Sophia and Cinzia Truth Revealed

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    Sophia Tuxford (23) and Cinzia Bayliss-Zullo (24) are a YouTube duo / Instagram influencers from Nottingham. They are signed to Margravine and started posting videos around 7 years ago, although many videos have been deleted since then.

    Sophia previously worked part time in Jack Wills and Cinzia in a bar/club venue whilst building up their YouTube channel. They often went away on weekends away to get Instagram content and filmed popular videos - q&a, get ready with us, night out vlogs, hauls etc. They left said jobs around (4?) years ago to do YouTube full time.

    During this time Sophia was with her long term boyfriend Christian, and Cinzia got into a relationship with her boyfriend at the time, Lewis. There was always much confusion about why the girls had barely met each other’s boyfriends, didn’t go on double dates etc. Cinzia moved in with Lewis in September 2019 and this continued until their break up during lockdown in June 2020. Sophia and Christian also broke up around this time.

    Their homes:

    Sophia announced she had bought her 3/4 bedroom new build home in Nottingham on 1st July 2020. She created a home account on Instagram sophiatuxfordhome but hasn’t posted since December 2020.

    On 20th November 2029 Cinzia announced she had bought a 2 bed flat, also in Nottingham.

    They then announced on 1st November 2021 that they had moved in together and were renting a 2 bed flat in London. Little has been said about their homes in Nottingham, they go and stay there once in a blue moon. A few have speculated these will end up being rented out in the near(ish) future.

    Current boyfriends:

    Since their breakups in summer 2020 they promoted a strong anti-men message. “Hot girl summer” was screamed from the rooftops and dating was now in the cards.

    Cinzia went on a “walk” with now boyfriend Aaron (24/25, interior designer originally from Bromley) in late 2020 and was then exclusive with him until becoming official in Summer 2021. Some very clever tattlers discovered this early on via Depop. During this time Cinzia was extremely secretive and later told us she felt guilty for promoting being single alongside having an almost boyfriend. This is when the single files ended on the podcast.

    Sophia gave the dating scene more of a go and went on numerous dates with different guys but then became disheartened when none of them went too well. She then reluctantly went on a date with now boyfriend, Max (a 27 year old Commercial director, originally from Norfolk, living in London). They had been seeing each other for around 2 months (?) before jetting off to Mallorca in August 2021 where they became official.
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