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    Photoshopping and Filtering - Part 2

    Every now and then, a photo of Loz in the wild appears...
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    The Charity Walk

    On October 11 2022, Lauren announced that she was going to do a "Little Lights Walk" for the Lullaby Trust, in honour of Lorena. The plan was for this to take place during Baby Loss Awareness Week, which was from 9-15 October. She set herself a lofty £10k fundraising target - but for someone with almost 1m followers on Instagram, surely that was easily achievable.

    Lauren posted the JustGiving link in an Instagram story, which was of course removed after the usual 24 hours. For some reason, she chose not to replace the OnlyFans link in her Insta bio with a link to her JustGiving page. As of November 1, she has raised £649 out of £10,000.

    On October 31, two weeks after Baby Loss Awareness Week, Lauren announced via Instagram that the walk had to be postponed as she and Larose came down with tonsillitis - despite managing to attend a hair appointment on October 22 and move house on October 29. That seems like a lot for someone who had tonsillitis!

    Needless to say, her lack of effort didn't go unnoticed...
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    The Great Jumble Sale of 2022

    Lauren set up an Instagram account to document her weight loss and "helfy" living efforts in September 2022. She managed to drum up over 25,000 followers in a few weeks. Not a bad start. However, she didn't actually post anything and the account was left dormant for weeks.


    In October 2022, the account was renamed to "preloved_bylgx" and a stream of second-hand goods soon followed. A ripped parasol, a pair of polystyrene "angle" wings for £200, a shoe collection in various sizes between 4-8, Lauren was flogging it all. Including numerous microwaves, £20 a pop.


    One brave Scrunchie actually purchased her wares, the infamous blue 2-piece set to be precise. It turned up unwashed and filthy. The purchaser opened a dispute on PayPal, given that the jumpsuit was filthy, but Lauren seemed very confused and claimed that the purchaser hadn't actually paid. We've yet to find out if Lauren has refunded her.