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    Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo are a YouTube duo / Podcasters / Instagram influencers from Nottingham. They are signed to ymusocial (previously signed to Margravine/mvemanagement) and have been in the industry for around 8 years.

    They went to school and sixth form together and then worked part time while they built a name for themselves in the industry.

    Sophia worked part time in Jack Wills and Cinzia worked in a bar/club, both in Nottingham whilst building up their YouTube channel. Around 5 years ago they became full time ‘influencers’.


    Whilst working their part time jobs Sophia met her long term boyfriend Christian, and Cinzia met her boyfriend Lewis. Christian was never heavily featured on social media, however Cinzia moved in with Lewis in September 2019 and he was often featured in vlogs, especially during lockdown. Both relationships ended in Summer 2020, and this was announced in a video on their YouTube channel on 26th August called “LIFE UPDATES… ❤

    Cinzia soon started seeing an interior designer from Bromley called Aaron that she met on Hinge. This was kept very quiet as the time as the girls had started a new podcast series called “The Single Files”. A clever tattler discovered this through Cinzia’s Depop following. On 14th June 2023 Cinzia announced on a Podcast episode that she is single.

    Sophia started seeing Max, also from Hinge, between April-June 2021 and they became official on holiday in Mallorca in August that year. They are still together and she moved in with him at the end of 2022.

    Their homes:

    Sophia announced she had bought her 3/4 bedroom new build home in Nottingham on 1st July 2020. She created a home account on Instagram sophiatuxfordhome but only posted on it for around 6 months. This house then went up for sale in May 2023 and is still on the market.

    On 20th November 2020 Cinzia announced she had bought a 2 bed flat, also in Nottingham. She still owns this home.

    On 1st November 2021 they moved in to a 2 bed apartment in Imperial Wharf together. They did this for a year before moving out at the end of 2022, Sophia moved in with her boyfriend and Cinzia found a 2 bed rented apartment for herself, in the same area.

    The Girls Bathroom:

    Their brand that now includes a Podcast, a book, a tour and merchandise.

    The Girls Bathroom podcast has performed exceptionally well and is often in the top 10 Spotify charts. The idea is listeners send in their dilemmas and the girls offer advice - like a conversation you’d have in a girls bathroom on a night out.

    The Girls Bathroom book offers more of an insight into their personal lives and offers advice on relationships, fashion choices and life organisation.

    The Girls Bathroom tour is based in the U.K. and is basically a live podcast episode but on stage.

    Notable people:

    BRIAN - Any male they refer to

    Lidia - Cinzia’s sister, also does YouTube and Instagram and will often tag along on their trips

    Mark - A celebrity hairdresser. It’s hard to tell if he loves or hates them. Has been doing their hair for the last year and attended Coachella and LA with them in April 2023

    Fiona - Sophia’s mum

    Angie - Cinzia’s mum