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    Imogen Horton (previously Hudson) is a 28 year old YouTuber from Brighton who HAS GIVEN BIRTH to a child with the most ugliest name RENAELIA - be ready for a whole lot of baby content. Sorry, 'magical moments she just has to share with us'. She calls her fans “huns”, “hunnies”, “baby gals” and “angels” constantly. She has a STOMACH CONDITION which she manages to bring up in every single conversation she ever has (except during Pregnancy as she claims that her baby bloat has magically healed her from its' love and you're not allowed to ask any questions). She attended Urdang Academy and apparently made it to the final 2 to play Lauren Branning in EastEnders. Despite this, she has never done any acting other than this short film (including a sex scene at 22:37). She thinks she can sing but based on her Instagram stories and TikTok actually sounds like a dying cat. Her dancing isn’t much better.

    Somehow, she has had makeup collaborations with Lottie London and Revolution despite her self-proclaiming she is rubbish at makeup. She also has her own brand “Hunny Cosmetics” which sells lashes and lip kits. She has made a living by making storytimes talking about her life and how everybody she has EVER spoken to has bullied her. She has recently bought and moved into a house with her husband Spencer which they are renovating. Her nickname is Mills which is a childhood nickname that her dad started calling her after the raunchy Mills and Boon books...because apparently that’s not weird.

    Notable People

    * Spencer/Spenny/Baby Prince/Pups
    (Imogen’s husband.) At first she didn’t want to reveal his name on her channel and only referred to him as Pups. We think they got together about April 2018. They got engaged in Australia in January 2019 and were married in Italy in September 2019. He is a barber but seems to only work 1 day a week now. He doesn’t seem to have any friends or see his own family. They both pretended to be born-again “pure” virgins when they met, even though he was a bit of a party boy before. He has changed a lot since being with Imo, as seen here:

    * Ben Salad (Imo’s dad). Known as this name because it’s “Ben’s a lad”. He seemingly has lots of young ladies often lodging at his Brighton home.

    * Hugo/Hugo Bee (Imo’s younger brother). He often stays at her house and features in videos. She claims he is the reincarnation of her family dog, Phoenix, because he rose from the ashes. Yep. She refers to herself as his “Brighton mum”.

    * Dirty Dee (Imo’s mum). Known as this name due to her being absolutely filthy. She lives in the New Forest.
    * Jacob (Imo’s other brother). He used to feature a lot in videos but then one day decided to leave and never come back. Apparently he just doesn’t want to be on camera.
    * Freya (Imo’s little sister).
    * Benny, Charlotte and Lucy (Imo’s “friends”). She only cracks them out when we mentions she has no friends.
    * Grandad Peter (Spencer’s grandad). Grandad Peter sadly passed away a few years ago and robins remind Spencer of him. Imo likes to make this all about herself even though she NEVER EVEN MET Grandad Peter.
    * Jack the Coffee Machine Man Imo had some issues with her coffee machine so did a zoom call with a man from the company, Jack, filming this for her YouTube channel. She reckoned he gave her a discount code because he liked her, rather than just because that’s his job. Spencer popped up during the call to assert his possession dominance over Imo and had to be shushed because she didn’t want Jack to know she was ✨married✨
    * Sandra a lovely French girl who lived with Ben and Imo (see Vlogmas 2017)


    Imo announced she was pregnant with her first child (due in September 2021) on her birthday/Mother’s Day. She is the only person to ever be pregnant in the history of the world and you just know the birth will be the most traumatic that’s ever been. Since announcing her pregnancy, every single YouTube video has been about the baby, despite her claiming there would be other content too. She references the baby in every Instagram story and post, even when it is not relevant to the picture. So far, her pregnancy has caused her to go from 399k subscribers to 411k.

    She filmed herself doing the pregnancy tests of course and claimed she didn’t know what she was doing (even though she’s done them before when she was younger) and was worried she peed on the wrong end? There were some very strange faces when it was positive.

    Spencer seemed to have no idea they were trying for a baby when she told him - with a bread roll, some seeds, paracetamol and love hearts - no I don’t get it either. In the family and friends reaction video, Dirty Dee seemed excited. Freya and Hugo weren’t arsed. Ben Salad just seemed pissed off he’s going to be a grandad. Spencer’s family were just like okay. We did get a nice cameo from Benny though which I am ✨grateful✨ for.

    Grandad Peter (Robin) is now featuring in the background of all the photos and videos. Here he is:

    Spenny got Imo a Mother’s Day/birthday card from the baby which said “who knew I could make my mummy even sexier than she was” that’s not normal hun.

    Since announcing the pregnancy, Spenny has been very busy washing Imo’s hair and creaming and oiling her body because now she is 14 weeks pregnant she can’t possibly do it herself. She also had a UTI and didn’t wash for 4 days which is DISGUSTANG

    She is still obsessed with her body and claims she can’t fit in any of her clothes, despite having a tiny bump and admitting the nurse said it’s just bloat?

    In their ‘OUR FIRST SCAN’ video, Imo and Spenny say they “cannot imagine waiting until the 12 weeks” for the first scan and hats off to anyone who does it. She received comments from people complaining that not everyone can afford a private scan. Imo uploaded an “apology” that she didn’t mean to offend/upset anyone - they’re just ✨ so lucky and grateful ✨ they can afford an early private scan.

    Stomach Condition

    Imo has a stomach condition called gastroparesis. You may not know this because she doesn’t mention it very much 🙄. She is gluten, dairy and fun free because of this. When her stomach flares up, Spencer has to rub her colon for her because it throbs. Spencer told us that Imo’s favourite chocolate bar is a twix, which is weird because they have gluten and dairy in them. When questioned, Spencer claimed he meant before she was diagnosed.


    She seems to eat and drink a lot of things which could make her stomach worse - a lot of sweet things, coffee overload and apple cider vinegar??? She also claimed on a “what I eat in a day” that she loves Oatabix and eats it “all the time”. After we pointed out that Oatabix is not in fact gluten free, she decided she couldn’t eat it anymore and it hurt her stomach.


    According to her many story times she had done about her stomach condition, she was in hospital for this a lot in her late teens and doctors bullied her and originally thought it was all in her head/an ED. She says she hasn’t lost weight, but it is quite clear she has.

    The Effect of Hate Saga

    In May 2020, Imo got some comments on her Instagram about her lip filler, due to this thumbnail on her video.

    She posted some of the comments on her story, including their Instagram handles. She quickly turned this into death threats, but never posted any of said threats.
    A few days later, she made a video called “this has to stop”, wearing red eyeshadow to show us how sad she was, in which she called us all bitter and unhappy.

    After that, she filmed the infamous “effect of hate” video and claimed she was having 200 panic attacks A DAY. She wanted to be “raw and honest” so she actually set up a camera and FILMED herself having panic attacks for the vlog. In said vlog, she was trying to film herself doing her makeup but couldn’t get the foundation shade right (even though she used the exact foundation before and has used it since) which meant she couldn’t say hello hunnies. This is the video we got this classic moment of her staring into space and her looking like she’s giving birth.

    There was also a drawer with some cotton pads sticking out the exact same way throughout the whole vid, suggesting it was all filmed on one day and not over the week.

    She then filmed a third video “time to move on” which was conveniently during mental health awareness week. TRIGGER WARNING - In this video, she claimed she was suicidal and her hunnies helped her through it all (emotional blackmail?) but did not put a trigger warning on her video until being called out. She then put one on the pinned comments, which not everyone would read before watching the video. She also got pictures from the panic attacks videos printed into a photo book, as if you’d want a memory of that.

    Other Scandals/Lies

    Lip filler:
    Still won’t admit to getting lip filler, even though it is so obvious and even though the clinic had her face on their Instagram. She has even gone as far as to ask the clinic to say she hasn’t had filler. She claims her massive lips are because of a “lip scrub”.

    The people in storytimes do not wish to be contacted or asked about Imo!

    She has made over 20 'storytime' videos of situations ranging from 5-15 years ago, all either completely fabriated or massively exaggerated, about how she was bullied by multiple people in 2 different schools, friends outside of school, ex boyfriends and their ex partners, university and multiple work places. They are all impossibly detailed (how can you remember so much about stuff from years ago?) but because of this the timelines and details often don’t match up from video to video. She has included many personal details about people from her life, including an old friend’s abortion which has led to her “huns” harassing them and hacking their social meda accounts. The girl’s family did not even know this and Imo has now edited this out of the video. She finally addressed this in her March 2021 assumptions video, saying she was naive and disappointed in herself that she ever thought that was acceptable to put in a video.

    The timeline of her boyfriends pre-Spencer as discussed in these videos makes no sense. She claims she was with her first boyfriend aged 15 for 5 years and lived in Brighton (up to age 20). She claims she got with her 2nd boyfriend 3 weeks after breaking up with the 1st, they together for 2.5 years, and apparently she moved in with him very quickly in Cardiff (to age 22/23). After that she claims she was single for 5 years (which would be age 27/28). Yet she met Spencer when she was 26? When exactly did she do her 3 years in London for her degree? She cannot have been single for 5 years.

    Breaking Lockdown Rules:
    She visited her dad’s house regularly during lockdown. She uploaded a video making mocktails in his kitchen and when questioned about being inside his house, at first she said it was okay because he was in the garden!

    She then deleted the video and refilmed it in her own flat. She still regularly sees her dad but claims she is part of his support bubble, even though he has lodgers (as seen in the background of her recent 400k video).

    She visited her mum’s house on Christmas Day (which was allowed), yet her and Spencer had clearly stayed there overnight despite them claiming they had driven up super early. She filmed a video for the Look Fantastic YouTube channel with her mum, and claimed it was filmed on Christmas Day - despite her mum being ill on Christmas day and them both being in different outfits, with different hair and makeup.

    The Mind Donation:
    She said she would donate profits from her merch to Mind charity (£2000)and never posted proof of the donation.

    She then posted this with no date or donation amount.

    She then told us she was being harassed and quickly donated the money and posted this proof, still not showing the date.

    We then got this proof she had rang the charity beforehand - still doesn’t prove when she donated the money though.

    She regularly sells clothing on Depop that she claims are “never worn and in excellent condition”, however she wears them in the picture. This includes selling gifted items she has done ads for on YouTube. She constantly leaves tags on things so she can send them back or sell them as “never worn”.

    She said in a post about George Floyd and the BLM: all lives matter and “b r e a t h e”. She edited her caption once questioned. She also tagged the movement in a video to get views from the tag, but only mentioned it for two seconds at the beginning. She quickly removed it.

    Forgetting to edit videos:
    She uploaded a video during lockdown in which she said they’d been to 3 different Sainsbury’s for a snack. Spencer said “don’t say that, they’ll be asking why you’ve been all round the supermarkets” and she then said she’d looked for them on her last few food shops. It was quickly edited out and she told us to stop JUDGING HER.

    On her 400k subscriber video there was also a moment where she told Spencer not to get the girls in the back in shot (again, edited out).

    Rarely discloses ads properly:
    Have a game of spot the ad!

    Other Notable Moments/Events

    1. She has fallen out with a lot of YouTubers - Sophia and Cinzia (they mentioned in their podcast about having to ghost a friend because they found out a lot of what they were saying was made up...), Rachel Leary (who often talks about a “fake” YouTuber which we are pretty certain is Imo), Lucy Flight, Sarah Ashcroft. She was good friends with Holly Boon in the early days; they no longer speak.
    2. She says she is the kindest angel ever but bitches about everyone she ever meets. This includes her school friends, her school friends parents, her exes and ex’s exes (10 years later), her uni friends, her school teachers and random people she sees in the street.
    3. Preaches “be kind” yet has said this about Cheryl Cole and Michelle Keegan.
      Also more old tweets of her NOT being kind.

    4. Delivered hunny cosmetics packages to people in PERSON during lockdown, going into people’s actual houses?
    5. She says she doesn’t judge but then judges people hard. Even making rude comments about people when they look at her when she’s prancing around filming in the street. Doesn’t slut shame but she sure used to..
    6. Her personal hygiene is awful. She never washes her hair and mentions in most videos how her hair is “so greasy”. In one video, Spencer washed her hair for her over the bath for no reason, instead of just you know... having a shower. She always mentions how she hasn’t washed and how her breath stinks. Her finger nails are always dirty and her tongue is yellow in numerous videos. Her house is a mess and as for the state of her laptop....
    7. The infamous Nando’s video. Says everyone is staring at her because she’s in Nando’s in a nice outfit, when really it’s because she’s dancing around with a camera screeching. This is also the video where she falls over and Spencer cries because it’s hard seeing someone you love get hurt (it was a trip and she had the tiniest mark on her elbow) From 17:05)
    8. Her giveaways are so embarrassing for someone with nearly 400k subscribers. They are basically just stuff she doesn’t want that’s been shoved into drawers for a few months. The majority is stuff she has been gifted or from glossybox.

      She admitted her latest giveaway was coming from these drawers:
    9. She went wedding dress shopping alone and called the shop assistant her hunnies/angels/best friends.
    10. She states that her family is lovely and loving, not like most people’s? She mentions her mum and dad and her childhood constantly. She has said before that her family are so much more loving than Spencer’s family.
    11. Tried to remove all existence of Spencer pre-her. He removed his old Instagram and set up a new one (originally called “Pups”) and pretended he didn’t know how to use it?
    12. She pretends her parents are poor when she grew up in a large house in a wealthy area of Brighton and attended private school. They had regular family holidays abroad to Florida, skiing, etc.
    13. She has joked about being incest with her dad on Twitter?
    14. For #clapforcarers, she set up the camera and danced and sang on her balcony. Making it about herself and not the carers at all.
    15. She has definitely read tattle before. She was becoming so obsessed with reading her “hate” Spencer had to take her phone away. They both have possibly made accounts before (not confirmed)
    16. Claims everyone should be open and honest about sex, but her husband looks visibly disgusted when Only Fans is mentioned. He pretends he doesn’t know how to pronounce masturbate because “porn is cheating”. In her March 2021 assumptions video, she claimed this was just a joke (it definitely wasn’t).
    17. She claimed her wisdom tooth was infected. It was so bad the dentist had to use PLIERS to cut it out and the dental nurse cried and then they cuddled her. Sure Jan. She also claimed it was worse pain than childbirth.
    18. She was BORN BLUE which is why she’s always cold. It’s not to do with the fact she’s always out and about without a coat on.
    19. Couldn’t leave the house for weeks because she was so anxious but got dressed up to promote her old merch, including a full face of makeup. You can see it’s new pictures as she has her wedding rings on.

    20. She uploaded her 400k subscriber video after begging for subs for MONTHS which was a surprise from Spencer (shock). A few days later she lost followers and was back down to 399k. She still has not addressed the fact she is no longer on 400k, apart from saying some people are getting magically “unsubscribed from my YouTube”.

      In her March 2021 assumptions video, Imo claimed that she wasn’t annoyed by this and is just grateful to have any subscribers at all.
    21. All the “surprises” in her videos are fake. Her birthday surprise was #gifted on her Instagram post and the note in the hotel room stated Mrs Horton meaning the whole thing was pre-planned. Spencer surprised her with a meal and tickets to the theatre, she claimed she thought they were going home before dinner yet she lets slip she’s saving herself for her meal so she knew all along. On her birthday, Spencer popped confetti in her face to which she “woke up”, looked straight at the camera AND PRETENDED TO BE SURPRISED. Every “surprise” results in her pulling the same face and saying “oh my god are you serious? Are you joking?”
    22. Poses for pictures outside random people’s houses and at the petrol pump! Hurry up love I need to fill up and get to work.
    23. (March 2021) Posted a YT video called "Sex Q&A" which was an ad for an expensive vibrator in which Imo & Spenny refer to topics such as deep-throating & masturbation to her young audience (comments on that video from 12 year olds). Portrayed themselves as giving 'advice' but consisted of them laughing awkwardly throughout and giving shockingly bad and harmful suggestions.
    24. A while back, Spenny went on a run with a friend and Imo decided to tag along on her bike because she can’t be apart from him for a second. This time, Spencer is on a bike ride raising money for charity. Imo has decided she misses him SO MUCH she has to follow him in the car and show encouragement towards him. Stalker vibes.

      Classic Quotes

      - “Not complaining, just explaining.” Imo’s go-to phrase for when she is, indeed, complaining about something.

      - “Think of the sea.” A Spencer classic from when Imo was having one of her 200 panic attacks a day. This only works if the persons saying it is topless and is rubbing your back.

      - “Grateful.” What Imo is every single day. So grateful.

      - “Be kind.” Imo’s favourite phrase to use when someone calls her out for something she’s done wrong.

      - “Doggy... WOOF” and “ride me like a cowboy yeeeeeha!”Self-explanatory, Spencer describing his favourite sex positions.

      - “He made you a car!” An entry from Hugo Bee. On Spencer’s 30th birthday Ben Salad made him a... you guessed it... car birthday cake. Hugo repeated this approximately 94 times in the 2 minute clip.

      - “Hello hunnies!” Imo’s intro to her videos, which she couldn’t say in the effect of hate video because she had the wrong foundation shade on.

      - “He loves it!” Another one of Imo’s faves, usually about her dad or being sarcastic about a randomer in the street who is looking at her strangely for screaming into a camera.

      - “I’m gonna love you... and I’m gonna leave you!” How Imo signs off her videos. I wish she would leave.