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  • Welcome to the Wiki page of Karina Mainwaring! Aka Dinner with Karina, aka Karine, aka Louise Blunden, aka Nona Blunden, aka whatever else she changes her name to.

    About Karina 🐷

    Karina Mainwaring is a British 'Tiktoker', aged 23 years old who currently lives in a shared house around the Birmingham area (?). Karina has various Tiktok accounts and at her peak, managed to reach a high number of followers. Her primary account appears to currently be xylevelandkarine which has around 28k followers. Karina does not work and has alluded to been in receipt of PIP due to her learning difficulties/social anxiety although, her activity online gives off no impression that she is incapable of work.

    Karina has always been car crash viewing and has had her fair share of controversies over the past few years, which will be detailed on this page. Her main area of skill is attention seeking whilst been able to present herself as vulnerable enough to gain the sympathy and support of enablers, including going live whilst in hospital (she had a cold). Karina now spends a majority of her time doing box battles and live streams on Tiktok, with the occasional lipsync video (any words you like Karina). Despite the controversies that have surrounding our dutty gal, she continues to receive gifts from her loyal and dedicated followers (stupid).

    August 2022, saw the arrival of the 'BOX GAME'. whereby participants in the live compete for gifts. The person with the least amount of gifts gets kicked from the live and viewers can send Karina a confetti gift to have them rejoin.

    The first thing you will notice about Karina is her appearance. She is dangerously mobidly obese and this ages her significantly. Her weight is unknown although as of March 2023, she informed us (via her YouTube channel - RebelNona) that she was a size 30/32. Karina knows she is fat and this brings in hate/views so will frequently post body positivity vidjos. She also spends a lot of time on her hair and is trapped in a never ending cycle of dying it various colours, then bleaching it, then cutting it/shaving it short again because she's ruined it. Karina has very bad personal hygiene; her nails are sodden with dirt, she wears and sleeps in the same clothes days on end. Her yellow teeth are more obvious now she has stopped using the teeth whitening filter.

    Karina has multiple face piercings, which have become infected in the past because of her bad hygiene and will take these out and then get them re-pierced at a later stage. Karina also has a number of really bad tattooes - including the LARGE names of 3 ex boyfriends. Karina smokes. She does not inhale it which frustrates a lot of her viewers.

    Karina has been through plenty of online friends. She will often fall out with them, then make up or move to someone else. She is quick to make anyone her moderator which opens her up to been taken advantage of.

    Karina describes herself as bisexual although this is probably for attention as well, as she appears to be all about the peen.

    Karina's Glossary 🤟

    M'Dullin (My Darling) - copied off Billy
    My Love - copied off Nathan
    Big up - copied off XYlevel/Mr Stackz
    Dinnerrrr with Karrriiiina
    I need a poo
    *blank stare*
    One of my goals is to be downstairs more
    Lamb pork chop

    Karina's family tree 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

    Tony Blunden/Daddy Saville - Karina's adopted father
    Jess Blunden - Karina's friend/Tony's wife
    Susan Blunden - Karina's adopted mother, deceased
    KM - Jess' sister who lives with Tony and Jess (I have not mentioned her on name as she may still be a minor)
    Catryn Blunden - sister
    Dan - ex boyfriend
    Tom - ex boyfriend
    Jordan - ex boyfriend

    As far as we know, Karina was removed from her birth parents care at a very young age. Karina has alluded to her birth father being physically abusive to her as a baby which caused her special needs. One tattler (Jan 2022) noted that Karina also specified that she has ADHD and an eating disorder, and "forgets things quite a lot".
    She was then placed for adoption and adopted by Tony and Susan Blunden, who she obviously refers to as 'mum' and 'dad'.
    Karina has spoken about receiving a payout from the abuse endured in her birth parents care, somewhere along the lines of £500k. Some of this was used to purchase her home in Wrexham, where she lived with Dan. One can only assume that she wasted the rest.

    Unfortunately Karina's mum passed away when Karina was 16 years old, due to an illness. Karina is in possession of her mum's ashes, which she keeps in a coffee jar. She gets really offended when people comment Nescafe in her lives - which she talks about here.

    Karina has been trying to etch her way to social media fame for a number of years. She has YouTube channels: @blundensfamily268 - started 5 years ago, RebelNona - 3 years ago, and KarinaMainwaring - started 1 year ago. Karina also started an Instagram account: Louise.Nona.Blunden in 2017.

    In March 2018, Karina was featured in her local newspapers due to XFactor auditions. I don't think she got very far.

    Wrong 'uns 😕

    Karina's adoptive dad Tony has since remarried...to a girl 47 years his junior with special needs. His wife is called Jessica and she is a 26 year old woman with additional needs. They have a TikTok account (@oddcouple19) and have previously alluded to Children's Services been involved a few years ago due to this very concerning dynamic. Tony is definately a strange character which is not a surprise when you look at Karina... in August 2022, Karina was on live watching her dad whilst he was in the shower.

    Karina kissing her dad
    Tony licking his lips

    Relationships ❤

    Karina had a short relationship with Tom, from around July - September 2021 during which time, she got a tattoo of his name (King Tom) plastered on her chest. When they split up, Tom alleged that Karina had hit him and lied about being pregnant. Karina obviously denied this and said he was lying. What we do know is that Tom is a very angry wire brush haired little man who engaged in his own very questionable livestreams.

    Immediately following Tom, Karina returned to Dan who had previously kicked her out for allegedly lying about Pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. Karina also lied that Dan had broken her jaw, which she later admitted and said she did this because she was 'angry'.

    Karina and Dan lived together in Wrexham from October 2021 although it is unclear whose house this was. One would assume Karina's as she would later sell it. Around December 2021, Karina would tell followers that she and Dan did not live together although he was always present in the background of her lives. Dan worked full time as a mechanic and there were concerns from the off that Karina was abusive towards him. She would do things like talk loudly on live in bed whilst Dan was trying to sleep for work, and making herself food without him. You will find that Karina has Dan's name tattooed on one of her arms.

    In September 2022, Karina sought some attention via Clapper.

    Mental 'elf 🌧

    Karina has a habit of crying on live and threatening SH, usually when she is called out for her bad behaviour/lying, when she wants attention from one of her friends, or when she is on a diet and wants a takeaway to 'cheer her up'. Funnily enough, Karina will say she is leaving TikTok only usually to return a few minutes/hours later.

    Here she can be seen pretending to cry and looking sad, and then posted a descriptive attention seeking vidjo. Later that evening, Karina happily tucked into a takeaway, as if all her problems melted away.
    This is another example of very clear attention seeking SH behaviour.

    Enabling child abuse 👶

    In August 2022, Karina managed to catch the train to Kent to meet up with TikTok friends Freya and Jason/Jay, who were a couple with a 18 month old baby girl (who looked very small). Karina stayed over at their house for around a week and joined in with them smoking and drinking alcohol whilst caring for the child. The poor state of the home could be seen during the livestreams, with empty bottles, rubbish and clutter all over the place, as well as a massive 30 stone sweaty Karina melted into the couch - it was filthy. The little girl could be heard screaming and crying in the background whilst Karina, Freya and Jason battled on live for gifts. This led viewers to make reports to Children's Services regarding the evident neglect and to RSPCA due to concerns that Karina had left her cats alone for days on end.

    Empty bottles/glasses/clutter on highchair
    Clutter and mess on floor
    Clutter and mess on floor (2)
    Cluttered kitchen
    Clutter and smoking around baby
    State of Karina's nails!
    High chair clutter and Karina

    Karina claimed she had no money to get home (although had been buying hair dye, cigs, alcohol and takeaways) and then said she would be returning home the next day or 'Friday'. One Tattler observed that 'Freya glanced over as if to say FRIDAY!! I think she thought she was going today' (this will be relevant later on as clearly she was not in a rush to leave and be around ongoing neglect of a vulnerable little girl). The next morning, Karina was up and out of the house at 7am to go home which led us to believe something had gone down the night before.

    Sure enough, Freya was on live the next day claiming that her engagement ring had gone missing.

    Karina went live with EvilQueen, initially denying that the little girl had come to any harm however, once challenged, she confirmed that Jason had tipped the baby up in the pram whilst 'really really drunk' - watch here. Karina admitted to FattySoph that she had not reported what she saw because 'why should I report it, it's not my child...Freya is supposed to be my friend' - watch here.

    Freya confirmed that Children's Services were involved with the family - here.

    She's in the moneeeeeeey...oh no now she's not 💰

    In September 2022, Karina ended up selling her house after splitting up with Dan. She waited until the very last moment to pack and look for somewhere else to live, and her TikTok friends had to step in to assist which is an absolute piss take if you ask me. Karina rehomed her cats because she had nowhere to live and could not afford them (despite buying takeaways and cigarettes).


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