2022 - gives house tour! Definitely no longer just a business instagram account. That lasted almost ten days though!

    Someone created a page showing Liela’s jewels vs AliExpress.

    One Tattlers comment re Golde:

    People import things from o/s all the time and resell them here - I suppose this is no different (not defending her). It's the sneakiness that gets me. This is taken from her website:

    "This beautiful online store was born because of one pendant, just one little pendant Leila stumbled across when walking through the streets of Byron Bay. She loved the pendant so much which is now the hero of our best selling Hamsa Hand that she knew that it would be loved the wide world over.

    G O L D É has now grown to an online concept store stocking the most delicate and feminine pieces sourced the wide world over and also featuring some of our incredible local artisans"

    How many pieces are made by local artisans? Who are the local artisans? Surely if she'd partnered with someone it would be plastered all over her insta page by now. And how many countries does she source the other pieces from?

    22nd Jan 2022 - Elle has Covid after visiting Liela. Appears to have deliberately tried to catch it the dumb arse.

    23rd January 2022 - living in her dream Queenslander, another tour of home.
    25th January 2022 - has 30% off sale. Prints off four labels and talks about how busy she is!

    Comment from hairytoes2:

    Because I have too much time on my hands I checked how much stock was in the store at the start of the sale and just checked again at the end of the sale.

    Leila has sold 3 items at $49 each - the 30% off. A whole $102.90! Woo hoo. Covered the cost of another 100 items from AliBaba

    NZ sister joins an MLM, aligning with Stead scammer vibes:

    Comment from Tattler Just Touching Base:

    These Stead girls really are allergic to hard work, aren’t they?The 3 of them are always looking for the easy way out, the quick buck for the least amount of effort. And that is why they are all unemployed and living off government support. I really hope their kids can break the cycle but with these chicks as role models the chances are low.


    It is also consistent with the fact that they probably aren’t employable in the real world. Lack of formal work skills aside; their delusions of grandeur, anger management issues and total lack of interpersonal skills and empathy probably mean they simply aren’t employable in the longterm. And ta da, there you go folks we have ‘entrepreneurs’ and #bossbabes aka welfare cheats (no diss on people who genuinely need assistance!)

    27th January 2022 - posts photo with book upside down.
    28th January 2022 - has extended sale as “so many of you have asked about it”.
    28th January 2022 - a Tattler checks stock levels and she has only sold one $49 necklace.
    29th January 2022 - posts selfies of herself relaxing and meditating lol.
    Goes on Instagram Live and Ever is screaming in the background.
    Elle and Lie-La have unfollowed each other.

    Tattler So many of you have asked says:

    I think Liela is having a jelly dummy spit because Elle changed her profile picture to that of being in a relationship (Liela's dream!) and put up on her stories that she's landed her first full time job starting this week.

    BUT Something dodgy has def gone on with the GFM, not a single mention/tag or photo of her Mum having one of the miracle coloured vitamin water drips Liela was investing in, she claims she's no longer talking about her Mum for privacy reasons but we all know it's to avoid scrutiny and accountability for the $$$ she's scammed

    31st January - now 50% off photography sessions!

    31st January 2022 - So Many of you have asked says:

    I wondered for a moment if I was psychic
    but no, Liela is just boring and predictable

    Which makes me laugh so hard knowing she is now a PSYCHIC lol.

    1st Feb 2022 - More things Ever never said.
    Liela can’t believe she isn’t out there climbing corporate ladders!

    2nd February 2022 - a customer has left a review on her photography page and it isn’t positive. I have collected the screenshots but there's no option to post them via a wiki so will think of another way.

    3rd February 2022 - first day back at school for Ever and Liela wakes her at 4.30am. Posts video of her breasts in shower on business page.

    Selling Aliexpress ring which is $13 for $139.

    4th February 2022 - gives dating advice.

    New podcast about turning $50 into $10k months (sure, Jan). Also strange her ABN isn’t registered for GST if she is earning over $75k?

    Films herself staring sadly out windows that you can’t see through.

    Posts another upside down book.

    Kangaroo Steak posts:

    Alright - listening to this pathetic podcast.
    So far shes said "done that" instead of "did that" 4 times.
    Shes pushing the normall MLM shill line "let go of limiting money beliefs and invest in yourself if you want to have abundance".
    She thinks she knows the market because of her IG. This is the same IG which can't get more than 14 likes on posts of her JUELLREH
    "I needed to source a pendant and track it down" - so she never designed them. Never hand made them. She's acknowledging that she found them online.
    Shes almost quoting Anna Rose verbatim about finding your passion and then making it into business.
    She says her no 1 tip is to outsource your weakness - hers is financials (no shit) so she has an accountant and FP.
    She's shilling her business coaching for businesses too.
    Her $50 was a "few necklaces". '
    She acknowledges she dosent make anything because she dosent know how.
    She says "pintUHRHEST"
    She is already complaining about sending Ever to school

    6th February 2022

    So many of you have asked posts:

    Looks like she is quietly buying followers again, she dropped down to 35.4K yesterday and is now suddenly back up to 35.5k followers this afternoon, maybe her new bots will ask her some questions

    Muchsmartmanybrain posts:

    Gee… the daily tiktok vlog bullshit she was committed to lasted about as long as one of her long term relationships.

    NZ sister declares all trauma is resolved now she’s joined an MLM!

    Tattler Jojo has another excellent AliExpress comparison.

    8th February 2022 - Liela is so sad Ever is at school now! BeachBaby posts:

    " may you always remember the quiet moments of just us" ( and not when mummy was telling at you to shut up because I was doing a live, or when I locked you in your room, or when I threatened to give you a smack, or when I drugged you when you were a baby because I was tired)

    Therealsmilf posts:

    Ever started school last year. She just was moved to 3 (4?) different schools in her first year. Her birthday is in June so she was the absolute last month cut-off to get in. I probably would have held my children back. The cut off is 30 June in QLD.

    Next thread! #goldejewels #2

    9th February 2022 - more posts of her feet. Is reading a book every day!
    Has one spot left on her course after posting an hour earlier that she had six spaces.
    Posts that there are one million protesters at the Canberra protest.
    Says that the vaccine mandates have made housing affordability zero. Okaaaaay.
    Copies a long post post word for word on her stories but doesn’t credit the original writer:

    Post from GeorgieBox:

    Leila cares about the health system and health workers - when she was abusing them about her mothers treatment because she “knows best”… she was hanging to cut the cord so her mum could die (?!) by the sound of it. She also cares about elderly people, and was so happy to care for her mum for about 2 days before she shipped her off to a government funded nursing home. She also wanted to homeschool for about 6 minutes until she realised it would mean spending significant time with her daughter. Not to mention the number of men she connects with, moves in as the new father figure and then dumps (or they dump her) rather suddenly before she has time to update her Pinterest board. I get whiplash from it all. Such cringe. She is just piggybacking anti vax sentiment because it’s the only way to get engagement. I find it mind blowing she can “turn away” customers considering how much she’s discounted the photography and jewellery in the past few weeks. I bet teaching boss babes to “manifest” doesn’t pay for all the beige furniture and exorbitant rent.

    One Tattler posts:

    Funnily enough I have real life experience with Lie-la and her mother. Can't be too specific for obvious reasons, but trust me when I say that nearly everything she has said about her mother's initial hospitalisation was wildly inaccurate.

    16th February 2022 - has birth injury as was told the wrong position to birth in.

    More Golde prices vs AliExpress comparisons.

    $29.08 for ten pieces which Liela sells for $109 EACH!

    23rd February 2022 - Ever is manifesting a younger brother apparently.

    Leila has instagram live with wet hair in towel. Much professional.

    26th February 2022 - posts her thoughts on Ukraine.

    28th February 2022
    Township is flooded but goes out to take photos for the ‘gram.

    Posts stories to instagram saying she was given evacuation orders but doesn’t want to so is laying in bed. Complains about not being able to sleep as rain is so noisy.

    1st March 2022 - lectures followers on exploitation during a tragedy and saying they are opportunistic to sell workshops during this time.

    Appears to be aimed at Jess Schembri and Kirra Love who are promoting their Love and Light businesses while some have lost everything.

    Schools her followers on what community is about after refusing to wear a mask during the pandemic to keep high risk people safe.
    Very ironic.
    Tells others to check their privilege lol.

    Says a homeless woman asked her if she needed help with her groceries today then posts saying she has no food to eat? What did she buy at the store then?

    2nd March 2022 - muchsmartmanybrain posts:

    I guarantee you all. There will be a link for her gofundme page any day now. Plus she’ll claim the 1k flood relief payment.

    2nd March 2022 - will be offline for a few days.
    Five hours later is back online.

    Complaining that her business has stopped due to floods. Needs gumboots.
    Deleted post about homeless people helping her.
    NZ sister is clairaudient like Lie-La!

    3rd March 2022 - town is flooded but Liela needs a babysitter.
    Has discounted Divine Mission Statement PDF to $39 from $88.
    Says her pipes burst and she burnt her hands and feet trying to stop it but is now in the bath tub.

    WellAndWealthyBossBabe posts:

    Her posts are so entertaining! I love the roller coaster of emotion and behaviour. Went for a drive but couldn’t get food. Then got food and said hello to an “indigenous” lady because you know…empathy and community. Later that day had to get food and water choppered in by her friends because she was surrounded by water…hot pipe burst burning her hands and feet…but those hands could operate the phone to keep filming. Then she couldn’t sleep because of the selfish people needing to be rescued. Then nearly fell into sedation whilst filming on her phone. Her time with her kid is sacred but please can someone take her off her hands because 2 days in the house that she can’t leave…but left like twice in a day…with her kid is tooooo much for single solo warrior le mama who depends on no one. She is financially independent guuuyyys but has no money to cover a short term crisis where she has lost NONE of her worldly good. All the screechy posts about sewerage and baths of water, people needing gum boots (in her size and possibly the man who would rescue her with his masculinity that aligned with her divine femininity) then she’s IN the bath of sacred water showing her bunions (no signs of burns). No longer worried about other peoples rotting feet from DISEASES FROM THE SEWERAGE…when really they should be able to go barefoot because of their nAtURal iMmuNity. It’s the best!

    4th March 2022 So many of you have asked posts:

    The nerve…… “if” there were any childcare options available in her area they would be reserved for emergency /frontline staff and volunteers, the people who are out there actually doing the hard work so Liela can pop her very-rested and underworked bunions in a bath. If she enquired about child care so she could get out there and offer a hand then one could forgive her entitlement but no, she’s just a selfish cunt who can only focus on how anything & everything affects her.

    Did anyone see the clip she wrote about the ADF? apparently they were all out in droves imposing isolation rules during covid but not now in a state of emergency… fucking clown…how can one person be so stupid?…Lie-Lie, maybe take a little look on the ADF website for Operation flood assist 2022, and those that are not already deployed helping with the clean up have been assisting in aged care homes, like the one your Mum is in to help with the ongoing crisis that is still unfolding due to your little flu that just needs a bit of Vitamin D

    4th March 2022 - sister calls the fire brigade as kids burnt toast.

    Ohmybortch posts:

    A QR code for people to directly deposit money to her!! She’s bypassing another GoFundMe, straight to her pocket. Pig!

    Jojo posts:

    Aaaand there it is. The PayPal link. This woman is so ‘successful’ with her multiple incomes yet can’t afford fuel from her own pocket. How much of the supplies (if any of it) have YOU donated Leila? How much money have YOU given from your own pocket to help these people? You won’t even buy your own fuel to drive down and ‘help’.

    Im positive that she’s dipping into all those supplies not meant for her.

    What a piece of shit.

    Wellandwealthybossbabe posts:

    Wow wow wow. I misunderstood her fuel grab! I thought she was getting fuel for others so they could move about to get supplies. No no no…she wants people to put money in her own account for fuel so she can deliver donations OTHER people have paid for and she will get volunteers to distribute. Her selflessness is golde. She doesn’t even want to donate her own money for fuel

    She is such a superstar at grabbing some light to shine on herself when she is literally jumping on the backs of those doing the work. Cheers to seeing Leila lying in bed talking to the phone about how great she is for the next few days as she gets everyone else to do the work and counts her PayPal money.

    GeorgieBox posts:

    She has a problem with people having an issue with her accepting donations via her photography business account because she's not a registered charity.

    Calls them Karen... yet she has a track record of being a scamming liar... and would have no way of accounting for the donations.
    Then finally says at the end the money can be for *her fuel* to deliver said donations to "people in need".
    Admits the donations which other accounts and why places like Givit exist are not always helpful and a lot have been ruined by rain.
    I hope she has four million pad packets on her dining room table forever.
    Congratulations Leila, you are already useless and continue to prove it every single day. You are in the way and not helping at all.

    So many of you have asked posts:

    Of course she’s roped in her equally bat shit crazy and scamming sister to get PayPal donations from nz, I knew she would find some way to exploit the kindness of others for her own gain. She’s putrid inside and out. I could only watch a few moments of her clip, the tone of entitlement in her voice and that pillow face was making me nauseous.

    ThisGorjuzpiece posts:

    And can someone please tell me how her “whole town is under water” but she’s driving to the Gold Coast etc. She will be doing her weekly shopping out of those donations.

    Mumoftwo89 posts:

    Thought she was helping with the clean up? Her shoes look as white as toothpaste


    She's grumpy from experiencing one whole day of helping others and doing some manual labour, wow, be patient guys but keep those $$$ coming in! Liela needs money for petrol yet there she is being driven around 2 days in a row.

    Those bastards at the pub, how dare they have a moment of respite whilst supporting a local business when Liela demands their boots on the ground!!


    As she would say 'do your own research '. There are plenty of legit places to donate too that are transparent and not out for their own ego.
    Also, I feel really icky when she just dismisses other peoples work such as the guys at pub and the Army deployment. I'm not saying it's been a perfect deployment but these are humans who had to wait for orders and red tape etc. It's not THEIR fault, no need to downplay and make them seem stupid and useless. So much ego stroking going on from the anti vax gamers who think they are invincible and above everyone else. Also aren't Tarah and Elle talking anymore? No encouragement from Elle just from the 'woke' NZ sister boss babe entrepreneur who is just as blind and delusional as Tarah. Free yourself Elle, you are better off without the toxic twat.

    6th March 2022 - live with NZ sister has been deleted. Appears to have received backlash from their grandstanding on how “amazing” they were and slagging off others for not doing enough.

    Takes a photo in front of flood damaged houses wearing a white singlet, denim shorts and clean boots with not a speck of mud in sight. Hard eye roll.

    Instagram live complaining about sore back! She’s been working so hard you guys! Rages about others not doing enough to help.
    Rant seems to be aimed at another life coach Jessica Sol who is now posting passive aggressive responses to Liela.

    JustBeige posts:

    Absolutely. But this is them all over. Preaching all manifestation and love and light but as usual completely miss the point.

    I feel another insta delete and 'time off' are coming soon. She is severing even more bridges and is absolutely batshit crazy. How she can blame the Government, ADF, Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, midwives, Mental health units, vaccines, madks, medication, Telsta workers, charity shop volunteers and any other person who 'doesn't align and come to her table' is beyond me, she just can't see it can she, she is so down the hole of delusion and self importance she is blind. She wants everything to align to her anti vax stance and 'helping the community for the common good' but can't see the hypocrisy? Whinges about selfish instagramers not doing anything then has to white knight herself and display that no one else is doing anything but her and they need to be boots on ground yet here she is showered, fed filming herself (with a filter and boobs out) in her white linen, warm bed with water, electricity and internet.

    Whinges she needs childcare, food, petrol and 'give me money' so she can have a soul day because she is suffering from a sore back that the midwives stuffed up whilst she birthed Ever, the back that was fixed two weeks ago. Can't get out of house to 'work' or get 'food' but can somehow drive to shops with indigenous people? Water pipes have burst and there is no clean water, but films herself in a candlelit bath? Is an independent boss babe with a 10k per month business and multiple income streams but crying she has no money because she can't work? I thought she built her business so she could work and 'coach' from home around her schedule and has manifested her dream life? She funds her and Ever independently with no help from the Govt or Evers dad? What have I missed.

    8th March 2022 - clearly still not talking to Elle as posts about NZ sister being a pillar of strength and doesn’t mention Elle.

    Sparkling new boots on the ground!

    Has raised $900 in an hour!

    Comment from JustBeige:

    She now cares about local businesses and takeaways? Was it just a few months ago she herself asked her followers to make fake orders so the takeaway that wouldn't serve her (no mask) lost money. She said she had just ordered hundreds of dollars worth of food she never intended to pay for and pick up. Much caring, much Mother Teresa.

    SlayKay posts:

    3k raised
    When will people learn. Think it’s pretty funny that we got a glimpse of the boots after I said the other day if she was out there we would get pics of said boots.

    9th March 2022 - films herself driving.

    10th March 2022 - won’t post receivers of gift cards as it’s private. No sign of any receipts of bought gift cards.
    Received $3k but only gave out two cards?!
    Has removed grid post about Love Notes/donations.

    All posts regarding donations have been deleted. Tattlers believe she read posts bout being reported for fraudulent donation requests as all signs of donations are gone.

    12th March 2022 - Promoting another self led mastery course! Two days ago was slagging off other coaches for promoting their courses.

    13th March 2022 - posts about telling Ever about being left as a solo Mum but leaves out the part where she threatened abortion, suicide and violence to Evers Dad. Oh and held a knife to him.

    Posts another story Ever never said

    March 13th 2022 - curly hair and says she is embracing her Polynesian roots. Says she was the only one at school with dark skin. Claims to have been called a golliwog.

    Restock of Goldé

    16th March 2022 - posts about Ever learning about war at school and then in same captions says Ever hasn’t been at school due to floods? Make it make sense.

    Ever is psychic!

    19th March 2022 - posts about sister getting full hysterectomy.
    19th March 2022 - now Liela is psychic! She’s always seen spirits apparently.

    OMG this post from ThisGorjuzpiece is chefs kiss lol. You called it!

    And there it is ladies & gentlemen, her newest scam will be ripping people off for a clairvoyant reading. Shes got the curly hair gypsy look happening and everything, her crytal ball will be on its way from Alibaba as we speak. She clearly is not selling enough of that hideous Jewelery that looks like its from Lovisa so needs to come up with another money making scam. She's sickening and the biggest scam artist I've ever seen. You're not psychic you're a lunatic Tarah.

    Same day - Liela goes private after posting a transphobic Q & A.

    Oh my Ovaries posts voice messages from Liela admitting she uses AliExpress.
    (I can’t believe this is all the same day).

    20th March 2022 - says Evers Dads ex stalks her.

    Instagram live spewing mis information about the trans community. Says that “Trans become women because they hate women”.

    Says customers can’t tag her in their jewellery because she’s shadow banned but surely she could repost them if they sent them to her?

    Tells people to do their research as women are being phased out. Women need to be very worried as they’re under attack!
    35 people on this live.

    20th March 2022 - says she is going to Sydney in four days.
    Account is public again.

    21st March 2022 - Lauren Lately shares parts of Liela’s transphobic live.
    Liela making her sisters operation all about herself.

    Podcast recap from DaisyNZ:

    Currently skipping through the podcast and Liela even mentions Tyler Henry and how amazing his show is about life paths
    Her sister mentioned she doesn’t believe in IVF because of ‘spirituality’ which I’ve never heard as a reason not to do IVF before but each to their own.
    Liela is feeling into her psychic gifts and knows her sisters lessons were chosen by herself and she asked for them to happen to her. She asked for all this trauma before she came to this earth!
    Liela remembers clearly choosing her family because they were poor. She knows this to be true. Wow so amazing!
    Liela is also making sure that her sister knows to tell all the medical professionals that the operation is a spiritual procedure, not a medical procedure as they don’t understand. (She’s keeping her womb for a ceremony)
    lol they finish the episode by talking about ‘legit science’ on how trauma is passed through generations. Not that they need science to structure their beliefs though! These two contradict themselves every minute.
    Very sad how affected her sister sounds and comments on feeling ‘drug f#cked’.
    Hope her pain is eased soon with a smooth recovery from her operation.

    22nd March 2022 - deletes post about sisters surgery.
    Gives dating advice.

    Sydney tour is postponed.

    24th March 2022 - a new live and Liela is in a bad mood! Post from DaisyNZ:
    Her live!

    She isn’t doing love bombs anymore guys, people need to buy their own and just mail them to a random address (WTF) because it takes SO MUCH TIME walking up and down the streets and people CHASE HER DOWN to speak to her.
    This is such great comedy. Does she actually believe her own bullsh*t?
    I missed a part as my phone glitched where someone must have commented (a customer) about a negative experience from her jewellery? She basically said ‘don’t f#CK with me, some people are just rude’. So professional!

    Posts on her business page that she will fuck with people on how they fuck with her.
    NZ sister in hospital slagging off medical staff and asking instagram what to do to get prescription medicine while in a hospital:

    One Tattler has found her photography reviews (unable to post screenshot but will see if I can on main thread)

    Tattlers laughing at Liela commenting to Liela on her two instagram accounts.

    More AliExpress gems!

    29th March 2022 - it’s raining again and Liela is worried about herself again.

    NZ sister posts a million stories from a drugged haze in hospital about reclaiming the word tribe then posts that nurses asked where her child and stretch marks were More things that would NEVER happen. What is with these sisters and their compulsive lying?
    Sister just wants to tell her story guys! She doesn’t need solutions or examples - just let her SPEAK and you better listen!

    30th March 2022

    All mentions of the PayPal donations have ceased. Tattlers are wondering where the rest of the donations have gone.

    Becauseyouallasked posted:

    Tarah has done nothing to actually help this town. There is a huge volunteer hub run right down the road from her home on the hill and many of us have been there coordinating volunteer help, ADF and navy jobs and also directing the police since day one. Many of us have not had a day off since the flooding started. If she actually volunteered her time she would know how much the citizens of this town have actually done and raised through legitimate go fund me accounts that are actually spent on flood victims. We are also sending out 1500 hot meals a day whist having built a makeshift supermarket free of charge for those affected which includes food, pertrol, gurneys, you name it. Not once have I seen her there with the actual volunteers, she’s all for show! Let’s see if she makes an appearance at the hub this flood because we’re still there!

    31st March 2022 - Deactivated Instagram account.
    One hour later reactivates it lol.

    2nd April 2022 - “Done” a makeover of her deck and hangs gardening tools by her one potted plant.
    Has a flatmate! Crystal Bailey.

    Tattle thread number three!

    New flatmate is Crystal Bailey from Design Twins which went kaput and left many out of pocket. She also lost custody of both children to both Dads.

    4th April 2022 - has earned enough by midday today not to have to work for the rest of the week or the school holidays.

    Recap from DunningKrugerEffect:

    Allow me to paraphrase Tarah's stories tonight.

    I'm just touching base, I've had a busy day because I used a camera that isn't a phone in selfie mode for an hour or so this morning. I'm knackered. I also got enquiries about birth photography too, that was pretty exhausting. I feel like my audience deserves a breathy chat punctuated with exaggerated swallows that always end with gross tongue clicks/lip smacks.

    I'll let you in on something! (I will never explain this framing) There's an anonymous "business client" who has a business that had a HUGE "event"! I am the driving force and inspiration for this client to get her business going. When I met her she was utterly lost, but I showed her the way and she's now "blossomed and bloomed" into a VERY successful bizniz woman. She's so lucky she paid me to tell her what to do. What's this business? Who is this person? What are the details so you can all see the results of my coaching? Don't ask irrelevant questions. "I just could not be more prouder of her and seeing her evolution of woman".

    My coaching includes enduring truths such as "When it comes to figuring out your worth when it is an exchange of monetary value, right? So it's an energy exchange, abundance, you know, monetary value...". Please pay me to teach you more concepts like this because I'm obviously on a level where you wish you were at. I don't have to work if I don't feel like it. I'm THAT good. I'm pioneering the way for single mothers who don't get child support to not send their kids to childcare. Clear indication of ultimate bizniz success.

    In conclusion... What was the point of this? I think I wanted to tell you all that I'm transitioning, I'm transforming, I'm streamlining my life so that I'm not always grinding so hard every day! Maybe I'm having a midlife crisis. Maybe my whole adult life has been a crisis?

    Thank you and goodnight. Actually, you're welcome and goodnight.

    Tattlers wonder what happened to the last course which featured many other “experts” that we never heard of again.

    6th April 2022 - posts school pickup story mocking the small talk with other Mums about the floods and their children.

    Posts photo of Ever with a filter on it.

    One Tattler mentions they know for a fact she never spoke to other Mums at her last school.

    Other Tattlers add she has been spotted several times at the shopping centre on the GC and she always looks sour. Also photo shops her body in photos as is a lot bigger in real life.

    7th April 2022 - talking about doing a parenting course lol.

    Tattlers reminisce about crazy times of Liela.

    GeorgieBox: One of my personal faves is when she was dating good old Brad and then dumped him without telling him (?) and then just went offline. She wipes her profile every now and then and resurfaces like nothing happened. They were also trying for a baby for about 3?! months but Leila was apparently one and done but also looking for a sperm donor. Absolutely wild!

    8th April 2022

    Speculation from DaisyNZ:

    I wonder what will come next? Single Mum coaching ripped off from the seminar she attended this week? Clair sentient readings? Teaming up with her new flatmate on how to manifest a house and beige furnishing?
    If she’s such an amazing business coach I wonder why her sister isn’t using her services instead of Freedom Era?

    More word salad posts.

    Freya10 posts:

    Oh boy to have stumbled upon this
    I thought I'd do a quick google search and this is the first thing that comes up. I know her from the wild went to school with her she was exactly as you would imagine. If you looked in her direction she'd try and fight you she eventually got bashed which I think she's tried to get sympathy for her story was she was sticking up for a disabled kid pretty sure it would of been her doing the bullying it's where she gets her hate for our first nations people so I find it odd during the BLM movement she was very anti and now she talks about the indigenous with such empathy please bitch we know that's not in your DNA. From my experience with mental illness I'm pretty certain she has border line personality disorder she fits every criteria it's very similar to narcissistic personality but a bit more chaotic and very unhinged. I'm just so glad I'm not alone in thinking she's the biggest liar I still live close to her and I know no one likes her around here also her rent is $630 a week I was on the hunt at the same time she posted the real estate pics how she affords it can only be fraud.

    There's a lot, she was just a vile human and still is. The main thing is her threatening everyone on the daily till she got hers. Her friend group consisted of Carly and mylisse think that's how you spell it, Tracey wasn't around back then. Carly was nice never understood why she was friends with her for so long can only assume she's too kind and felt some sort of obligation to her. Mylisse she was actually meaner than Tarah with the verbal insults I couldn't stand her. I don't think Tarah will ever find a man she never had any one interested in her at school not one hook up or boyfriend that I remember
    and she wasn't horrible looking that's only happened in her older years or maybe it's all the ugliness from the inside coming out. She didn't grow up in this area or where she claims she did I definitely don't remember her till year 8 all this bullshit about going back to her home town bitch you lived in tweed not Murwillumbah. Her life is a constant contradiction typical BPD she forgets her lies never knew how any of her dumb followers didn't call her out now I get they're mostly hate follows

    One Tattler posts:
    Does anyone remember when her mum moved in with Elle and leila went over yelling and hitting her mum the police arrived & mum wanted to charge her with assault?

    She had to move out of her Mums with baby Ever because of a similar situation, she went on a full rant about her Mum being a psycho then her Dad moved in with her and Ever for awhile. So two things, the family is dysfunctional as fuck and secondly, Liela has never been a “solo mama” since birth, she had live in care from her parents, her friend Amanda, plus Elle until Ever was almost 3.

    9th April 2022

    Tattler writes:

    Anyone seen the latest stories of the roommate
    She leaves her kids (and I assume dog) in the car to go into Kmart to buy her kids shoes (apparently they don’t have any???) and someone calls the police. She just cAnt uNDerStaNd WhY ThIs aLwAys hApPeNs tO hEr????!!!!! She thinks if people are worried about her kids in a hot car then they should just ask them if they are ok and offer them a bottle of water
    good lord. It’s another world for these women.

    Uses box dye to dye her hair brown.
    Tattlers remember the Goldé “launch night” where six people attended.
    Out of 35,200 followers only 20 joined her latest live.

    10th April 2022 - Lie-la has released more friendships (does she have any left at this stage?

    11th April 2022 - Golde website is removed from her bio.

    Beige Bunion Feet posts:

    Lie def had the miscarriage with Hayden (?) the guy she had known for ages - who was also the guy with a girlfriend (think he was a PT)
    I see Craig the MLM type guy around some of my local haunts - I think he’s a mens coach - so pumped full of juice it looks like his eyes could explode at any second.
    Once saw our girl in the wild at the local wanker spot Burleigh Pav (no judgement to anyone who likes it, great view, sh*t service, nice pizza - I was there not by choice but because it was a friends choice for lunch) with Kelle Howard and some other local “influenzas” (the tattoo mermaid yoga girl, MLM Ange Simson and it was also when Tarah (her real first name!) was with Brad (who looks like a brunette thunderbird had a baby with a Michael Finch and I’m not sure but he probably had more tox than the lot of them combined - lovely teeth and smile though)
    She’s bigger than her photos and girl can work the angles to make herself look good. She was dressed in beige (what a surprise) I swear they all spent more time with their phones in their hands rather than interacting with each other.
    Argh I feel so c*nty writing all these things but her constant eye rolling and contradictory life is really bothering me. I have followed her since the beginning of being left pregnant as originally it was visually appealing and I was pregnant at the same time (not single so couldn’t relate there) and throw the occasional like (rare) so I don’t get blocked! A friend knows Scott socially and I so want to ask questions when I see hjust for my own satisfaction and to share with the group here) but that would be so weird to even approach.
    I still think back to the pain stop incident and wonder how is Ever even in her custody?

    12th April 2022 - posts photo of herself in bed saying Ever took it. Has bad period pain.

    Now saying she needs her implants removed and tags the surgeon she is going to (which hasn’t happened so no doubt she wanted to try for a freebie).

    17th April 2022

    New name, this would be around number 20 I think? LovealwaysLeilaaaaaaa

    19th April 2022 - send an IOU note to Ever from the tooth fairy saying she looks goofy.

    20th April 2022 - so many options to sell Goldé! So strange it never sold all this time later and is just closed down?

    21st April 2022 - SoggyToast posts:

    That live nearly put me to sleep. A whole 17-35 people came in and out. That's pretty poor ratings for supposedly 35k followers. I think I'd get that much!

    In short...

    Blah blah...I'm psychic or 'spiritual' as she put it.

    I love my dog and child equally.

    Slagged off Clem Ford.

    Crapped on about her businesses.

    Said we're all boring trolls. Won't talk about her mum anymore online.

    Loving herself fully sick about being an anti vaxer. Thinks she's vindicated now restrictions are lifting even further and people are 'waking up' to how covid isn't a big deal.

    Goes to DreamWorld

    Much discussion about Crystal. Post via LifeisPeachy:

    She voluntarily gave up custody of the boys as she didn’t like motherhood. (I think the oldest already was in his dads care predominantly in Tamworth - her home town - when the 2nd was born.)

    After 2nd marriage split, the dad moved to Byron and that’s when she decided she didn’t want to mother and only saw the boys in school holidays.
    moved into a dream apartment that she manifested in bondi….Then moved to Bali. When Covid hit, she moved home to Tamworth and turned the parents backyard into a fucking weird bunnings Bali bar and lived in a bell tent….
    She’s dodgy as fuck! Did some interior design freebies for Lorna Jane and Lisa Messenger and has a few other design clients since but not many. Her interior style/skill is not up to par (im a stylist myself). Just specifies pieces one wholesaler she has that she used when she owned Design Twins with hubby 2.0.
    She also did the MLM Kagan water thing for a while and Freedom life coaching and goes on about making 6 figures and all that MLM bullshit…
    She’s as dodgy as Leila for sure. Birds of a feather…

    Here comes the Season of DingDong….followers have seen her at the markets with a man (or more likely she sent these questions to herself). Finally some action - to be continued.....